The Devil's Dozen: 12 Notorious Serial Killers Caught by Cutting-Edge Forensics

Penguin, 7.4.2009 - 336 sivua
What led authorities to the murder castle of H. H. Holmes? What cast a cloud of suspicion over cannibal Albert Fish? What drove Russia’s Killer X to confess?
How many victims were actually buried on that Vancouver pig farm?
In The Devil’s Dozen, Katherine Ramsland explores the true stories of twelve of the most notorious serial killers of the last century and the cutting-edge forensics that delivered their downfalls. Through their compelling case histories, she traces the fascinating evolution of forensic investigation. What clues did these killers unwittingly leave behind? How were the unpredictable twists and turns of their criminal behavior thwarted by the weapons of science and logic?
From the developing stages of the nineteenth century’s earliest investigative tools and ingenious police procedures to the first DNA dragnet to the remarkable twentieth century CSI advances, The Devil’s Dozen provides a fascinating window into the world of those who kill—and those who dedicate their lives to bringing them to justice.

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Serial Murder
Missing Children
A Desperate Game
The Fruits of His Labor
The Mind of a Killer
The End of the Line
A Voice from Prison
Clandestine Investigation
The Fugitive Pleads His Case
Harming the Innocent
Early Warning
Failed Assault
The Sting

Bestial Degeneracy
The Psychology of Impulsivity
Blood Work
The Search
Grasping at Straws
Finally a Break
The Most Depraved Killer
No Sudden Moves
Red Ink
The Investigation
Anger Rendered in Art
The Spiders Web
The Case Breaks
The Village Murders
Second Victim
Science and Murder
Square One
First Hints
The Division of Especially Serious Crimes
Operation Lesopolosa
Killer X
The Psychiatrist and the Murderer
The Roots of Perversity
Alert Detective
What to Do with a Serial Killer
The Case
The Trial
Legal Issues
Two Down One to Go
Body Parts
More Body Parts
The Same Case but Different
Factor X
The Monster Acts Again
A Change in the Wind
Remember Me
Try Something New
Brain Science
My Brain Made Me Do It
Early Warning
Searching the Farm
Down to Business
The Victims
Stunning Testimony
The Defense

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Dr. Katherine Ramsland has master’s degrees in forensic psychology, clinical psychology, and criminal justice, and a Ph.D. in philosophy. She has published forty-six books, including SNAP: Seizing Your Aha! Moments, The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, The Mind of a Murderer, and The Forensic Science of C.S.I. With former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary, she coauthored The Unknown Darkness: Profiling the Predators Among Us; with Dr. Henry Lee, she coauthored The Real World of a Forensic Scientist; and with Professor James E. Starrs, A Voice for the Dead. She wrote biographies of Anne Rice and Dean Koontz, and her Crimescape e-book, Psychopath, was a #1 Wall Street Journal nonfiction bestseller. In addition, Ramsland has published more than a thousand articles on serial killers, criminology, and criminal investigation. She is a professor of forensic psychology at DeSales University in Pennsylvania, appears on numerous true crime documentaries, and writes a regular blog for Psychology Today.

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