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Council for Affairs of Trade and and possessions, or of any other Foreign Plantations;

country, which are or may be And His Majesty the King of legally importable into the KingSardinia, the Sieur Victor Em- dom of Sardinia in Sardinian vesmanuel Taparelli, Marquis d'Aze- sels, may likewise be imported glio, Commander of His Religious into those ports in British vessels, and Military Order of Saint Mau- without being liable to any other rice and Saint Lazarus, Com- or higher duties, of whatever demander of the Legion of Honour, nomination, than if such merchanOfficer of the Order of Leopold of dise or productions were imported Belgium, His Envoy Extraordi- in Sardinian vessels. nary and Minister Plenipotentiary The said reciprocal equality of to Her Britannic Majesty;

treatment shall take effect without Who, after having communicated distinction, whether such merchanto each other their respective full dise come directly from the place powers, found in good and due of origin, or from any other place. form, have agreed upon the follow- Art. III. The same reciprocal ing Articles:

equality of treatment shall take Art

. I. There shall be recipro- effect in regard to all that concal liberty of commerce between cerns exportation and transit, withall the dominions of the two high out distinction as to origin or decontracting parties; and the sub- stination; and also in regard to jects of each of them shall, through- bounties, facilities and drawbacks, out the whole extent of the terri- which are or may hereafter be tories of the other, enjoy the same granted by the legislation of the rights, privileges, liberties, favours, two countries. immunities, and exemptions, in Art. IV. Her Majesty the matters of commerce, which are Queen of the United Kingdom of or may be enjoyed by native sub- Great Britain and Ireland engages jects.

that the commerce of Sardinian Art. II. All merchandise and subjects in the dominions of Her articles of commerce, the produce Britannic Majesty shall not suffer or manufacture either of the King any interruption, nor be in any dom of Sardinia or of any other manner affected by any monopoly, country, which

are or may be contract or exclusive privilege of legally importable into the ports sale or purchase, so that Sardinian of the United Kingdom of Great subjects shall have full and entire Britain and Ireland, its colonies liberty to sell and buy wherever and possessions, in British vessels, they may think fit, and in any may likewise be imported into those manner which may be deemed ports in Sardinian vessels, without convenient by the seller or buyer, being liable to any other or higher and without being subject to any duties, of whatever denomination, prejudice in consequence of any than if such merchandise or pro- such monopoly, contract or excluductions were imported in British sive privilege of sale or purchase : vessels; and reciprocally, all mer- and His Majesty the King of Sarchandise and articles of commerce, dinia engages that a like freedom the produce or manufacture either from restraint in regard to sale of the United Kingdom of Great and purchase shall be enjoyed by Britain and Ireland, its colonies British subjects in the Sardinian dominions; the existing Crown that in this respect also the remonopolies of tobacco, salt, gun- spective vessels shall be treated powder, ball and shot, and playing on the footing of perfect reciprocards, being excepted.

city. Art. V. No duties of tonnage, Art. VIII. The vessels of each harbour, lighthouse, pilotage, qua- of the two countries shall be at rantine or other similar or corre- liberty either to discharge the sponding duties, of whatever nature whole of their cargo at one of the or under whatever denomination, ports of the dominions of the other levied in the name or for the profit contracting party, or to discharge of the Government, public func- part of their cargo at one port, and tionaries, communes, corporations then to proceed with the remainder or establishments of whatever kind, to other ports of the said dominions, shall be imposed in the ports of according as the captain, proprieeither country upon the vessels tor, or other person duly authorized of the other country, from what to act in the port as agent for the ever port or place arriving, which vessel and cargo, shall consider shall not be equally imposed in advisable. the like cases on national vessels ; Art. IX. It is expressly underand in neither country shall any stood that the preceding Articles duty, charge, restriction or pro- do not apply to the coasting trade, hibition be imposed upon, nor which each contracting party reany drawback, bounty or allow- serves to itself, and shall regulate ance be withheld from, any goods according to its own laws. imported into or exported from Art. X. If any vessel of war such country in vessels of the or merchant vessel of either of the other, which shall not be equally two countries should be wrecked imposed upon or withheld from upon the coasts of the other, such such goods, when so imported or vessel, or any parts thereof, and exported in national vessels. all furniture and appurtenances

Art. VI. All vessels which ac- belonging thereunto, as well as cording to the laws of Great Britain all goods and merchandise which are to be deemed British vessels, shall be saved therefrom, or the and all vessels which according to proceeds thereof, if sold, shall be the laws of the Kingdom of Sardi. faithfully restored to the proprienia are to be deemed Sardinian tors or to their agents, on being vessels, shall, for the purposes of claimed by them. In case there this Treaty, be deemed British should be no such proprietors or vessels and Sardinian vessels re- agents upon the spot, the said spectively.

articles and goods, or the proceeds Art. VII. In all that regards thereof, as well as all the papers the stationing, the loading and found on board of any such vessel, unloading of vessels in the ports, shall be delivered to the British basins, docks, roadsteads, harbours or Sardinian Consul in whose disor rivers of the two countries, no trict the wreck shall have taken privilege shall be granted to place; and such Consul, proprienational vessels, which shall not tors or agents, shall not be called be equally granted to vessels of upon to pay any charge but the the other country; the intention expenses incurred in the preserof the contracting parties being vation of the property, and the rate of salvage which would be or authorized to act for the Goequally payable in the like case of vernment of the most favoured a wreck of a national vessel. The nation. goods and merchandise saved from Before any consul can act as the wreck shall not be subject to the such, he must, however, in the established duties, unless cleared usual form be approved and adfor consumption.

mitted by the Government of the Art. XI. In all that relates to country to which he is sent; and duties of customs and of naviga- each of the two high contracting tion, the two high contracting parties shall have the right to parties engage that any privilege, except from the residence of confavour or immunity which either suls, any particular places which of them may grant to any other either of them may judge proper power, shall be also and at the to be excepted. same time extended to their re- Art. XIII. The subjects of each spective subjects, gratuitously, if of the high contracting parties the concession in favour of that may freely dispose by will, donaother State shall have been gra- tion or otherwise, of all the protuitous, or on giving a compensa- perty which they may legally tion as nearly as possible of equal acquire and possess in the terrivalue and effect, to be adjusted by tories of the other; and their mutual agreement, if the conces. lawful representatives, although sion shall have been conditional. subjects of the other contracting

It is, however, expressly agreed, party, may succeed to such prothat the reductions in the duties perty either by will or ab intestato, of customs which have been con- and may, in due course of law, ceded by Sardinia to Belgium by take possession of the same, either the Treaty concluded with that in person, or by persons acting on power at Turin on the 24th of their behalf; and they may dispose January, 1851, and which are of the same at their pleasure, payspecified in the Table annexed to ing only such imposts, taxes or the present Treaty, shall, from duties, as the inhabitants of the and after the 1st of June, 1851, country in which such property is be extended to Great Britain, in situated, are liable to pay in simicompensation for the advantages lar cases. granted to Sardinia by the present In case of the absence of repreTreaty.

sentatives, the same rule shall be Art. XII. Each of the high observed as is prescribed in the contracting parties shall have the like case, with regard to the proright to name Consuls for the pro- perty of natives of the country, tection of trade, to reside within until the owner shall have made the dominions and territories of the necessary arrangements for the other party; and the consuls taking possession of the property. who may be so appointed shall If any dispute should arise beenjoy, within the territories of tween different claimants with each party, all the privileges, respect to the right which they exemptions, and immunities which may have to the property, such are or may be granted in those disputes shall be decided by the territories to agents of the same judges according to the laws of rank and character appointed by the country in which the property is situated, and without further shall be ratified, and the ratificaappeal than is provided for by tions shall be exchanged at London those laws.

as soon as may be within the space Art. XIV. The subjects of of two months from the date of its either of the two high contracting signature. parties residing in the dominions In witness whereof, the respecof the other shall have the same tive Plenipotentiaries have signed liberty as natives to manage their the same, and have affixed thereown affairs themselves, or to com- to the seals of their arms. mit them to the management of Done at London, the twentyany other persons, as brokers, seventh day of February, in the factors, agents or interpreters; year of our Lord one thousand they shall not be restrained in eight hundred and fifty-one. their choice, and shall not be (L.S.) PALMERSTON. obliged to pay any salary or remu- (L.S.) HENRY LABOUCHERE. neration to any person whom they (L.S.) V. E. D'Azeglio. shall not choose to employ in those capacities: buyers and sellers being

Declaration made on the Exat perfect liberty to bargain to change of the Ratifications of the gether, and to fix the price of any

preceding Treuty. goods or merchandise imported or Declaration. In proceeding to destined for exportation ; on condi- the exchange of the ratifications tion of observing the regulations of the Treaty of Commerce and and the customs' laws of the Navigation between Her Majesty country.

the Queen of the United Kingdom Art. XV. The stipulations of of Great Britain and Ireland, and the present Treaty shall be sub- His Majesty the King of Sardinia, stituted for the stipulations of the which was signed at London on Treaty between the two high con- the 27th of February, 1851, the tracting parties signed at Turin undersigned Plenipotentiaries of on the 10th of September, 1841, Her Britannic Majesty and of His as well as of the Convention ad- Majesty the King of Sardinia, have ditional to that Treaty, which was received the commands of their signed at London on the 23rd of respective Sovereigns to declare January, 1851.

as follows: The present Treaty shall be in The Ionian Islands being under force for twelve years from the the protection of Her Britannic date of the exchange of the ratifi- Majesty, the subjects and vessels cations thereof; and further, until of those islands shall enjoy, in the the end of twelve months after dominions of His Majesty the King either of the two contracting par- of Sardinia, all the advantages ties shall have given notice to the which by the above-mentioned other of its intention to terminate Treaty are granted to the subjects the same; each of the contracting and vessels of Great Britain, as parties reserving to itself the right soon as the Government of the of giving such notice to the other Ionian Islands shall have agreed at the end of the said term of to grant to the subjects and vessels twelve years, or at any subsequent of His Sardinian Majesty the same time.

advantages which are granted in Art. XVI. The present Treaty those islands to the subjects and vessels of Her Britannic Majesty ; The ratifications of the Treaty it being understood, that in order of the 27th of February, 1851, to prevent abuses, every Ionian are exchanged subject to the vessel claiming the benefits of that above Declaration. Treaty shall be furnished with a Done at London, the eighth day patent signed by the Lord High of April, 1851. Commissioner, or by his represen.



CONCORDAT between the QUEEN of SPAIN and the COURT

of ROME.

[In the discussions on the Ecclesiastical Titles Bill reference was frequently made to this Concordat; and therefore it has been thought desirable to give here those Articles of the Treaty which contain the general principles on which it was based.]



His Holiness the Supreme Pontiff and Apostolical Nuncio in the Pius IX., desiring fervently to pro- Kingdom of Spain, with the favide for the good of religion and culty of Legate à latere ; and Her the utility of the Spanish Church, Catholic Majesty, his Excellency with that pastoral solicitude which Señor Don Manual Bertran de he evinces towards all faithful Ca- Lis, Knight Grand Cross of the tholics, and with especial benevo- Royal and distinguished Spanish lence to the illustrious and devout Order of Charles III., of that of Spanish nation ; and Her Catholic St. Maurice and St. Lazarus of Majesty Isabella II., with that piety Sardinia, and of that of Francis I. and sincere adhesion to the Aposto- of Naples, Deputy to the Cortes, lical See which she has inherited and her Minister of State ; from her ancestors, have deter- Who, after delivering mutually mined to conclude a solemn Con- their respective credentials, and cordat, in which all ecclesiastical the authenticity of them having affairs will be arranged on a stable been recognised, have come to the and canonical footing.

following agreement: For this object His Holiness the Art. I. The Roman Catholic Supreme Pontiff has thought fit to Apostolical Religion, which, to the name as his Plenipotentiary, his exclusion of every other form of Excellency Don Juan Brunelli, worship, continues to be the sole Archbishop of Thessalonica, Do- religion of the Spanish nation, will mestic Prelate of His Holiness, for ever be maintained in the doAssistant to the Pontifical Throne, minions of Her Catholic Majesty,

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