Bell's Edition: The Poets of Great Britain Complete from Chaucer to Churchill ...

J. Bell, 1787
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Sivu 45 - Here shift the scene, to represent How those I love, my death lament. Poor Pope will grieve a month; and Gay A week ; and Arbuthnot a day. St John himself will scarce forbear, To bite his pen, and drop a tear. The rest will give a shrug and cry I'm sorry; but we all must die.
Sivu 56 - He gave the little wealth he had To build a house for fools and mad : To show, by one satiric touch, No nation wanted it so much. That kingdom he hath left his debtor, I wish it soon may have a better : And since you dread no farther lashes, Methinki you may forgive his ashes.
Sivu 40 - In Pope I cannot read a line But with a sigh I wish it mine; When he can in one couplet fix More sense than I can do in six, It gives me such a jealous fit I cry, 'Pox take him and his wit!
Sivu 41 - Thus much may serve by way of proem ; Proceed we therefore to our poem. The time is not remote, when I Must by the course of nature die ? When, I foresee, my special friends Will try to find their private ends...
Sivu 158 - tis fair, yet seems to call a coach. The tuck'd-up sempstress walks with hasty strides, While streams run down her oil'd umbrella's sides. Here various kinds, by various fortunes led, Commence acquaintance underneath a shed. Triumphant Tories and desponding Whigs Forget their feuds, and join to save their wigs.
Sivu 39 - As Rochefoucault his maxims drew from nature, I believe them true: they argue no corrupted mind in him; the fault is in mankind. This maxim more than all the rest is thought too base for human breast: " In all distresses of our friends, we first consult our private ends; while nature, kindly bent to ease us, points out some circumstance to please us.
Sivu 49 - em; But this I know, all people bought 'em; As with a moral view design'd To cure the vices of mankind: His vein, ironically grave, Expos'd the fool, and lash'd the knave: To steal a hint was never known, But what he writ was all his own.
Sivu 107 - And here a simile comes pat in ; Though chickens take a month to fatten, The guests in less than half an hour Will more than half a score devour. So, after toiling twenty days To earn a stock of pence and praise, Thy labours, grown the...
Sivu 157 - Twas doubtful which was rain, and which was dust. Ah ! where must needy poet seek for aid, When dust and rain at once his coat invade...
Sivu 42 - His stomach, too, begins to fail : Last year we thought him strong and hale ; But now he's quite another thing : I wish he may hold out till spring...

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