Commentaries on the Laws of England: Book the First

Independently Published, 10.12.2020 - 220 sivua
Commentaries on the Laws of England is a treatise on English law . Written by British jurisconsult William Blackstone.The treaty is the main doctrine for understanding the legal norms that make up English law. His analysis focuses on the judgments rendered by the courts of law in England and is the basis for the development of common law legal systems . Since the Middle Ages , it turns out to be the first treatise of its kind that was adapted to a non-specialist readership. Unlike Romano-Germanic law developed since Roman law , the law of England was based mainly on the application of judicial judgments pronounced independently by local authorities, rather than on the application of codes andlaws enacted by central organizations. By its decentralized nature, English law required a need for cohesion between the judicial authorities. Suddenly, the exposure of a systemic rationalism was the keystone in the development of an influence which operates today in all areas of common law .As a historical reference, the treaty is divided into four volumes dealing with the law of persons, the right of property, civil wrongs and criminal offenses.

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