Annual Report, Nide 48


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Sivu 252 - ... dollars, to be recovered in a civil action in the name of the state...
Sivu 308 - When a question is under debate no motion shall be received but to adjourn; to lay on the table...
Sivu 352 - Board being necessary to a choice. [March 15, 1877.] 2. The President, or, in his absence, the Vice-President, shall preside at the meetings of the Board ; call extra meetings when deemed necessary, or when requested, in writing, by three members. He shall appoint, immediately after the organization, the following committees, viz.: On Text-books, Course of Study, Libraries and Apparatus 5 members.
Sivu 280 - WARD. 1st Ward. 2d Ward. 3d Ward. 4th Ward. 5th Ward. 6th Ward. 7th Ward. 8th Ward. 9th Ward. > 10th Ward, llth Ward. 12th Ward. 13th Ward. 14th Ward. 15th Ward. 16th Ward. 17th Ward.
Sivu 353 - ... of its proceedings, preserve all reports made to it, keep a record of all examinations held under its direction, and perform such other duties as the board may from time to time prescribe.
Sivu 254 - All property, real or personal, vested in any board of education shall be exempt from tax and from sale on execution, or other writ or order in the nature of an execution.
Sivu 194 - On dirait que le ciel, qui se fond tout en eau. Veuille inonder ces lieux d'un déluge nouveau. Pour traverser la rue, au milieu de l'orage, Un ais sur deux pavés forme un étroit passage...
Sivu 246 - ... to be paid out of the county treasury, on the order of the county auditor.
Sivu 251 - ... for all the youth of school age in the district, or to provide for the continuance of any school in the district for at least six months in the year, or to...
Sivu 244 - ... the clerk of the board shall call, publicly, the roll of all the members composing the board, and enter on the record required to be kept the names of those voting "aye...

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