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Front January ith to December 29tA, 1951.

•»• It M frequently difficult to make an abstract of the lengthy descriptions by the patentee! of their inventions, sufficiently short for the purpose of this list, and yet sufficiently accurate to indicate exactly the nature of the invention. It at hoped, however, that -ufticieni is given to afford to an inquirer the means of making more accurate researches in the official records.

Adams, fire-arms, Feb. 23

Adams, electricity. May 29

Adams, buildings and carriages, June 3

Adcock, chimney pots, ,J-c, Oct. 23

Adorno, maps and globes, Jan. 31

Albright, phosphorus, July 17

Alexander, preparing cheese, Dec. 8

Allan, paring, Jan. 11

Allen, buttons, Feb. 1

Alliott, dyeing and drying, Feb. 3

Amies, braid, Feb. 1

Andrews, steam engines, April 24

Anstey, consuming smoke, Jan. 11

Applegarth, printing machinery, Dec 24

Appold, regulating machinery, April 9

Archer, tobacco, Jan. II

Armand, distilling, Dec. 10

Ashworth, removing incrustation, May 29

Aston, buttons, ffc, July 3

Baildon, writing or printing, July 7

Bailey, preparing wool, Nov. 20

Bailey, looped fabrics. May 23

Bale, ornamenting buildings, fcc, July 17

Banister, metallic tubes, June 7

Barclay, refining and bleacliing. May 19

Barker, sharing dyewood, April 7

Barlow, propelling, Jan. 11

Barlow, railway chairs, Jan. 14

Barlow, rotary engines, July 3

Barlow, saws, July 31

Barlow, gas apparatus, April 15

Beadon, roofing, Feb. 18

Beattie, railways and locomotives, Oct 22

Bell, sutpkunc acid, Feb. 23

Bernard, leather, Nov. 13

Bert hon, sounding instruments, frc, June 12

Bessemer, refining sugar, March 20

Bessemer, surfaces, Nov. 19

Beswick, bricks and tilts, Nov, 6

Betjcmann, bedsteads, April 15

Biddcll, moulding, Oct 29

Bielefield, papier mar hi, Feb. 29

Birkett soap, June 12

Bissell, carnages, Aug. 5

Blair, beds and couches. Sept 11

Blundell, sweeping roads, Aug. 14

Boggett, heat and light, Oct 22

Booth, generating heat, March 10

Booth, boas, tippets, ,,c, March 31

Borden, vegetable substances. Sept 11

BoutBeld, manure. Dec. 19

Bower, grasses, March 24

WraAshsm, fastenings, Jan. 31

Bramwell, steam-engine voltes, Nov. 20

Brniil, dyeing, June 24

hriaod, fresh water. Ft b. 11

Briggs, oil lamps, Oct 9

Brooman, presses. Sept 25

Brooman, electro-chemical action, Dec 8

Brooman, fibrous materials, Oct 10

Brooman, rope and cordage, April 2

Brooman, *cmrs, March 1J

Brooman, sounding instruments. Dec. 19

Brooman, sugar, Dec 8

Brown, agricultural implements. Sept iS

Brown, wafers, Jan. 7

Brown, boats, rafts, ftc, Feb. 10

Brown, helres. May 6

Hrunet coverings, March 10

Brunier, obtaining power, March 31

Buchhols, printing, Jan. 16

Buchholi, motive power, Feb. 17

Buon, kamptulscon, Aug. 7

Bunnett, public carriages, Jan. 23

Burch, pruiriaa fabrics, Dec. 19

Burgess, cutting tumiiis, Jan. 21

Burrtall, bricks. Dec. I

Bycroli, warmth and dryness, Jan. 18

Calvert iron and coke, Oct 30

Calvert, printing, June 12

Carpenter, propeOet; May 13

Chaluren. srrartM cotton, Nov. 22

Chance, glass, July 2H

Chatterton, telegraphic wires. June 12

Cheetham, »«/»« or rarradV March 24

Clayton, tubes, tiles, hy.. Dec 19

Clift, soda, potash, Jan. 21

Cogan, application of alms*, Jan. 16

Colt,firearms, Nov. 22
Cook, metallic tubes, Jan. 3
Cooke, carbonate of soda, May 8
Corry, weaving, Jan. 2
Coutant, hardening iron, April 15
Cowper, preparing cotton, July 8
Cowper, locomotives, July 81
Cowper, separating coal, Dec. 8
Cowper, soda-water, Jan. 16
Cowper, electro-metallurgy, Feb. 17
Cowper, coverings, May 8
Crickmer, packing, July 3
Crook, hats and caps, Sept. 11
Crook, looms, June 17
Cross, textile fabrics, April 8
Crossley, carpets, Jan. 28
Curzon, carpets and rugs, Oct. 9
Cussons, woven fabrics, Oct. 2
Dalton, railways, April 26
Davies, wheel carriages, Jan. 31
Dawson, umbrellas, March 13
De Bergue, railways, Feb. 7
De Durin, measuring, May 10
Deeley, glass furnaces, Aug. 6
Deleraer, colouring matter, May 6
Dering, electric telegraphs, Dec 27
Derode, uniting metals, Aug. 14
De Sola, copper minerals, Dec. 22
Dickinson, textile fabrics, July 17
Dircks, gas burners, Feb. 23
Dismore, locks, Nov. 6
Dorey, clock dials, Nov. 4
Dover, treating sewage, Oct . 16
Doull, railways, Nov. 6
Drake, propellers, Sept. 4
Drummond, churns, July 29
Dumant, electric telegraphs, Feb. 7
Duncan, steam-engines, Sept. 4
Dundonald, sewers, July 22
Dunn, meters, March 24
Durand, telegraphs, June 17
D'Urcle, wheat, June 12
East, dressing leather, April 15
Easum, rose, July 3
Elliott, alkali, Jan. 21
Elliott, covered buttons, Dec. 19
Ellis, plates of iron, Feb. 27
Ellwood, hats, Nov. 27
Empson, buttons, May 27
Erard, pianofortes, Nov. 15
Ertnen, vara, June 17
Ewing, horticulture, Nov. 15
Exall, steam-engines, Dec. 1
Fairbaim and Co., mouldings, Feb. 10
Fevre, soda-water, See, Feb. 24
Field, candles and night lights, July 22
Firmin, oxalate of potash, June 24
Fletcher, motive power, June 21
Fontainemoreau, motive power, March 10
Fontainemoreau, mills, March 24
Fontainemoreau,Jul, May 3

Fontainemoreau, electric telegraph, May 8
Fontainemoreau, gas lighting, Aug. 28
Fontainemoreau, preserving, Sept. 4
Fontainemoreau, kneading, Dec. 8
Fraser, sugar, Dec. 27
Freareon, casting, Dec. 8
Framings, forge hammers, Oct . 16
Gage, tissue bandages, free., Jan. 31
Galloway, steam-engines, March 10
Galloway, steam-engines, March 10
Gardiner, pipes, shafts, Sec., Dec. 8
Garforth, locomotive engines, Sept. 25
Gedge, manures, Dec . 16
Geithner, castors and legs, Nov. 22
Gibson, pulverising lantl, Oct. 16
Giibee, fatty matters, Nov. 22
Glynn, paper, Aug. 14
Goode, swivels, April 29
Grayson, odometers, Dec . 1
Green, brass tubes, Sept 25
Greenough, motive power, May 3
Greenwood, combing wool, Nov. 3
Greg, weavers' healds, Aug. 7
Grindrod, rudders, Aug. 14
Grissell, coating metals, Jan. 11
Guillouet, indigo, March 10 . u.'

Guthrie, digging and tilling, March 24
Gwynne, exhausting fluids, March 31
Haddan, papier machi, April 26
Haimes, looped fabrics, May 10
Hall, starch and gums, Jan. 11
Hallen, gas burners, May 10
Hallewell, drying malt, Sept. 4
Hallum, preparing and spinning, Oct . 22
Hamer, looms, July 8
Hamer, weaving textile fabrics, Nov. 15
Hardy, scythes, April 15
Harrison, steam-engines, Dec . 8
Harrison, textile fabrics, May 27
Hart, bricks and tiles, March 17
Hawkins, brushes, March 24
Hawthorn, locomotive engines, Feb. 24
Hnzlchurst, iron, June 3
Helbronncr, instantaneous light, Dec 19
Hemsley, looped fabrics, May 15
Henderson, generating gas, Oct . 28
Hepburn, carriages, June 17
Herring, sugar and rum, March 24
Heywood, railway carriages, Feb. 11
Hick, steam generators, July 17
Hill, railway chairs, March 24
Hinks, metallic reels, June 14
Hinks, hats, caps, and bonnets, Feb. 24
Hirst, woollen cloth, Dec . 19
Hodge, glass, china, 'e.. Oct. 2
Hodges, surgical instruments, June 24
Holmes, stamping metals, June 24
Holt, textile fabrics, March 24
Hopkinson, pianofortes, June 8
Horn, cleansing carpets, March 10
Horton, gas holders, J


Howard, ploughs, July 8
How land, boilers, Dec. 19
Howland, bell telegraphs, Feb. 11
Huckvale, manget-wurtzel. April 2
Hyam, fastenings, April 26
Imray, bricks, Sept. 4
Jaquin, tacks and screws, June 3
Jeffree, combustion, Aug. 21
Johnson, annealing, Jan. 31
Johnson, weighing goods, Aug. 28
Jones, candlesticks, Dec. 28
Jordan, dressing slate, Aug. 28
Jowett, railway breaks, March 10
Jowett, hydraulic telegraphs, Sept. 4
Julian, madder, Sept. 4
Kaemmerer, sowing seed, Sept. 25
Keely, textile fabrics, April 17
Kemp, obtaining power, July 3
Kennedy, carding engines, June 10
Kenrick, wrought-iron tubes, Sept. 4
Kirkman, spinning and twisting, Feb. 28
Kosmann, fastenings, Nov. 4
Kossovitch, rotary engines, May 3
Kurd, sinking shafts, Jan. 30
Lackersteen, motive power, Oct. 9
Lackersteen, splitting wood, Dec. 19
Lake, propelling on canals, Dec. 8
Lamport, reefing sails, Dec. 19
Lancaster, firearms, Jan. 16
Lanoa, aerated liquors, Nov. 3
Lawes, generating steam, Jan. 4
Laycock, tanning, Dec. 1
Leach, carding and spinning, Feb. 28
Leake, soft, Sept. 18
Ledru, heating, March 24
Lemoign, rotary engines, July 31
Lienau, purifying oils, Jan. 18
Lightfoot, colouring matters, June 12
Lightfoot, paper, Oct. 16
Lillie.ybrmtnji roads, Oct. 9
Lister, combing wool, Feb. 24
Little, electric telegraphs, March 14
Livesey, textile fabrics, Sept. 18
Livingstone, fuel, Jan. 11
Lloyd, steam-engines, July 28
Lloyd, steam-engines, Feb. 24
Longmaid, treating, frc.. May 10
Loradoux, raising water, Jan. 21
Lord, cleaning tow, Sec. , July 17
Lott, harness and fastenings, Nov. 15
Lund, propelling, April 30
Lyall, public carriages, April 26
McConnell, locomotives, Aug. 28
M'Dowall, time keepers, April 10
Macintosh, propelling vessels, Dec. 4
McNab, drying fabrics, July 17
Main, steam-engines, Sept. 11
Mansell, ornamenting paper, July 31
Marsden, combing flax, Nov. 22
Marsden, boots and shoes, Jan. 31
Maryon, motive power, Oct. 10

Masirata, motive power, Feb. 18
Masters, aUrated liquids, Dec. 11
Mead, gas and water meters, Jan. 21
Mellish, decorating furniture. May 7
Melville, printing carpets, Jan. 11
Menotti, waterproofing, Dec. 27
Milligan, cloth fabrics, April 26
Milligan, steam boilers, Dec. 19
Mills, steam boilers, Nov. 22
Mill ward, electric apparatus, Feb. 28
Milner, boxes and safes, March 3
Milnes, spinning, Jan. 11
Minton, dials for clocks, March 17
Mirrlees, sugar, July 7
Monatis, hydraulic syphon, Feb 23
Morand, drying fabrics, Jan. 30
Morey, shaping stone. May 10
Mornay, crushing sugar canes, Aug. 5
Molte, portmanteaus, April 2
Moulton, i7H(r« percha, Aug. 14
Mowbray, weaving, March 24
Muntz, furnaces, Jan. 18
Murdoch, preserving substances, Jan. 30
Murray, saddlery and harness, March 10
Nasmyth, tiles, bricks, Src., April 26
Newell, locks, April 15
Newton, metal shutters, Dec. 27
Newton, woven fabrics, Jan. 30
Newton, electric telegraphs, Feb. 3
Newton, milking animals, Feb. 10
Newton, bedsteads, Feb. 28
Newton, knife handles, $c., March 4
Newton, woven fabrics, May 3
Newton, generating steam. May 8
Newton, carbonizing coal. May 27
Newton, dyeing fabrics, Dec. 10
Newton, separating substances, Dec. 24
Nicholla, motion to machinery, April 4
Nickels, knitted elastic fabrics, Dec. 24
Norman, cooking apparatus, Jan. 8
Normandy, concentrating acids, Aug. 7
Norris, bridges and locks, Feb. 10
Norton, figuredfabrics, Dec. 16
Oates, bricks, tiles, $c., Oct. 9
Onions, nuts, bolts, Jjrc., Oct. 16
Onions, spinning machinery, Feb. 7
Onions, steel, Feb. 7
Oxland, sugar. May 15
Pace, bedsteads, fre,, Jan. 21
Palmer, delineating objects, Aug. 23
Pape, ploughs, Oct . 23
Parker, fibrous substances, June 3
Parkes, copper and alloys, Sept. 18
Parkes, separating silver, June 24
Parnell, locks, Nov. 6
Parsons, cranes, May 19
Pattinson, oxichloride of lead, Feb. 18
Payne, heating and cooling, July 8
Pege, corrugated surfaces, May 29
Percy, metallic alloys, Jan. 13
Perkins, railway axles, Feb. 5

Perkins, heating ovens, Feb. 11
Perley, capstans, July 31
Perry, looped fabrics, Oct. 16
Phillips, smoking, Sept. 18
Pidding, building materials, Dec. 8
Pitcher, regulating engines, Oct 2
Plant, textile fabrics, Aug. 14
Piatt, looms, July 3
Platl.yi&roiM materials, Oct. 22
Pons, roads, ways, tfc, Feb. 17
Poole, railway-axle boxes, Oct. 23
Poole, ventilating, Dec. 19
Potter, spinning machinery, Dec. 21
Prideaux, steam generators, Dec. 28
Puckridge, ornamenting furniture, Apr. 17
Pyke, leather and boots. May 3
Ramsbottom, measuring fluids. Oct. 22
Hand, grinding wheat, Dec 19
Reed, saddlery and harness, Feb. 10
Rees, fuel, Jan. 18
Remond, metallic tubes, Feb. 26
ResteU, fastenings, Dec. 8
Reynolds, playinq cards. May 29
Richardson, life-boats, Feb. 22
Richardson, dyeing goods, March 31
Ridley, burglar detector, March 24
Ritchie, ornamenting glass, Oct. 2
Hoberton, printing dyes, Aug. 21
Roberta, quarrying, Sept. 25
Roberta, measuring fluids, Oct. 17
Roberts, yarns, March 10
Robertson, musical instruments, April 24
Robertson, rolling metals, March 20
Robinson, separating corn, Jan. 11
Robinson, sewing machine, Feb. 7
Robinson, railways. Not. 6
Rose, steam generators, May 3
Ross, combiny wool, March 13
Rosenborg, casks and barrels, July 5
Rotch, centrifugal apparatus, Feb. 18
Samuclson, cutting turnips, Jan. 23
St. John, velocimeters, Dec. 27
St. John, soap, Jan. 21
Schroder, sugar, April 15
Scott, shearing mttals, Oct. 30
Scott, omnibuses and carriage*, Nov. 15
Soar ell, sawing machinery, Oct. 23
Shaw, cleaning wool, Feb. 5
Shepard, motive power, Aug. 28
Sheppard, grinding apparatus. Not. 13
Sievier, weaving and printing, Jan. 21
Sievier, weaving and printing, May 29
Sinclair, locks, Nov. 13
Sisco, combining metals, Nov. 15
Six, bleaching flax, fcc, March 24
Skinner, ornamental surfaces, Aug. 14
Slate, steam-engines. May 27
Slater, textile fabrics, Dec. 2S
Smith, steam boilers, Dec 22
Smith, piled fabrics, Nov. 13
Smith, locomotives. May 3

Smith, cooking by gas, April 24
Smith, weaving and printing. May 14
Sommelet, scissors, Oct, 10
Souter, papier mache, Dec 17
Sparks, laced stockings, Oct. 23
Statham, pianofortes, Nov. 20
Statham, lace fabrics, Nov. 22
Stenson, jfram apparatus, Dec. 27
Stephens, threshing machine, Feb. 10
Stevens, propellers, Nov. 27
Stirling, coating metals, fcc, Jan. 31
Stirling, alloys, Dec 22
Slockcr, stoppering bottles, Nov. 25
Stones, safety paper, Feb. 24
Stones, chemical apparatus, April 15
Tachet, preparing wood, Nov. 15
Talbot, photography, June 12
Tate, dwelling-houses. May 22
Tatham, steam engines, Jan. 2
Taurines, measuring, Jan. 16
Taylor, measuring water, Oct. 9
Taylor, sulphuric acid, March 15
Thomai, calculating machine, Feb. 10
Tupper. galvanized iron, Feb. 12
Thomas, economizing fuel, Nov. 6
Thomson, annealing glass, Sept. 25
Thompson & Altree, heating ovens, Dec. 5
Thornton, loojxil fabrics, Dec. 19
Twells, looped fabrics, Dec. 15
Varillat, colouring matters, Sept. II
Ullmer, printing presses, Feb. 12
Varley, railway carriages, July 22
Vigurs, buffers, fre., Nov. 4
Vivian, nickel and cobalt, Nov. 4
Walker, metallic tubes, March 24
Walters, knives and forks, Aug. 21
Warren, carriages, Oct 2
Watson, ships fittings, Jan. 16
Watt, decomposing substances. Sept 25
Weblev, ftoof* and shoes, April 30
Webster, carriage springs, Feb. 11
Webster, dyeing gloves, Dec 10
Weild, burnishing, Feb. 11
Weiss, suruical instruments, Nov. 22
Wetterstedt, preserving substances, Sept. 4
Whitelaw, steam-engines, July 31
Wh\lock, printing and weaving, Nov. 27
Wickstced, manure, Feb. 24
Wilkes, kettles and saucepans, Dec 19
Wilkins, labeli or tickets. May 13
Wilkins, railway buffers. May 29
Willis, organs, Feb. 28
Willsou, rails for railways, Nov. 13
Wilson, candles, £c., Nov. 3
Wood, carjtets, rugs, frc., Dec. 4
Wood, ornamenting fabrics, Feb. 24
Woods, bedsteads and couches, March 24
Workman, bricks and tiles, July 31
Wormald, spinning. Sept 18
Wragg, railway carriages, April 26



(From Hartley Coleridge's Posthumous Poems.)

Let me not deem that I was made in vain,
Or that my Being was an accident,
Which Fate, in working its sublime intent,
Not wish'd to be, to hinder would not deign.
Each drop uncounted in a storm of rain
Hath its own mission, and is duly sent
To its own leaf or blade, not idly spent
'Mid myriad dimples on the shipless main.
The very shadow of an insect's wing,
For which the violet cared not while it stay'd,
Yet felt the lighter for its vanishing,
Proved that the sun was shining by its shade:
Then can a drop of the eternal spring,
Shadow of living lights, in vain be made?

When I review the course that I have run.

And count the loss of all my wasted days,

I find no argument for joy or praise

In whatsoe'er my soul hath thought or done.

I am a desert, and the kindly sun

On me hath vainly spent his fertile rays.

Then wherefore do I tune my idle lays,

Or deem that haply I may be the one

Of the vain thousands, that shall win a place

Among the Poets,—that a single rhyme

Of my poor wit's devising may find grace

To breed high memories in the womb of time?

But to confound the time the Muse I woo;

Then 't is but just that time confound me too.

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