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people princes and all judges 6 Let the praifes of God be of the world; in their mouth and a two12 Young men and maidens, edged fword in their hands; old men and children, praise 7 To be avenged of the heathe Name of the Lord: for his then and to rebuke the peoName only is excellent, and ple;


his praise above heaven and 8 To bind their kings in chains and their nobles with 13 He fall exalt the horn of links of iron. his people, all his faints fhall praife him: even the children of Ifrael, even the people that

9 That they may be avenged of them, as it is written: Such honour have all his faints.

ferveth him.

Pfalm 150. Laudate Dominum.

Pfalm 149. Cantate Domino. unto

fong: let the Lord a new Praife God in his holiness:

praise him in the firmament of his power.

of faints praise him.

2 Let Ifrael rejoyce in him that made him: and let the children of Sion be joyful in their King.

2 Praise him in his noble acts: praife him according to his excellent greatnefs.

3 Let them praise his Name in the dance let them fing praises unto him with tabret 4. Praise him in the cymbals and harp. and dances: praise him upon

3 Praife him in the found of the trumpet: praife him upon the lute and harp.

4 For the Lord hath plea- the ftrings and pipe. fure in his people: and helpeth the meek-hearted.

5 Let the faints be joyful with glory let them rejoyce in their beds.


5 Praife him upon the welltuned cymbals: praise him upon the loud cymbals.

6 Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord.

Forms of Prayer to be used at SEA.

The Morning and Evening Service to be used daily at Sea, fhall be the fame which is appointed in the Book of Common Prayer.

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Thefe two following Prayers receive into thy Almighty and are to be also used in his Ma- moft gracious protection, the jefties Navy every day. perfons of us thy fervants, and Eternal Lord God, who the Fleet in which we serve. alone fpreadeft out the Preferve us from the dangers heavens, and ruleft the of the fea, and from the vioraging of the fea; who haft lence of the enemy, that we compaffed the waters with may be a fafeguard unto our bounds, until day and night moft gracious Sovereign Lord come to an end; Be pleafed to King GEORGE, and his



Kingdoms, and a fecurity for divine Majesty, acknowledging fuch as pafs on the feas upon thy power, and imploring thy their lawful occafions; that the goodness. Help, Lord, and inhabitants of our Ifland may fave us for thy mercies fake in in peace and quietness ferve Jefus Chrift thy Son our Lord. thee our God, and that we may Amen. return in fafety to enjoy the Or this. bleffings of the land, with the fruits of our labours; and with

a thankful remembrance of thy in heaven, but beholdest all mercies, to praise and glorifie things below; Look down, we thy holy Name, through Jefus befeech thee, and hear us, callChrist our Lord. Amen. ing out of the depth of mifery, and out of the jaws of this death which is ready now to fwallow us up: Save, Lord, or else we

The Collect.

Revent us, O Lord, in all

Prayers to be used in Storms at


gracious favour, and further us fhall praife thee. O fend thy with thy continual help; that word of command to rebuke the in all our works begun, conti- raging winds, and the roring nued, and ended in thee, we fea, that we being delivered may glorifie thy holy Name, from this diftrefs, may live to and finally by thy mercy obtain ferve thee, and to glorifie thy everlasting life, through Jefus Name all the days of our life. Christ our Lord. Amen. Hear, Lord, and fave us, for fed Saviour thy Son, our Lord the infinite merits of our blef Jefus Chrift. Amen.

Lord God, who dwelleft
Moft gracious

Moft powerful and glorious Lord God, at whofe command the winds blow, and lift up the waves of the fea, and who ftilleft the rage thereof; We thy creatures, but miferable finners, do in this our great diftrefs cry unto thee for help: Save, Lord, or elfe we perif. We confefs when we have been fafe, and feen all

The Prayer to be faid before a
Fight at Sea against any E-


Moft powerful and glorious Lord God, the Lord of hofts, that rulest and commandeft all things; Thou fitteft in the throne judging right; and therefore me make our addrefs to thy divine Majesty in things quiet about us, we have this our neceffity, that thou forgot thee our God, and refu- wouldft take the cause into fed to hearken to the ftill voice thine own hand, and judge beof thy Word, and to obey thy tween us and our enemies. Stir commandments: but now we up thy ftrength, O Lord, and fee how terrible thou art in all come and help us; for thou thy works of wonder; the giveft not alway the battle to great God to be feared above the ftrong, but canft fave by all: and therefore we adore thy many or by few. O let not



fins now cry against us for O bleffed Saviour, that didft vengeance, but hear us thy fave thy difciples ready to pepoor fervants begging mercy, rifh in a ftorm, hear us, and and imploring thy help, and fave us, we beseech thee. that thou wouldst be a defence unto us against the face of the enemy. Make it appear that thou art our Saviour and migh ty deliverer, through Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen. Short Prayers for fingle Perfons that cannot meet to joyn in Prayer with others, by reafon of the Fight or Storm. General Prayers. Ord, be merciful to ners, and fave us for thy mercies fake.

Lord, have mercy upon us.
Chrift, have mercy upon us,
Lord, have mercy upon us.
O Lord, hear us.
O Chrift, hear us,
God the Father, God the
Son, God the Holy Ghost, have
mercy upon us, fave us now -
and evermore. Amen.

Ur Father, which art in

Thou art the great God that haft made and ruleft all things: O deliver us for thy Names fake.

Thou art the great God to be feared above all. O fave us that we may praise thee. Special Prayers with respect to

the Enemy. Tpowerful; O defend our Hou, O Lord, art juft and cause against the face of the


O God, thou art a ftrong

tower of defence to all that flee unto thee: O fave us from the violence of the enemy.

O Lord of hofts, fight for us, that we may glorifie thee.

O fuffer us not to fink under the weight of our fins, or the violence of the enemy.

Thy will be done in Earth, As it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trefpaffes, As we forgive them that trefpafs against us. And lead us not into temptation; But deliver us from evil : For thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, For ever and ever. A


When there shall be imminent danger, as many as can be spared from neceffary Service in the Ship, fhall be called together, and make an humble Confeffion of their fins to God: in which every one ought feriously to reflect upon those par ticular fins of which his conScience fhall accufe him: Say ing, as followeth,

The Confeffion.


deliver us for thy Names fake. A

Short Prayers in refpect of a

Lmighty God, Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, Maker of all things, Judge of all men ; We acknowledge and bewail our manifold fins the raging of the fea, hear, and wickedness, Which we hear us, and fave us, that we from time to time moft grie perish not.



Hou, O Lord, that ftilleft

voufly have committed," By


Lmighty God,our neaven

Try for then once of Aly Father, who of his great

thought, 'word, and deed, A- Name, through Jefus Chrift gainst thy divine Majefty, Pro- our Lord. Amen. voking moft justly thy wrath and indignation against us. We do earneftly repent, And be heartily forry our mifdoings; them is grievous unto us; The mercy hath promifed forgive burden of them is intollerable. nefs of fins to all them which Have mercy upon us, have mer- with hearty repentance and true cy upon us, moft merciful Fa- faith turn unto him; Have merther; For thy Son our Lord Je- cy upon you, pardon and delifus Chrifts fake, Forgive us all ver you from all your fins, conthat is pa, And grant that we firm and ftrengthen you in all may ever hereafter ferve and goodness, and bring you to eplease thee in newness of life, verlafting life, through Jefus To the honour and glory of thy Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thanksgiving after a Storm.

Pfalm 66. Jubilate Deo.

ple: and make the voice of his Be joyful in God, all praise to be heard ; ye lands: fing praises Who holdeth our foul in unto the honour of life: and fuffereth not our feet his Name, make his praise to be glorious.


Say unto God, O how won derful art thou in thy works: through the greatnefs of thy power fhall thine enemies be found liars unto thee.

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Then fhall the Priest, if there be any in the Ship, pronounce this Abfolution.

O praise our God, ye peo

to flip.

For thou, O God, haft proved us: thou alfo haft tried us, like as filver is tried.

Thou broughtest us into the fnare: and laidft trouble upon our loyns.

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will tell you what he hath done For he fatisfieth the empty for my foul. foul and filleth the hungry. foul with goodness.

I called unto him with my mouth and gave him praises with my tongue.


If I incline unto wickedness with mine heart: the Lord will not hear me.

Such as fit in darkness, and in the fhadow of death: being faft bound in mifery and iron; Because they rebelled against the words of the Lord and lightly regarded the counsel of the most High ;

He alfo brought down their heart through heaviness : they fell down, and there was none to help them up.

But God hath heard me and confidered the voice of my prayer.

Praised be God, who hath not caft out my prayer: nor turned his mercy from me. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghoft;


As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever fhall be: world without end. Amen. Pfalmi 107. Confitemini Domino. Give thanks unto the Lord, for he is gracious : and his mercy endureth for e



Let them give thanks whom the Lord hath redeemed and delivered from the hand of the еnemy;

And gathered them out of the lands, from the east, and from the weft from the north, and from the fouth.

They went aftray in the wilderness out of the way and found no city to dwell in ; Hungry and thirsty : their foul fainted in them.

So they cried unto the Lord in their trouble and he delivered them from their diftrefs.

So when they cried unto the Lord in their trouble : he delivered them out of their diftrefs.

For he brought them out of darkness, and out of the fhadow of death and brake their bonds in funder.

O that men would therefore praise the Lord for his goodnefs and declare the wonders that he doth for the children of men !


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He fent his word, and healed them and they were faved from their deftruction.


He led them forth by the right way that they might go to the city where they dwelt.

O that men would therefore praife the Lord for his good

nefs and declare the wonders that he doth for the children


that he doth for the children of men! of men!


O that men would therefore praife the Lord for his goodnefs: and declare the wonders

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