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the act. He seemed to be possessed by a notion that it was an act of justice. This was the account he gave of his motives:—

"My poor old friend Mr. Walker (brother of the murdered woman), who has gone hence, and I must shortly follow him—my poor old friend Mr. Walker placed in my care a child, which he acknowledged was his own. . . . He said to me in his lifetime, when we were taking a glass and smoking a pipe together, 'You know the little girl is a great trouble to my mind.' I said to him, 'Mr. Evans has informed me that you are liable to go off at any moment,' and I advised him to make some provision for her. He said, 'Well, Tant, I 'll make the little girl right;' and I replied, 'I hope you will.' .... He paid me for it up to within a month of his death; and I have got the accounts to show it. I was at Mansfield at the time of Mr. Walker's death. On hearing the news of it, I came home, and found that he had made no provision for the child. I let the funeral be over. In a fortnight after Mr. Walker's death, I was in Mrs. Barnes's room one night in conversation with her. I told her that I had in my mind something of the greatest importance to inform her of. 'Are you,' said I, 'in possession of any documents of Mr. Walker's?' (I did not mention the child then: it was a long time before I came out with it.) She said, ' No.' I then asked her if no provision had been made? She said, 'No;' and I said, 'More's the pity.' She said, 'What is the matter?' I said, 'A child was placed in my hands by your brother.' She clapped her hands, and said, ' Oh, dear! what

do you tell me, Turner?' I told her it was true, and that I would bring the child to her. She said, 'No, don't bring it here!' I then said, 'Will you make provision for the child?' and she replied, 'No; you have no claim upon me. I have nothing for illegitimate children.' I said, 'Can you, sitting there, and having two-thirds of the estate—you, a lady professing religion, professing to act justly— can you tell me that I have no claim upon you —I, a poor man— for the maintenance of that child? I have honourably discharged my duty to it; and God forbid there should be any religious people in existence, if you are such!' On Friday last I came before her, and we were very warm on the subject. But, gentlemen, I will not detain you. I only must tell you that I was under excitement, and sorry I am. Had I not got the liquor, I should not have done the act. . . . . I have been calumniated in saying that I appropriated her rents; it was due for the maintenance of the child, and I 'll face any one here and prove it. She tantalized me on Friday, and I think some evil-disposed person set her mind against me. . . . But, gentlemen, I must cut it short. The charge brought against me is that of wilful murder. There is a just God, who knows under what feelings I was actuated. I was excited at the time, and in liquor; and I am sorry I was driven to such an act. I am now in your hands and in the hands of my country; but there is one thing I know, that there are motives known to God, who knows your hearts and mine, and with him I shall have to decide the subject."

The prisoner was tried at Derby, at the Spring Assizes, found guilty, and executed.

27. Natural Gas. — For the last week a large blaze of natural gas has been burning on Chat Moss, situate on the line of railway between Manchester and Liverpool. The gas was perceived by some parties who were sinking for water about a fortnight ago. For the first 16 feet the boring was through moss and mossy substances; then came about 16 feet of marl; after which there were 2 or 3 feet of sand; and while scooping through this portion of the earth the gaseous matter made its appearance. The first indication of it was by a sudden noise or report, though not very loud, accompanied by a slight sulphureous smell. A stream of gas then floated along the surface of the ground; and a lighted candle being

applied, the gaseous air immediately took fire, and was converted into a blaze of considerable dimensions. A long pipe of about 10 or 12 inches in circumference was then procured, and inserted in the ground for 2 or 3 feet in depth, and ascending for about 35 feet. The gas being thus conveyed above the level of the neighbouring forest-trees, was allowed to burn with all its force and exhaust itself in the air. This curious phenomenon was speedily applied to practical purposes: the farmer upon whose lands it issued, placed a small steam-engine on the spot, the boilers of which are heated by the gas fire; the steam thus generated, is made to set in motion machinery for thrashing, grinding, chaff-cutting, and other agricultural operations.

The MINISTRY, as it stood at the Meeting of the Parliament on the 4th of February, 1851.


First Lord of the Treasury
Lord Chancellor ....
Chancellor of the Exchequer
President of the Council
Privy Seal . . .
Home Secretary .
Foreign Secretary.
Colonial Secretary

First Lord of the Admi

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

President of the Board of Control

Postmaster General

President of the Board of Trade
Secretary at War


Right Hon. Lord John Russell.

Right Hon. Lord Truro.

Right Hon. Sir Charles Wood, bt

Most Hon. Marquess of Lansdowne.

Right Hon. Earl of Minto.

Right Hon. Sir George Grey, bt.

Right Hon. Viscount Palmerston.

Right Hon. Earl Grey.

Right Hon. Sir Francis Thornhill Baring, bt. 'Right Hon. Earl of Carlisle. 'Right Hon. Sir John Cam Hobhousc, bt (Lord Broughton).

Most Hon. Marquess of Clanricarde.

Right Hon. Henry I^abouchcrc.

Right Hon. Fox Maulc.


Commander-in-Chief Duke of Wellington.

Master General of the Ordnance . . . Most Hon. Marquess of Anglesey.

pr^^rj^r^^}^ht non-m Gran"iie

Master of the Mint Sir John Frederick William Herschel, bt

First Commissioner of Woods, Forests, j KigUt H(^ Urd Seymour

Chief Secretary for Ireland . . . .j Wgh{Hon-Sir William MeredythSomer

A ttorney-General Sir John Romilly, knt

Solicitor-General {8irbu^""der Jame8 Edmn*d CoA'

Judge Advocate General Right Hon. Sir David Dundas, knt.

Chief Poor Lain Commissioner . . . Right Hon. Matthew Talbot Baines.


Lord Advocate Right Hon. Andrew Rutherfurd.

Solicitor-General James Moncrieft', esq.


Lord Lieutenant Right Hon. Earl of Clarendon.

Lord Chancellor Right Hon. Mazicre Brady.

Attorney-General Right Hon. John Hatchcll.

Solicitor-General Henry George Hughes, esq.


Lord Steward Most Hon. Marquess of Westminster.

Lord Chamberlain Most Hon. Marquess of Urcadalbane.

Master of the Horse Duke of Norfolk.

Mistress of the Robes Duchess of Sutherland.


Imth« Cabinet.—Earl Granville, Paymaster of the. Forces, and Right Hon. Lord Seymour, First Commissioner of Works and Buildings, to seats in the Cabinet.

Vol. XC111. P

Earl Granville to be Secretary of State for the Foreign Department, vice Viscount Palmerston. Right Hon. Fox Maule, to be President of the Board of Control, vice Lord Broughton.

>'ot In The Cabinet.—Lord Stanley, of Aldcrley, to be Paymaster of the Forces and Vice-President of the Board of Trade, vice Earl Granville. Right Hon. Robert Vernon Smith to be Secretary at War, vice Right Hon. Fox Maule. Sir A. J. E. Cockburn to be AUarney-Oeneral, vice Sir John Romilly, appointed Master of the Rolls, Sir William Page Wood to be Solicitor-General, vice Sir A. J. E. Cockburn. Right Hon. James Moncreiff to be Lord Advocate, vice Right Hon. Andrew Rutherfurd, appointed one of the Lords Ordinary. George Deas, Esq, to be Solicitor-General for Scotland, vice Right Hon. James Moncrieff.


Berks . .
Bucks . .
C'amb. and Hunts.
Cumberland .
Cheshire . .
Cornwall . .


Durham . .

Essex . . .



Herts . . .

Kent . . .

Lancashire .


Lincolnshire .


Norfolk . .









Southampton, Co,

Suffolk . . .

Surrey . . .

Sussex . . .



Wiltshire . .

Yorkshire . .

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. Sir Charles Gillies Payne, of Blunham, bart.

. Daniel Higford Duvall Burr, of Aldermaston Park, esq.

. The Hon. Richard Cavendish, of Thornton Hall.

. George Rust, of Huntingdon, esq.

. George Head Head, of Riekerby House, esq.

. Thomas Marsland, of Henbury, esq.

. William Williams, of Tregullow, esq.

. Francis Bradshaw, of Barton Hall, esq.

. Richard Durant, of Sharpham, esq.

f Francis Pitney Brouncker Martin, of Kingston House, '\ Dorchester, esq.

. Robert Henry Allan, of Blackwell Hall, esq.

. William Philip Honywood, of Marks Hall, esq.

. William Dent, of Sudeley Castle, esq.

. Charles Thomas Bodenham, of Rotherwas, esq.

. William John Lysley, of Minwood, esq.

. Ford Wilson, of Blackhurst, Tonbridge Wells, esq.

. Thomas Perceval Heywood, of Dovcleys, esq.

. Sir Cornwallis Ricketts, of Beaumont Leyes, bart.

. Sir Charles Henry John Anderson, of Lea, bart.

. Ferdinand Hanbury Williams, of Coldbrook Park, esq.

. Sir Willoughby Jones, of Cranmer Hall, bart.

. Sir Chas. Edmund Isham, of Lamport Hall, bart.

. Sir Horace St. Paul, of Ewart Park, bart.

. John Francklin, of Gonalston, esq.

. John Brown, of Kingston Blount, esq.

. John Moore Paget, of Clipsham, esq.

. Robert Henry Cheney, of Badger Hall, esq.

. Thomas Tutton Knyfton, of Uphill, esq.

. John Barker, of Wolverhampton, esq.

. W. Kingsmill, of Sidmonton Court, Kingsclere, esq.

. Frederick Barne, of Sottcrley, esq.

. John Sparkes, of Gosden House, Shalford, esq.

. David Lyon, of Goring, esq.

. Mark Philips, of Snitterfield, esq.

. Edward Wilson, of Rigmaden, esq.

f Graham M. Michell Esmeade, of Monckton House, •t esq.

. Sir Thos. Edw. Winnington, of Stanford Court, bart.

. The Hon. Payan Dawnay, of Beningborough Hall.

Anglesey . . .
Breconshire . .
Carnarvonshire .
Cardiganshire .
Denbighshire . .
Flintshire . . .
Merionethshire .
Pembrokeshire .
Radnorshire . .


Thomas Owen, of Tyddyn Glan-y mor, esq.

Robert Raikes, of Treberfedd, esq.

John Williams, of Hafodyllan, esq.

Timothy Powell, of Penycoed, esq.

Ernest Aug. Vaughan, Earl of Lisburne, of Crosswood.

Thomas Hughes, of Astrad Hall, Denbigh, esq.

Wilson Jones, of Hartsheath Park, MN.

Gervas P. Turbervill, of Ewenny-Abbey, Bridgend, esq.

Charles Jones, of Garthmill, esq.

Henry Richardson, of Aberhirnant, esq.

John Harcourt Powell, of Hook, esq.

Francis Aspinal Phillips, of Abbeycwmhir, esq.


Antrim James Thompson Tennent, of Belfast, esq. 'i

Armagh George Robinson, of Armagh, esq.

Carloto Sir Charles Burton, of Pollerton, Carlow, bart.

Carrici/ergus Town . Henry Theophilus Higginson, of Lisburn, esq.

Cavan Henry Bevan Slator, of Whitehall, Edgeworthstown, esq.

Clare Jas. Butler, of Castlecrine, Newmarket-on-Fergus, esq.

Cork Colonel Chatterton, of Castlemahon, Blackrock.

Cork City Sir Thomas Deane, Cork.

Donegal William Wray, of Oak Park, Letterkenny, esq.

Down Robert Heron, of Ardigon, Killyleagh, esq.

Drogheda Town . . Jas. M'Cann, of Staleen, Drogheda, esq.

Dublin John Brenan, of Kingstown, Golden Ball, esq.

Dublin City .... Robert Henry Kinahan, of Merrion Square, North, esq.

Fermanagh .... William Jones, of Lisgool Abbey, Enniskillen, esq.

Oalway Chas. Manly ShawTaylor.ofCastleTaylor.Ardrahan, esq.

Oaltcay Town . . . Mark Anthony Lynch, of Mill Lodge, Galway, esq.

Kerry Valentine Browne, of Kenmare House, Killarney, esq.

Kildarr. George P. L. Mansfield, of Morristown Latin, Naas, esq,

Kilkenny James Sandiford Lane, of Shipton, Callan, esq.

Kilkenny City . . . William Preston Leech, Kilkenny, esq.

King's County . . . John O'Brien, of Rahan Lodge, Tullamore, -esq.

Leitrim Josias Rowley, of Mount Campbell, Drum&na, esq.

Limerick Henry Maunsell, of Limerick, esq.

Limerick City . . . Patrick A. Shannon, of Corbally, Limerick, esq. Londonderry City and 1 William Lecky Browne, of Cumber House, London

County J derry, esq.

Longford Jn. Wilson, of Ballinamore, Lark Hill, Rathmines, esq.

Louth George Ruxton, of Rahanna, Ardee, esq.

Mayo David Watson Rutledge, of A nneficld, Hollymonnt, esq.

Meath Hans Hamilton Woods, of Woodville, Malahide, esq.

Monaghan .... Charles Boyle, of Tannagh Hause, Rockeorry, esq.

Queen's County . . . William Dent Farrar, of Brockly Hall, Stradbally, esq.

Roscommon .... John Woulfe Flanagan, of Drumdoe, Boyle, esq.

Sligo John Folliott, jun., of Hollybrook, Boyle, esq.

Tipperary .... George Ryan, of Inch House, Thurles, esq.

Tyrone William Verner, of Church Hill, Verner's Bridge, esq.

Waterford .... Richard Musgrave, of Tourin, Cappoquin, esq.

Waterford City . . . William Snow, of Rocklands, Waterford, esq.

Westmeath .... Sir Rich. Lcvinge, of Knockdrin Castle, Mullingar, bt.

Wexford Charles Arthur Walker, of the Lodge, Kyle, esq.

Widclow George Hudson, of Templecany, Delgany, esq.


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