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re or may be contract or exclusive pririleges i

into the ports sale or purchase, so that Sanzin dom of Great and purchase shall be enjorelly

its colonies British subjects in the Surdzan

nd, its colonies liberty to sell and bur where

orted into those manner which mar le dernier

ited in British sive privilege of sale or purchase

s of commerce, dinia engages that a like free

Affairs of Trade and and possessions

, or el as die tations;

country, which are or wi Majesty the King of legally importable into the

Sieur Victor Em- dom of Sardinia in Sardinia z relli, Marquis d'Aze-sels, may likewise be inch Eder of His Religious into those ports in British test Order of Saint Mau- without being liable to water nt Lazarus, Com- or higher duties

, of whatsad Legion of Honour, nomination, than if such member Order of Leopold of dise or productions were infrasi

Envoy Extraordi- in Sardinian vessels. ter Plenipotentiary The said reciprocal equisi Lic Majesty;

treatment shall take etat pito ving communicated distinction, whether such merter heir respective full dise come directly from the past

in good and due of origin, or from any other per ed upon

the follow Art. III. The same regina


equality of treatment stali nie
2 shall be recipro- effect in regard to all thet er
commerce between cerns exportation and trusi

is of the two high out distinction as to origin are
ies; and the sub- stination; and also in regard to
hem shall, through bounties, facilities and darles
tent of the terri- which are or may hereafter

er, enjoy the same granted by the legislation d'te
, liberties, favours, two countries.
1 exemptions, in Art. IV. Her Majesty
nerce, which are Queen of the United Kingda é
d by native sub- Great Britain and Ireland eager

that the commerce of Strick
merchandise and subjects in the dominions el B
erce, the produce Britannic Majesty shall meter
ther of the King. any interruption,
or of any other manner affected by any !

dominions; the existing Crow monopolies of tobacco, salt, gun powder, ball and shot, and playin cards, being excepted.

Art. V. No duties of tonnage harbour, lighthouse, pilotage, qua rantine or other similar or corre sponding duties, of whatever natuz or under whatever denomination levied in the name or for the prof of the Government, public func tionaries, communes, corporation or establishments of whatever kinshall be imposed in the ports either country upon of the other country, from wha ever port or place arriving, whic shall not be equally imposed the like cases on national vessels and in neither country shall ar duty, charge, restriction or prhibition be imposed upon, nany drawback, bounty or alloance be withheld from, any goo imported into or exported from such country in vessels of ti other, which shall not be equal imposed upon or withheld frosuch goods, when so imported exported in national vessels.

Art. VI. All vessels which a cording to the laws of Great Brita are to be deemed British vesse and all vessels which according the laws of the Kingdom of Sar nia are to be deemed Sardinia vessels, shall, for the purposes this Treaty, be deemed Briti vessels and Sardinian vessels spectively.

Art. VII. In all that regar the stationing, the loading a unloading of vessels in the por basins, docks, roadsteads, barbou or rivers of the two countries, privilege shall be granted national vessels, which shall r be equally granted to vessels the other country; the intenti of the contracting parties bei

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zdom of Great subjects shall have full and ezt
British vessels, they may think fit

, and in vessels, without convenient br the seller or buyer other or higher and without being subject to se denomination, prejudice in consequence of her jandise or pro- such monopoly, contract or each wcally, all mer- and His Majesty the King of fun facture either from restraint in regard to sale


sentatives, the same rule salle of the high observed as is prescribed in the shall have the like case, with regard to the pop als for the pro- perty of natives of the count reside within until the owner shall hate male territories of the necessary arrangements to

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'age which would be or authorized to act for the ble in the like case of vernment of the most ime national vessel. The nation. rchandise saved from Before any consul canto ll not be subject to the such, he must, however

, it 'uties, unless cleared usual form be approved and

mitted by the Government et 1 all that relates to country to which he is sat:v Eoms and of naviga- each of the two high ecutat

high contracting parties shall have the right - that any privilege, except from the residence de munity which either suls, any particular plaza e grant to any other either of them may jude met e also and at the to be excepted. ended to their re

Art. XIJI. The subjects de Ets, gratuitously, if of the high contracting perta

in favour of that may freely dispose by wil la mll have been gra- tion or otherwise, of all ! giving a compensa perty which they mig, - possible of equal acquire and possess in the la

to be adjusted by tories of the other; and tier ent, if the conces- lawful representatires

, althouge been conditional. subjects of the other contrazten expressly agreed, party, may succeed to such per

is tuated, and without furthe: appeal than is provided for bthose laws.

Art. XIV. The subjects 0 either of the two high contracting parties residing in the dominions of the other shall have the same liberty as natives to manage thei own affairs themselves, or to com mit them to the management o any other persons, as brokers factors, agents or interpreters they shall not be restrained in their choice, and shall not bi obliged to pay any salary or remu neration to any person whom the shall not choose to employ in thos capacities: buyers and sellers being at perfect liberty to bargain to gether, and to fix the price of an goods or merchandise imported o destined for exportation ; on condi tion of observing the regulation and the customs' laws of th country.

Art. XV. The stipulations the present Treaty shall be sul stituted for the stipulations of th Treaty between the two high cor tracting parties signed at Turi on the 10th of September, 1841 as well as of the Convention ad ditional to that Treaty, which wa signed at London on the 23rd January, 1851.

The present Treaty shall be i force for twelve years from th date of the exchange of the ratif cations thereof; and further, unt the end of twelve months afte either of the two contracting pa ties shall have given notice to th other of its intention to terminat the same; each of the contractin parties reserving to itself the rig! of giving such notice to the othe at the end of the said term twelve years, or at any subsequer time.

Art. XVI. The present Treat

ons in the duties perty either by will or al vitat I have been con and map, in due course a to Belgium by take possession of the same, che "uded with that 'in person, or by persons actores on the 24th of their behalf; and they may dipart and which are of the same at their pleasure able annexed to ing only such imposts, y, shall, from duties, as the inhabitants of nof June, 1851, country in which such property ceat Britain, in situated, are liable to pes in sta he advantages lar cases.

by the present

In case of the absedee of meer


any dispute should arise de

the consuls taking possession of the ppointed shall

If territories of tween different claimants mit

privileges, respect to the right which they unities which

may have to the of the same judges according to the less e


, such


their powerful patronage and


The dignity of Dean will always port to the Bishops, in cases which be conferred by Her Majesty in all require it, principally when they churches, at whatever time and in have to place themselves in oppo- whatever form they become vacant. sition to the malignity of those The official canons will be apwho try to pervert the minds of the pointed through candidateship by faithful and corrupt their manners, the prelates and chapters. The or when they have to prohibit other dignitaries and canons will the publication, introduction, and be appointed in rigorous alternacirculation of bad and hurtful tion by Her Majesty and by the rebooks.

spective Archbishops and Bishops.
Art. IV. In everything else be- The beneficiaries and assistant
longing to the right and exercise of chaplains will be named alternately
ecclesiastical authority, and to the by Her Majesty and the prelates
ministry of its sacred orders, the and chapters.
Bishops and

dependent clergy will The prebends, canonries, and


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