Sivut kuvina

llaneous Manufactures from Animal and Vegetables

the. Gutta percha. U.K. Esdailes and Margrate Cake


Specimens of marked and put marble


ermani. Various articles in Skinner and Whalley. Seals

U. K. intention of marble pasta
Tiles and other objects in Stevens and Son. Nato' ement !

V. K. Stirling, T., jan. A colectia de
Cornish granite and serpen-

tures in slate.

U. K. Testa, F. Carred staze
serial Polishing Manufactory Theret

, J. Inlaid and other med
casket, with basso-rilievo marble and pietrada

Rus. Tuscany, Royal Tahralgial lato
Cenotaph of greenstone

'erra cotta.

U. K. Vallance, J. Inaid sxdk ble
Parsons. Artificial silica Virebent Bros. Manchacerat

U. K. stone.
nlaid marble table. U. K. White, J. B, and Sona Lestari
and Co. Illustrations of

Portland and otber cemas

U. K. Willock, B. P, and Ca. La pobre
Crucibles. U. K. cotta
rtland cement.
arble mantelpiece.

te Comp. Pavement at the Woodruff

, T. Inlaid merletis !!

U. K. Woodley, J. Irlaid marile bili

other articles in marble and


U. K. Workman, J. Waterpret karis Mosaic pavement. U.K.



ufactures from Caoutchouc. ufactures from Gutta Percha. ufactures from Ivory, Tortoiseshell

, Shells

. Bu, Bt istles, and Vegetable Ivory. eral Manufactures from Food (not being Furniture ufactures from Straw, Grass, and other similar Kary


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Duprat and Co Cork in shapes Engeler, F. N., and Saz Passplint

CIL MEDAL dia rubber.


to. India rubber. U. K.

21 Faessler, J. A. Milk talk Faurelle Delebare- Partialle

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ZE MEDAL Feather baskets.

Rus. Forster, Waterprad dlaks II Pearl work. U.K. Geismar, L, and Co Carey toiseshell combs. U.K. Gerona, Province of Cart i det

Prus. Greig, Nisses Carnayngdt,




Grey, the Countess. Basket and wreath of flowers.

Mauritius. Grossman and Wagner. Articles in India rubber.

Guinart, J. Corks and bungs.
Haas, F. P. Straw plaitings.

Habenicht, A. Ivory combs. Aus.
Hancock, C. Articles in gutta percha. U. K.
Hayward Rubber Co. Îndia-rubber shoes.

U.S. Höltring and Höffken. India-rubber braces.

Holtzapffel and Co. Turning in ivory.

U. K.
Horan, H. Prepared whalebone. U. K.
Julin, N. Shell cameos.
Kehrli Bros. Articles carved in wood.

Lang, G., Heirs of. Toys carved in d.

Bav. Laurençot, E. Painting and other brushes.

Fr. Leunenschloss, M. India-rubber braid. Fr. Lonckke-Haeze, C. L. Brushes. Belg. Loring, G. Water pails.

U.S. MacGregor, J. W. Casks.

U. K. Manilla, Economical Soc. Cigar cases. Sp. Marin, J. E. Spa-wood boxes.

Belg. Marshall, R. Dinner mats.

Canada Massue, L. J. Ivory combs.

Fr Maunder, J. Turning in ivory.

U. K Moulton, S. C. India-rubber goods. U.S. Nickels, C., and Co. Articles in India rubber.

U. K Nicolls, Miss. Shell work. Bahamas Nöel, —, sen. Ivory combs.

Fr Pattak, G. Brushes.

Aus Philip, Tortoiseshell combs. Fr


A. Perfumery and Soap.
B. Articles for Personal l

Work-boxes, when note

Metals (XXIII.), and T
C. Artificial Flowers.
D. Candles, and other means
E. Confectionary of all kind
F. Beads and Toys, when ne
G. Umbrellas, Parasols, Wa
H. Fishing Tackle of all kin
I. Games of all kinds.
J. Taxidermy.
K. Other Miscellaneous Mar

Canada. Penn, I. Comb
Straw and shell work, Pino, J. Brushes

Mauritius. Roese, G. Brushes

'elt jugs.

U. K. Prinnebr, F. R. Brusher


ih ivory;

and bone.

Constantin, J. Marques. Flowers, in caz


Straw work. Switz.

traw work. orcupine quill). Canada

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U.S. Harand, B. Flowen in walk !

U. K. Holland, H. Hollor Detalle laus ir



Duke and Sen. Articla udiden of cricket

11 .G. Feather flowers. Braz. Dumortier and Co. Sizris mois ! Snuff-boxes in papier maché. Durelleroy, P. Fars


Bav. East India Co, the Home Clay ipas 1/dred. Fishing tackle, and

presenting the variats Esikatse apons and accoutrements.

professions, Danzáctand i Ester

U. K. aye. Fancy soaps. Fr. Edwards, T. J. Dressoras War figures for hair-dressers

. Bichner, J. L Mecanialtma B. Preserved fruits. Sp

. Cologne. Eat de Calpe

Pr. Farina, J. L (opposite the filters e Candle Company. Stearic Felix, X. Fans.

Aus. Pield, J. C. and J. Stearic ac!!! Collecting and arranging the Flöge, G. Amber for pipa, el pas verpool imports.

U. K.

and bowl. immon and Marseilles soap. Poster

, Son

, and Donna Farsia

Pr. bric eerschaum cigar tubes and Freeman

, E. Spermaceti ales !! pieces.

Aus. Friedrich, J. Neerschaa piekriša edoux. Confectionary. Fr. ressing-case. - Wax, stearic, and other

Gibbs, D. and T. Canu niti

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cigar tubes Fr. Fürstenhoff

, B. Artificial de a


U. K. Gaudet du Fresne. Artibalbirala
Taxidermy. U.K.
ctionary ornaments of gum Gellé and Ca Teile saa sale by

Wurt. cold process.
[echanical singing bird.


soaps. Fat acids recovered from Grossmith

, J. Artificial estate ar woollen, silk, and cotton fumery.

U. K. Gutierrez de Leon. The

U.S. figures.
1. Stearic candles, by the Hadji Miram. Amber sekiler
ponification and distilla-

. Haller's

, J. (Widow), and Accato
chanical birds. Fr.
tearic candles. Neth. Hancock, d. Taxidere.
nd Co. Soap.
rved fruits.
'las and parasols

. Fr.
owers in cambric. Fr. Hauel, I. Toilet soaps.
ellas and parasols

. Fr. Hedinger, — Walking canes,
reserved fruits.
Son. Fancy soaps and


Port . Hartmann, L. Weenschans peine din


, and umbrella bandet

Fr. Hendrie, R. Toilet scape and partizan Aus. Hoffmann, C. W. Manufactaruit ankel Sard. Hofrichter

, C. Cheap sof bers


Port. Hull Local Comm. Hull imut 1

Fr. Jaillon, Moiner, and Ca Seart and's

Tusc. Johansson, J. Stearic andles Snde! or the use of schools. Kendall and Ca Toilet sur II

U. K. Lefort, -, sen. Materal for free
Hamb. Little, G., and Co. Fishing table 1

2 Articles used in Laurent, F. Dressing and amusan


Louderback, M.J. Preserved peaches.
Lumsden, Miss J. Flowers in wax. U
Martin, M. C. Eau de Cologne and

lissa water.
Masse, Tribouillet, and Co. Stearic

dles, by the process of distillation,

fat acids recovered from waste lyes. Matisen, A., and Co. Stearic candles. Mercier, C. V. Tortoiseshell and horn s

Meyer, H. C., jun. Walking canes. H=
Meyers, B. Collection of sticks. U
Miller, T. J. Large block of refined

maceti, and specimens to illustrate process of spermaceti refining. U Milliau, jun. Marseilles soap. Milly Stearine Candle Co. Stearic can

by the processes of saponification

distillation. Mintorn, J., H. H., E., and R. Fla

in wax. Montanari, A. Dolls. Montanari, N. Figures illustrative of ican life.

U Morland, J., and Son. Umbrellas an

rasols. Motard, A., and Co. Stearic candles

the processes of saponification and

lation. Muir, P. Archery weapons, &c. Naim Effendi. Amber mouth-piece

Oger, J. L. M. Fancy and commons
Ogleby, C., and Co. Stearic, sperm,

composition candles.
Qudard and Boucherot. Preserved fruit
Palis, A. Tallow, oil, and palm soap-
Paris Chocolate Co. Chocolate and se


Perrot, Petit, and Co. Flowers in can

Philippe and Canaud. Preserved fruits

Stearic candles.
Piver, L. T. Toilet soaps and perfuc

Ploucquet, H. Taxidermy.
Price's Patent Candle Co. Inventi

improved methods of distilling fats
dies, and for candles made of die

3 sticks.

et soaps.
y of. Preserved fruits.



nuff-boxes. ny. 18. aps.

U. K. Jumeau, P. Dolls' dreses

FI (So far as they come wit Class XXX.—SCULPT A. Sculpture as a Fine A B. Works in Die-sinking

U. K. Kietaibl, F. Automaton ters a-cotta figures. $p. Knight, J. Saaps,

U. K.

I wax.

Toilet soaps.

Leistner, G. I. Perfumery

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ce II., also of Head of Hardman, J., and Ca Pacand po

igns for cotton print and Hogan, J. Drunken Faar, on nece il

tion by machinery of Jacobber, - Paintings of the

signs and works in or. Jacotot, Madame. Head of Roshe

Fr. Jerichau, J. A. Group, in plaats

U. K. Kellner, S. Glass painting drawis

the Stag, in bronze. Fr. Laroche, E. Designs for ankla

U.K. Laurent, Madame P. The end og on cbina, in the Lawlor, J. Marble statne da faster II

Fr. Lechesne, A. Two cats in pot,



rchitectural Decorations. Cosaics and Inlaid Works. "namels. aterials and Processes applicable to the Fire dirts penis including Fine Art Printing, Printing in Calour

, dr

. de 'odels.

of pedestal to moment de les

William III., of Presti Ducluzean, 4., Madane

. Pastage the Family, and of Her Hopest

, as

'OUNCIL MEDAL. e Amazon, cast in zinc and

Prus. cron. Richard Cæur de Lion,

U. K. hryne, in marble. Fr. e Richard J. Glycera, in

U. K.

Lemercier, R. J. Lithography and chromolithography,

Fr. Lequesne, E. L. Dancing Faun, in bronze.

Fr. Limner, L. Variety of designs. U. K. Macdonald, L. Ionic statue, in marble.

Rome. Macdowell, P. Cupid, in marble, and Eve, in plaster ; Girl at Prayer, in marble.

U. K. Marechal and Guynon. Painting on glass.

Fr. Marshall, W. C. Sabrina, in marble. U.K. Monti, R. Marble statue of Eve. Aus. Perez and Co. Inlaid wood table. Spain. Powers, H. Statue of the Greek Slave, in marble.

U.S. Ramus, J. M. Group in marble, Cephalus and Procris.

Fr. Rietschel, E. Plaster group, "La Pieta ; bas-reliefs in marble.

Sax. Rogers, W. G. Cradle, carved in Turkey boxwood.

U. K Roucou, J. Inlaid work.

Fr Salter, S. Model of St. Nicholas Church Hamburg

U. K Schilt, Painting on a vase. Fr Sharp, T. Statue, in marble, of Boy and Lizard.

U. K

Esses, W. Collection of ene par

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Btex, A. Farious redke of Kapur

plaster and marble RIZE MEDAL

Fischer, K. Medals

Foley, J. H. Youth at a Sant'

and Bacchus, in plata
A Youth resting after the Fraccaroli

, I. Statues

, ia marile de - Nymph preparing for the


, and Darid oligar

U. K.
of Lord Falkland ; Bagle Fraikin, C. A. Posche atyre disa

U. K.
1. Statue, in marble, of Fratin

, -- Group of Bogle

, is brez
Rome. Fuchs, J. N. Fon Fresco, ebides
ead, on porcelain; and Por Muhr.
· Albert
, in china.

Fr. Galli
, A. Statue in marble

, Brends
'esigns for shawls.

Pr. Geefs
, G. A Lion in Lare

, in parte:
nted window representing Geerts

, C. Carving in cal
le of his ideas. Aus. Gérente, A. Stained glass
Fountains ; model of Mag. Grantham, J., Sec. Liverpul Lesbian

Prus. Model of Liverpool
John, in enamel.
nting on porcelain. Sar. Hanhart, M. and X. Carmine
py, in mosaic, of medal

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Pr. Hulimandel and Walter for

he Theseus, as exempli graphy.


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Pr. Jennings
, B. Statue of Cope

, inamin

exemplifying reduction


and Pantber.

I designs.

"hromolithography and Jones

, o. Chromolitbgraphr.

d. Premier Bercean," in

Lorenz Church, Number Pr. Korniloft. N. Painting en pieredzes

[blocks in formation]


Imily, on lava.

protected from a Snake bra Ry

st, in plaster, of part

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