The Science Studies Reader

Mario Biagioli
Routledge, 1999 - 590 sivua
The Science Studies Readeris a landmark anthology of writing in the burgeoning new field of science studies. Society and the scientific community are today engaging more thoughtfully than ever before the question of what "scientific knowledge" might be. This collection of writings by some of the most prominent thinkers in the field speaks to the nature of science and knowledge across time, cultures, and genders. TheReaderfocuses on the practices of modern and contemporary science and technology located in different national and institutional settings, with some attention to non- Western contexts. Here are essays on the gender dimensions of science, the moral economies of scientific communities, imaging techniques, intellectual property, authorship, and many other current subjects. The collection presents science as crucially connected to issues within contemporary history, sociology, gender studies, anthropology, and cultural studies of science. By mapping some of the openquestions and points of tension likely to occupy the field for years to come, the essays in theReadercast fresh light on what "science" means at the end of the twentieth century.

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (1999)

Mario Biagioli is Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University and the author of Galileo Courtier (1993).

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