Sivut kuvina


26. Atthe Manor House, Horsham, the lady of E. Tredcroft, esq., a daughter.

27. At Dyrham Park, Herts, the Hon. Mrs. Trotter, a son.

— At Madras, the lady of Major Pears, C.B., Madras Eng., a son.

28. In Belgrave-square, the Lady Helen Stewart, a son.

30. At Kemberton Rectory, Shropshire, Mrs. G. Whitmore, a daughter.

— At Malshanger, Hants, the lady of Wyndham Portal, esq., B daughter.


1. In Grosvenor-crcscent, Viscountess Newry, a daughter.

— At Brocton Hall, Staffordshire, the lady of Major Chetwynd, late First Life Guards, a son.

— At Devonport, the lady of Captain Lowe, R.N., a daughter.

2. At Clarendon Park, Lady Hervey Bathurst, twins, sons.

— The Lady Naas, a son and heir.

3. In Arlington-street, the Marchioness of Salisbury, a son.

— At Hams, Warwickshire, the Hon. Mrs. Adderley, a daughter.

4. At Copenhagen, the lady of J. H. Drummond Hay, sq., Her Majesty's Charge d'Affairesin Morocco, adaughter.

— In William-street, Lowndes-square, Lady Nicholson, a daughter.

5. At Kctton Hall, near Stamford, the Lady Burghlev, a son.

— At Sedgeford Hall, Norfolk, the lady of Charles Neville Rolfe, esq., a son.

— The lady of Henry" Ford Barclay, sq., of Leytonstone, B son.

— The lady of Henry Addenbrooke, sq., of Hollyfield, Warwickshire, a daughter.

7. In Halkin-street West, Lady Payne Oallwey, a son.

8. At West bourne, the lady of T. H. B. Crosse, esq., a son and heir.

9. At Wickham, Hants, the lady of Lieut.-Coloncl Dunsmure, 42nd Highlanders, a son.

— At Ardsheal House, Appin.Argyleshire, the lady of Miles Lockhart, Md., a son.

— At Strcatham, the lady of Captain Drinkwater Bethune, R.N., a daughter.

11. In Chester-terrace, Regent's Park, the Hon. Lady Pearson, a daughter.

— At Starcross, the lady of Trehawke Kekewich, sq., a son.

12. At Carlisle, the Lady Mary Hope Wallace, a daughter.

— At Catton Hall, Derbyshire, the lady of the Hon. Robert Curzon, Jun., B son and heir.

13. At Wcavering, Kent, the Lady North, a son and heir.

15. Mrs. Herbert, of Llanarth, a Son and heir.

16. At Stoke Hammond, Bucks, the Lady Julia Bouwens, B daughter.

— At Albury, Surrey, the lady of Martin F. Tupper, sq., a daughter.

17. At Erskine, Lady Blantyre, a son and heir.

— At York, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Vicars, a son.

— At Syston Court, Gloucestershire, Mrs. F. Newton Dickenson, a daughter.

— At River Hall, Sussex, the lady of Henry Cauldficld Saunders, sq., a son and heir.

18. At Compton Castle, Somersetshire, Mrs. Evcleigh Wyndham, a son,

21. At Danesfield, Bucks, the Hon. Mrs. Scott Murray, a daughter.

23. At St. Audries, Lady Acland Hood, a daughter.

— At West Stafford, Dorset, the lad} of John Floycr, sq., M.P., a son and heir.

— The lady of Dr. Lankestcr, F.R.S., Old Burlington-street, a son.

— At Langley, Bucks, the lady of John Nash, sq., a daughter.

24. At the Rectory, Hamstall Ridware, the Hon. Mrs. H. Cholmondeley, B daughter.

25. At Golden Grove, S.W., the Viscountess Emlyn, a daughter.

26. In Cumberland-street, the Hon. Mrs. Spencer Ponsonby, a daughter.

— At Parslows, Essex, the Hon. Mrs. Richard Denman, a daughter.

27. In Piccadilly, Baroness Mayer De Rothschild, a daughter.

— At Babworth Rectory, the Lady Frances Simpson, a daughter.

— In Finsbury-square, the lady of H. Jeaffreson, M.D., a daughter.

— At 13, Hyde Park-street, the lady of Edward Budd, sq., a daughter.

— At Abbey House, Sherborne, Lady Kay, lady of Sir Brook Kay, bart., a son.

28. At the Priory, Ash Priors, Somerset, the lady of John Winter, sq., a son and heir.

29. At Twyford Abbey, the lady of Edmund Burke Roche, sq., M.P., a son.

80. The Hon. Mrs. Edward Upton, a son, still-born.

Earl Granville to be Secretary of Stale for the Foreign Department, vice Viscount Palmcrston. Right Hon. Fox Maule, to be Preridmt of the Board of Control, riea Lord Broughton.

Not Ui The Cabinet.—Lord Stanley, of Alderley, to be Paymaster of the Faroe* and Vice-President of the Board of Trade, vice Earl Granville. Right Hon. Robert Vernon Smith to be Secretary at War, vice Right Hon. Fox Maule. Sir A. J. E. Cock burn to t>e Attorney-Qenrral, vice Sir John Romillv, appointed Matter of the. Rolls. Sir William Pago Wood to be Solicitor-Uencral, vice Sir A. J. E. Cockbum. Right Hon. James Moncreiff to be Lord Adrocate, vice Right Hon. Andrew Ruthcrfurd, appointed one of the Lord* Ordinary. George Dcaa, Esq., to be Solicitor-General Jor Scotland, vice Right Hon. James MoncrieC


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Sir Charles Gillies Payne, of Blonham, bart

Daniel Higford Duvall Burr.of Aldermaston Park, <-»;

The Hon. Richard Cavendish, of Thornton UalL

George Rust, of Huntingdon, esq.

George Head Head, of Kickerby House, esq.

Thomas Maryland, of Hcnbury, esq.

William Williams, of Trcgullow, esq.

Francis Bradahaw, of Barton Hall, esq.

Richard Durant, of Sharpham, esq.

(Francis Pitney Brouncker Martin, of Kingston Hoasa,
Dorchester, esq.
RoK-rt Henry Allan, of Blackwell Hall, esq.
William Philip Honywood, of Marks Hall, esq.
William I>cnt, of Sudeley Castle, esq.
Charles Thomas Bodenham. of Rotherwaa, esq.
William John Lyslcy, of Minwood, esq.
Ford Wilson, of Blackhnrst, Tonbridge Wella, esq.
Thomas Perceval Hcywood, of Doveleys. esq.
Sir Cornwallis Rickctts, of Beaumont Leyea, bait.
Sir Charles Henry John Anderson, of Lea, bart.
Ferdinand Hanbury Williams, of Coldbrook Park, eaq.
Sir Willoughby Jones, of Cranmer Hall. bart.
Sir Chas. Edmund Lluun. of Lamport Hall. bart.
Sir Horace St Paul, of Ewart Park, bart.
John Francklin. of Gonalston. esq.
John Brown, of Kingston Blount, esq.
John Moore Paget, of Clipaham. esq.
Robert Henry Cheney, of Badger Hall, esq.
Thomas Tution Knyfton, of I'pbill, esq.
John Barker, of Wolverhampton, esq.
W. Kincumill, of Sidmonton Court, Kingsclere, esq.
Frederick Barne, of Sotterley. esq.
John Sparkea, of Goaden House, Shalford. esq.
David Lyon, of Goring, esq.
Mark Philips, of Snitterfield, eaq.
Edward Wilson, of Kigmadrn. esq.
fUraham M. Michel! Esmcadc, of Moncktoa Ha

L ««J-
Sir Tbos. Edw. W innington. of Stanford Court, hart.
The Hon. Patau Dawnay, of Bcningborouffc UalL

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Thomas Owen, of Tyddyu Glau-y mor, esq.
Robert Raikes, of Treberfedd, esq.
John Williams, of Hafodyllan, ceq.
Timothy Powell, of Penycoed, esq.
Emest Aug. Vaughan, Earl of Lisbume, of Crosswood.
Thomas Hughes, of Astrad Hall, Denhigh, esq.
Wilson Jones, of Hartsheath Park, esq.
Gcrvm-1 P. Turbervill, of Ewenny-Abbey, Bridgend, esq.
Charles Jones, of Garthmill, esq.
Henry Richardson, of Aberhirnant, esq.
John Harcourt Powell, of Hook, esq.
Francis Aspinal Phillips, of Abbeycwmhir, esq.


James Thompson Tennant, of Belfaut, esq. §
George Robinson, of Armagh, esq.
Sir Charles Burton, of Pollerton, Carlow, hart..
Henry Theophilus Higginson, of Lisbum, esq.
Henry Bevan Slator, of Whitehall, Edgeworthstown, esq.
Jas. Butler, of Castlecrinc, Newmarket-on-Fergus, esq.
Colonel Chatterton, of Castlemahon, Blackrock.
Sir Thomas Deane, Cork.
William Wray, of Oak Park, Letterkenny, esq.
Robert Heron, of Ardigon, Killyleagh, esq.
J am. M‘Cann, of Stalecn, Drogheda, esq.
John Brenuu, of Kingstown, Golden Ball, esq.
Robert Henry Kiuahan, of Merrion Square, North, esq.
William Jones, of Lisgool Abbey, Enniskillen, esq.
Chas. Manly Shaw Taylor, of Castle Taylor, Ardrahm, esq.
Mark Anthony Lynch, of Mill Lodge, Galway, esq.
Valentine Browne, of Kenmnre House, Killamey, esq.
George P. L. Mansfield, of Morristown Latin, Naas, esq.
James Sandiford Lane, of Shipton, Callan, esq.
William Preston Lccch, Kilkenny, esq.
John O'Brien, of Rahan Lodge, '1‘ullamore,esq.
Josius Rowley, of Mount Campbell, Drumana, esq.
Henry Maunsell, of Limerick, esq.
Patrick A. Shannon, of Corbally, Limerick, esq.
William Lecky Browne, of (lumber House, London-
derry, esq.
Jn. Wilson, of Ballinamore, Imrk Hill, Rathmines, esq.
George Buxton, of Rahanua, Ardee, esq.
Dxvid Watson Rutledge, of Anneticld, Hollymount, esq.
Hans Hamilton Woods, of Woodvillc, Malahide, esq.
Charles Boyle, of Tannagh Hause, Rockcorry, esq.
William Dent Farrar, of llrockly Hall, Stradbally, esq.
John Woulfe Flnnignn, of Dnnmdoc, Boyle, esq.
John Folliott, jun., of Hollybrook, Boyle, esq.
George Ryu, of Inch House, Thurles, esq.
Williun Vcmer, of Church Hill, Vemer‘s Bridge, esq.
Richard Musgrave, of Tourin, Csppoquin, esq.
William Snow, of Rocklands, Waterford, esq.
Sir Rich. Levinge, of Knockdrin Castle, Mullingar, bt..
Clmrlea Arthur Walker, of the Lodge, Kyle, esq.
George Hudson, ol' Templecany, Delgany, esq.

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BIRTHS. 1851.



I. At Beechwood, Midlothian, the lady of Sir David Dundas, St., a Boo.

3. At Luffhcss. East bjthian, the Hon. Mm. George William Hope, a son.

4. At Iajwuiic.h w|uarc, the lady of E. Carlcton Tufiiell, sq., a daughter.

5. At Deal, the lady of Julius Brockman Backhouse, C.B., a daughter.

7. At the Royal Circus, Edinburgh, the lady of Major Blackburn, !>5th Lt. In.. a son.

— At Chcshunt, Lady Roberts, the daughter.

8. At Manchester-square, the lady of Sidney Gurney, em)., a daughter.

— In Lowndes square, the Hon. Mrs. M. Kerr, a son.

— At Naples, the lady of John Dunn Gardner, Esq. a son and heir.

9. At Chickaands Priory, Lady Elizabeth Osborn, a daughter.

10. At Eaton-square, the lady-of Edward Dirett, sq., M.P., a son.

II. At Kit ham, the lady of Henry Lewin, esq., a daughter.

12. At Korthchurch Rectory, Herts, the lady of the Rer. Sir John Hobart Culme Seymour, bt., a daughter.

— At Portland-place, Madame Tan de Weyer, a daughter.

— At Cavendish-square, the lady of Kdward Marjorib&nka, jun., sq., a daughter.

- At Morden I-odge, Surrey, the lady of Henry James Hoare, sq., a daughter.

IS. At Naples, the Hon. Mrs. John Gcllibrand Hubl*rd, » daughter.

IS. At Dover House,near Arundel, the lady of C. R. Beauclerk, sq., a ton.

— At Merearorth Castle, Lady Le Dcapencer, a daughter.

- At Broughton Hall. Flint, the lady of C. Cotton, esq., a ion.

At Maneetter Lodge, near Atherstooe. Lady Charlotte Chclwind, a daughter.

In. At Ooldshoro" Hall. Lady Ellnlicth I^srellea. a son.

— At Vienna, the Prinrrss Nichols* Esicrhaxy (daughter of the Earl of Jersey ), a sun.


16. At Talacre, Holywell, Flintshire, the Lady Mostyn, a daughter.

21. At Oxford terrace, Hyde Mrs. George llothiun, a son.

2a. At Summcrton, the Hon. Mrs. Brooke, a daughter.

24. At Manor House, Witienhaan. Berks, Mrs. Harward, a daughter.

25. At Dorfoid, Cheshire, Mia. Wilbruham Tollcmache, a sou.

26. At Ryder, Isle of Wight, Lady Wade, a daughter.

27. At Eaton-place, the Cmnlam of Mulgrave, a son.

28. At E ramp ton Hall. Lincolnshire, the ladr of Charles Thomas J. Moore, sq., a daughter.

29. At l'lympton, the lady of Walter Hdc Molcsworth, sq., a daughter.

30. At 57. York-place. Edinburgh. the Hon. Mrs. Dalrvmple Hat, a son.

SI. At the Royal Hotel Cheater, Lady Emma Veaey, twins


2. At Norlcy Hall, Cheshire, the lady of John George Woodhooae, esq-, a daughter.

— At Government House. Nassau, R.ti»m«j the lady of his Excellency Governor Gregory, a son.

3. At Monreith, Lady MaxwcTL a daughter.

4. At Port Louis, Mauritius, the lady of Griffin Nicholas, sq., of AahUm Kernes, Wilts, a daughter.

6. At Baruby Moor. Notts, the lady of W. P. Wasterneys. sq., a son and heir.

— At Hartlcbury Castle, the lady of the Rer. Edward Wilmington Ingram, a daughter.

7. At Worms, on the Rhine, the lady of Baldwin Arden Wake, esq-, Commander, KN.. a son.

8 The lady of Thomas Danes Ucid. of Rronwydd, Cardigun. s son and bc.r.

9. In Eaton place, the Lady Msr^»n.i MilUankc, a son and heir.

let At Priory House, Taunton, the lady of Ellis James Charter, esq. »t» Reg , a son and heir.

— - At Bedford square, the lady of Charles E. Murray, sq., a daughter

11. At the Parilion. Kandy, the lady of his Kxcellriicy Sfr George William Anderson, K t'.B, a son.

1'.. At Hurworth Grange, near Iaar llngtiin. the lady of Mark trni, esq. a daughter.


14. In Moray-place, Edinburgh, the lady of Sir Graham Montgomery, St., a daughter.

15. In Marlborougb-road, St. John's Wood, the lady Tullaraore, a daughter.

16. At Sidmouth, the lady of Captain Fulford, R.N., a son.

— At the Rectory, Woodborongh, Wilts, the lady of the Rev. William Thomas Wyld, a daughter.

17. In Park-street, the Lady Macdonald, a daughter.

— At Madeira, the lady of Captain Keme.vs Tynte, a daughter.

— The lady of G. S. Harcourt, sq., of Ankcrwyckc House, Buckinghamshire, a son.

— At Papplewick Hall, Notts, Mrs. Ash ton Case, a son.

— In Gloucester-terrace, Hyde Park Gardens, the lady of Walter Logan, sq., a daughter.

20. At Swanton House, Norfolk, the Hon. Mrs. Dclaval Astlcy, a son.

21. At the Castle, Parsonstown, the Countess of Rossc, lb son.

— At Lertonstone, the wife of T. Fowell Buxton, sq., a son.

22. At the Manor House, Pirbright, Surrey, the lady of the Rev. Newton Spicer, a daughter.

— At Aspall Hall, Suffolk, the lady of Dr. Barrington Chevallier, M.P., a son.

25. In Park crescent, Portland-place, the lady of John Hornby, sq., a son.

— At Cheltenham, the lady of LieutCol. Corbett Cotton, a son.

— At Lowestoffc, Suffolk, the lady of James Pcto. sq., a son.

27. In Upper Grosvenor-strect, the Lady Dorothv N'evi)', a son.

— At Bibton P» «, Suffolk, the lady of J. W. Brooke, sq., a daughter.

— At Port of Spain, Trinidad, the lady of H. T. Bowen, sq., puisno judge of that island, a son.

— At Kingscote, the lady of Col. Kingaeote, a son.

— At the (llebe, Ballinrobc. Mayo, Mrs. De Burgh D'Arcy, a son and heir.

2S. At Bruges, the lady of Lieut-Col. Wilson, R.A., a daughter.

Lately. At Scarthingwcll Hall, Yorkshire, the lady of Henry Constable Maxwell, Esq' s son.


1. In Dover-street, the Lady Ixraisa Ponaonbr, a son.

1. At St Helier's, Jersey, the lady of Lieut-Col. Windham, a son.

— In Berkeley-square, Lady Alfred Paget, a son.

2. In Wilton-crescent, the Viscountess Chewton, a son and heir.

4. In York-place, l'ortman-square, Lady Heron Maxwell, a daughter.

— At Spittal House, Berwickshire, the lady of the Rev. W. Campion Lundie, of Spittal, a son and heir.

— At the Manor House, Binfield, Berks, the lady of H. Bruxner, sq., B son.

5. At Williamstrip Park, Gloucestershire, the lady of Sir Michael Hicks Beach, bt., a daughter.

— At Brighton, lady Londesborougb, a son.

6. At Ardess Glebe, the lady Adam Loftus, a son.

— At Clifton, Lady Isabella Grant, a son.

— At Whatton House, Leicester, the lady of Edward Dawson, esq., a son.

— In Dublin, the lady of William Blackburne, esq., of Tankardstown, a son and heir.

— At the Manor House, Little Marlow, Bucks, the wife of Lieut-Col. Snell, a daughter.

7. At Bangalore, the lady of Francis N. Maltby, sq., Civil Service, ft daughter.

8. At Ware Priory, Mrs. Hadsley Gosselin, a daughter.

— At Cheltenham, the lady of Major-Oeneral Tickell, C.B., Bengal Engineers, a son.

— At Wymondham Rectory, Leicestershire, the Hon. Mrs. John Bercsford, a daughter.

— At Hannington Rectory, Hampshire, the lady of the Rev. John W. H. Molvneux, a son.

At Clifton, the lady of C. T. Alleyne, sq., a daughter.

9. In Need wood House, Needwood Forest, the lady of Com. C. E. Tennant, R.N., B son,

— In Eaton-place, the Countess of Enniskillcn, a son.

— InWestbournc-tcrTace,Hyde Park, Lady Walker, a son.

10. At Thames Villa, Hammersmith, the lady of W. Francis Ainsworth, sq., a daughter.

— In Eaton-square, the lady of Sir George Howland Beaumont, bt, a son and heir.

— At Castledillon, Armagh, Lady Molvneux, a son.

« EdellinenJatka »