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I. At Beechwood, Midlothian, the lady of Sir David Dundas, bt., a sou.

3. At Luffness, East Lothian, the Hon. Mrs. George William Hope, a son.

4. At Ijowndcs-square, the lady of E. Carleton Tufnell, esq., a daughter.

5. At Deal, the lady of Julius Brockman Backhouse, C.B., a daughter.

7. At the Royal Circus, Edinburgh, the lady of Major Blackburn, 85th Lt. In., a son.

— At Cheshunt, Lady Roberts, a daughter.

8. At Manchester-square, the lady of Sidney Ourney, sq., a daughter.

— In Lowndes-square, the Hon. Mrs. M. Kerr, a son.

— At Naples, the lady of John Dunn Gardner, sq., a son and heir.

9. At Chicksands Priory, Lady Elizabeth Osborn, a daughter.

10. At Eaton-square, the ladyof Edward Divett, sq., M.P., a son.

II. At Eltham, the lady of Henry Lewin, sq., a daughter.

12. At Northchurch Rectory, Herts, the lady of the Rev. Sir John Hobart Culme Seymour, bt., a daughter.

— At Portland-place, Madame Van de Weyer, B daughter.

—' At Cavendish-square, the lady of Edward Marjoribauks, jun., sq., a daughter.

— At Morden Lodge, Surrey, the lady of Henry James Hoare, sq., a daughter.

13. At Naples, the Hon. Mrs. John Gellibrand Hubbard, a daughter.

15. At Dover House, near Arundel, the lady of C. R. Beauclcrk, sq., a son.

— At Mcreworth Castle, Lady Le Despencer, a daughter.

— At Broughton Hall, Flint, the lady of C. Cotton, sq., it son.

— At Mancetter Lodge, near Athcrstone, Lady Charlotte Chetwynd, a daughter.

16. At Goldsboro' Hall, Lady Elizabeth Laseellcs, a son.

— At Vienna, the Princess Nicholas Esterhazy (daughter of the Earl of Jersey), a son.


16. At Talacre, Holywell, Flintshire, the Lady Mostyn, a daughter.

21. At Oxford-terrace, Hyde Park, Mm. George Hotham, a son.

23. At Summer-ton, the Hon. Mrs. Brooke, a daughter.

24. At Manor House, Wittenhani, Berks, Mrs. Hayward, a daughter.

25. At Dorfold, Cheshire, Mrs. Wilbraham Tollemache, a son.

26. At Ryde, Isle of Wight, Lady Wade, a daughter.

27. At Eaton-place, the Countess of Mulgrave, a son.

28. At Frampton Hall, Lincolnshire, the lady of Charles Thomas J. Moore, esq., a daughter.

29. At l'lympton, the lady of Walter Hele Molesworth, sq., ft daughter.

30. At 57, York-place, Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs. Dalrymple Hay, a son.

31. At the Royal Hotel, Chester, Lady Emma Vescy, twins.


2. At Norley Hall, Cheshire, the lady of John George Woodhouse, sq., a daughter.

— At Government House, Nassau, Bahamas, the lady of his Excellency Governor Gregory, a son.

3. At Mourcith, Lady Maxwell, a daughter.

4. At Port Louis, Mauritius, the lady of Griffin Nicholas, sq., of Ashton Keynes, Wilts, a daughter.

6. At Barnby Moor, Notts, the lady of W. P. Wasterneys, sq., a son and heir.

— At Hartlebury Castle, the lady of the Rev. Edward Winnington Ingram, a daughter.

7. At Worms, on the Rhine, the lady of Baldwin Arden Wake, sq., Commander, R.N., a son.

8. The lady of Thomas Da vies Lloyd, of Bronwydd, Cardigan, a son and heir.

9. In Eaton-place, the Lady Margaret Milbanke, a son and heir.

10. At Priory House, Taunton, the lady of Ellis James Charter, esq., 8th Reg., a son and heir.

— At Bedford-square, the lady of Charles E. Murray, sq., a daughter.

11. At the Pavilion, Kandy, the ladyof his Excellency Sir George William Anderson, K.C.B., a son.

13. At Hurworth Grange, near Darlington, the lady of Mark Ord, sq., a daughter.


14. In Moray-place, Edinburgh, the lady of Sir Graham Montgomery, St., a daughter.

15. In Marlborough-road, St. John's Wood, the lady Tullamore, a daughter.

16. At Sidmouth, the lady of Captain Fulford, R.N., a son.

— At the Rectory, Woodborongh, Wilts, the lady of the Rev. William Thomas Wyld, a daughter.

17. In Park-street, the Lady Mac- donald, a daughter.

— At Madeira, the lady of Captain Kemeys Tynte, a daughter.

— The lady of G. S. Harcourt, esq., of Ankerwycke House, Buckinghamshire, a son.

— At Papplewick Hall, Notts, Mrs. Ashton Case, a son.

— In Gloucester-terrace, Hyde Park Gardens, the lady of Walter Logan, esq., a daughter.

20. At Swanton House, Norfolk, the Hon. Mrs. Delaval Astley, a son.

21. At the Castle, Parsonstown, the Countess of Rosse, a son.

—' At Leytonstone, the wife of T. Fowell Buxton, sq., a son.

22. At the Manor House, Pirbright, Surrey, the lady of the Rev. Newton Spicer, a daughter.

— At Aspall Hall, Suffolk, the lady of Dr. Harrington Chevallier, M.P., a son.

25. In Park-crescent, Portland-place, the lady of John Hornby, sq., a son.

— At Cheltenham, the lady of Lieut.Col. Corbett Cotton, B son.

— At Lowestoffe, Suffolk, the lady of James Peto, sq., a son.

27. In Upper Grosvenor-street, the Lady Dorothy Nevill, a son.

— At Sibton P» K, Suffolk, the lady of J. W. Brooke, sq., a daughter.

— At Port of Spain, Trinidad, the lady of H. T. Bowen, sq., puisne judge of that island, a son.

— At Kingscote, the lady of Col. Kingscote, a son.

— At the Glebe, Ballinrobe, Mayo, Mrs. De Burgh D'Arcy, a son and heir.

28. At Bruges, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Wilson, RA., a daughter.

Lately, At Scarthingwcll Hall, Yorkshire, the lady of Henry Constable Maxwell, sq., a son.


1. In Dover-street, the Lady Louisa Ponsonby, a son.

1. At St . Helier's, Jersey, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Windham, a son.

— In Berkeley-square, Lady Alfred Paget, a son.

2. In Wilton-crescent, the Viscountess Chewton, a son and heir.

4. In York-place, Portman-square, Lady Heron Maxwell, a daughter.

— At Spittal House, Berwickshire, the lady of the Rev. W. Compton Lundie, of Spittal, a son and heir.

— At the Manor House, Binfield, Berks, the lady of H. Bruxner, sq., a son.

5. At Williamstrip Park, Gloucester shire, the lady of Sir Michael Hicks Beach, bt., a daughter.

— At Brighton, Lady Londesborougb, a son.

6. At Ardess Glebe, the lady Adam Loll us, a son.

— At Clifton, Lady Isabella Grant, a son.

— At Whatton House, Leicester, the lady of Edward Dawson, esq., a son.

— In Dublin, the lady of William Blackburne, sq., of Tankardstown, • son and heir.

— At the Manor House, Little Marlow, Bucks, the wife of Lieut.-Col. Snoll, a daughter.

7. At Mangalore, the lady of Francis N. Maltby, sq., Civil Service, a daughter.

8. At Ware Priory, Mrs. Hadsloy Gosselin, a daughter.

— At Cheltenham, the lady of Major-General Tickell, C.B., Bengal Engineers, a son.

— At Wymondham Rectory, Leicestershire, the Hon. Mrs. John Beresford, a daughter.

— At Hannington Rectory, Hampshire, the lady of the Rev. John W. H. Molyneux, a son.

At Clifton, the lady of C. T. Alleyne, sq., tr daughter.

9. In Needwood House, Needwood Forest, the lady of Com. C. E. Tennant, R.N., a son,

— In Eaton-place, the Countess of Enniskillen, B son.

— InWestbourne-terrace.Hydc Park, Lady Walker, a son.

10. At Thames Villa, Hammersmith, the lady of W. Francis Ainsworth, sq., a daughter.

— In Eaton-square, the lady of Sir George Howland Beaumont, bt., a son and heir.

— At Oastledillon, Armagh, Lady Molyneux, a son.


10. At Brighton, Mrs. Noel Hoare, a ■on.

— In Upper Brooke-street, the lady of Cecil Fane, sq., a son.

11. At Sholapore, BombayPresidency, the lady of the Bcr. Dr. Goldstein, a son, stillborn.

— At the Cape of Good Hope, the lady of Col. Ross, of the Bengal Army, a daughter.

15. At Midhurst, the lady of the Rev. Dr. Bayly, a daughter.

—' At Ashley Hall, near Newmarket, the lady of John Hammond, sq., a son and heir.

16. At Hazlcwood Castle, Yorkshire, the Hon. Mrs. Vavasour, a daughter.

— At Edinburgh, the lady of Alexander Cruikshank, sq., a son.

— At Anketell Grove, the lady of Matthew John Anketell, sq., a son.

17. At Wold, Northamptonshire, the lady of John De Courcy Hamilton, sq., a daughter.

— At Shardelow Hall, Mrs. Sutton, a son.

18. At Mauritius, the lady of the Hon. Rawson W. Rawson, sq., a son and heir.

— At the Vicarage, W'eaverham, Cheshire, the lady of the Rev. Charles Spencer Stanhope, B daughter.

19. At Madeira, the Viscountess Northland, a daughter.

20. At Dover, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Farrant, K.L.S., a daughter.

22. At Hursley Park; Hampshire, the lady of Sir William Heathcote, bt., a son.

— At Weisbaden, the lady of Capt. Carnegie, E.I.C.S., a son.

— At Marlow Lodge, near Ludlow, the lady of Capt. W. J. Verner, 21st Fusileers, a daughter.

23. At Caldccot House, Abingdon, the lady of J. B. Sedgefield, sq., a daughter.

— In Upper Harley-street, the Lady Caroline Gamier, a son.

24. At the Hague, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Elliot, a son.

25. In Upper Brook-street, the Viscountess Stopford, a daughter.

26. At Cotheridge Court, Worcestershire, the lady of the Rev. C. Berkeley, a son.

27. At Chell House, Staffordshire, the lady of Thomas Llewellyn, sq., a daughter.

— In Grosvenor-square, Viscountess Ebrington, a daughter.

28. In Wilton-crescent, the Countess of Winchilsea, a son.

— At Pleasington Hall, Lancashire, the lady of John B. Bowdon, sq., a son.

29. A t Cheltenham, the lady of Lieu; Col. Burlton, C.B., a daughter.

— At Knighton, near Leicester, the lady of C. C. Macaulay, sq., a son.

au. At West Retford Hall, Notts, the lady of Benjamin Huntsman, sq., a daughter.

31. In Eaton-place, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Spencer Law, a daughter.

— In Upper Harley-street^the Lady Sophia F. Tower, a son.

— At Hatherton Hall, Staffordshire, the lady of Thomas Entwisle, sq., a son.

Lately. At St. Ann's, Trinidad, the Lady Harris, B son and heir.


1. The lady of Com. John McNeil Boyd, of H. M.S. Superb, a son.

— At Rome, the lady of Capt . R. Wale, of Shclford, Cambridgeshire, a daughter.

3. In Finchley-road, the lady of E. S. Creasy, sq., Professor of History in University College, London, a son.

— At Colesboume, Gloucester, the lady of J. H. Elwes, sq., a daughter.

4. At Ashbumham-place, the Countess of Aghburnham, a daughter.

5. At Shanks House, Somersetshire, the lady of the Rev. S. Marindin, a son.

6. The lady of the Rev. Charles Wolley, of Eton College, a daughter.

7. At Bourne Park, Kent, the lady of Matthew Bell, sq., a daughter.

— In Lowndes-square, the Lady Vivian, a daughter.

— At Bute House, Petersham, the Lady Louisa Whitmore, a daughter.

— At Penlee, Stoke, the lady of Charles Langton Massingberd, esq., a son.

— At Kippax Hall, Yorkshire, the lady of Francis Hastings Medhurst, sq., a son.

9. At Denford House, Berks, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Dunn, a son.

10. At Monaltire House, Aberdeenshire, the Lady Cochrane, a son and heir.

— At Stourton Hall, Lincolnshire, the lady of Joseph Livesey, sq., a son and heir.


10. At Winchester, the lady of Lieut, Col. A. Ouslow, Scots Fusileer Guards, a son.

11. At Elton Rectory, near Oundle, Mrs. Piers C. Claughton, a son.

— At Winchester, the lady of Lieut.. Col. A. Onslow, Scots Fusilier Guards, a son.

18. In Upper Brook-street, Lady Manners, a daughter.

— At Woodbridge, the lady of Ross D. Mangles, M.l'., sq., a son.

19. At Wellington, New Zealand, the lady of Lieut.-Col. M'Clcverty, a daughter.

21. In Eaton-place, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Daly, a son.

22. At Sellinge, near Hythe, Mrs. Lynedoch Douglas, a daughter.

23. In New-street, Spring-gardens, Lady Harriet B. Hamilton, a son.

— At Castle Ashby, Northampton, the Lady William Compton, a son.

— At Writtle Park, the Hon. Mrs. Frederick Pctre, a son and heir.

— At the Manor House, Crowland, the lady of James Witsed, esq., a son and heir.

24. At Guernsey, the Hon. Mrs. Saumarez, a son, still-born.

— At Brighton, the lady of Lieut.Col. St. Quintin, a son.

25. At Ness Castle, Inverness, the lady of S. Clarke Jervoise, sq., a daughter.

— The lady of the Hon. J. C. Dundas, a daughter.

— Lady Parish, a daughter.

26. At Newcastle, Longford, the lady of the Hon. L. H. King Harman, a son.

28. In Westbourne-terrace, the lady of R Cobden, sq., M.P., a daughter.

— At Streatham Rectory, the lady of the Rev. J. R. Nicholl, a son.

30. At St . Saviour's Grammar School, Southwark, the lady of the Rev. Alfred Povah, a daughter.

— At the High Hall, Hemsworth, Yorkshire, the lady of W. H. Leatham, esq., a son.

— At Wilburton Manor, Cambridgeshire, the lady of Alexander Pym, sq., a daughter.

— In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, the Viscountess Lewisham, a son and heir.


1. In Dublin, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Burdett, 17th Lancers, a daughter.


1. At Marston Rectory, the Mrs. Richard Boyle, a daughter.

— At Egypt, near Cowes, the lady of William Dansey, sq., a son.

— In Myddelton-square, Pentonville, the lady of Edward Ballard, M.D., a son.

2. At Rawcliffe Hall, Mrs. Creyke, a daughter.

— At Sydney, New South Wales, at the Bishop's residence, the lady of the Rev. Thomas Jackson, a daughter.

3. In Wilton-place, the lady of R. B. Sheridan, esq., M.P., a son.

4. At Barnes, Surrey, the lady of G. A. F. Shadwell, sq., a son.

— At Croston Hall, Lancashire, the Lady Adelaide de Trafford, a daughter.

— In Eaton-square, the Viscountess Enfield, a son.

5. At Bognor, the Hon. Mrs. Stapleton Cotton, a daughter.

— In Chester-square, the Hon. Mrs. Charles Ridley, a daughter.

— In Eaton-square, the Right Hon. Lady De Lisle and Dudley, a daughter.

6. In Bryanston-square, the Hon. Mrs. Charles Lennox Peel, a daughter.

— At Lord Wenlock's, Berkeleysquare, Lady Elizabeth Lawley, a daughter.

7. At Kinnoul Cottage, Perth, Lady Charles Kerr, a son.

8. The lady of Capt. Starkie Bence, of Kentwell Hall, Suffolk, a daughter.

— In Belgrave-square, the Hon. Mrs. Sanderson, a daughter.

9. At Brighton, the Hon. Mrs. George Bridgeman, a son.

— At Hamilton Lodge, Upper Kensington Gore, the lady of the Hon. W. E. Fit /.-Maurice, a son.

10. At Weymouth, the lady of C. Morant, sq., a son. ,

11. At Wolverley House, Worcestershire, the lady of F. W. Knight, sq., M.P., a son and heir.

— At Oxford, the lady of the Rev. Richard Harrington, D.D., Principal of Brasenose College, a son.

12. AtBolton Hall, Yorkshire, the lady of H. A. Littledale, sq., a daughter.

16. At Geneva, the lady of the Hon. Thomas Preston, a son.

— In Connaught-place, Lady Mildred Hope, a son. .

— At Tunbridge, Kent, the lady of the Rev. Dr. Welldon, a son,

17. At the Bishop's Palace, Calcutta, the lady of the Rev. John Blomfield, a son.


18. At Elden House, London. Canada West, the lady of George Shuldham Peard, esq., 20th Regt-, a son.

20. At Edinburgh, the lady of Richard Torin, esq., of Sanquhar House, Morayshire, a son.

— "At Drinkston Park, Suffolk, the lady of Herbert Bree, esq., a son.

— At Corby Castle, the lady of Philip H. Howard, M.P., a daughter.

22. At Buriton Rectory, Hants, the lady of the Rev. J. M. Sumner, a daughter.

23. At Lansdowne Lodge, Kenmare, Ireland, the lady of R. W. Townsend, esq., a daughter.

25. In Russell-square, the lady of Dr. Golding Bird, a son.

— At Croft Castle, Herefordshire, the lady of W. T. K. Davis, esq., a son.

26. At Hongkong, the lady of the Lord Bishop of Victoria, a son.

— At Upper Brook-street, Mrs. Harcourt Johnstone, a son and heir.

27. At Edinburgh, Lady Cloud Hamilton, a daughter.

— At Methley, the Hon. Mrs. Savile, a son.

— At Phesdo House, Kincardineshire, the lady of J. T. Mackenzie, esq., a daughter.

28. At Washington Rectory, the Hon. Mrs. L. W. Denman, a daughter.

— In Oaklcy-square, the lady of the Rev. Cornelius Hart, a son and heir.

29. In Cambridge-square, Hyde Park, the lady of Dr. James Bright, a son.

30. In Adelaide-crescent, Brighton, the lady of Lieut.-C'ol. Bonham, 10th Hussars, a daughter.

31. At Keynsham, the lady of Charles Daltroy, esq., C.B., a son and heir.

[blocks in formation]

4. In Fitzroy-square, the lady of Sir C. L. Eastlake, a daughter, still-born.

— At Lodge A'illa, St. Johns Wood, Mrs. Llewellyn Mostyn, a daughter.

5. At Arrowc Park, Cheshire, the lady of John R. Shaw, esq., a son.

6. At East Cosham House, the lady of Capt. Charles Burrill, a daughter.

7. In Curzon-street, the I.ady Guernsey, a son.

— Ladv Adela Goff, a son and heir.

8. At Ressall Hall, Fleetwood, the lady of the Rev. George Y. Osborne, a daughter.

— At Teinmouth, the lady of Arthur Acland, esq., a son.

9. The lady of C. O. H. St. Pattrick, esq., Worcester, a son.

— At St. Jamcs's-place, the lady of Ralph Neville, esq., a son.

10. At Writtle, Essex, the lady of J. A. Hardcastle, esq., M.P., a daughter.

— At the Chace, near Ashburton, the lady of Major Coker, a daughter.

11. At Grace Dieu Manor, Leicestershire, the lady of Ambrose Lisle Phillips, esq., a son.

12. At Eaton-square, the lady of Capt. the Hon. Francis Maude, R.N., a son.

13. At Bourton House, near Rugby, Mrs. Grosvenor Miles, a son.

— At Bordesley Park, Worcestershire, the lady of Richard Hemming, esq., a son and heir.

18. At Spondon, near Derby, the lady of F. Arkwright, esq., a daughter.

19. At Elton Hall, near Stockton-onTees, the lady of the Rev. Henry Maister, a son.

20. At Womersley Park, Yorkshire, the lady Hawke, a daughter.

21. In Lowndes-square, the Countess of March, a daughter.

— At Rodbaston Hall, Staffordshire, the lady of Charles Holland, M.D., F.R.S., a son, still-born.

23. In Beaumont-street, the lady of Sir George Do la Poer Beresford, bt., a son.

— At Crookedholm, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, the lady of Capt. Crawford Caffin, R.N., a daughter.

— In Guildford-street, Lady Pollock," a son.

— Mrs. Yarde, of Trcbridgc House, Devon, a daughter.

24. At Gloucester-place, Hyde Park, the lady of J. Wigram, esq., a son.

25. At Parley, Berks, Lady Hope, a son.

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