The History of England from the Accession of James the Second, Nide 1

Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1877

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Sivu 471 - A few days later it was moved that all subjects of England had equal right to trade to the East Indies unless prohibited by Act of Parliament...
Sivu 57 - It was past seven o'clock. Dundee gave the word. The Highlanders dropped their plaids. The few who were so luxurious as to wear rude socks of untanned hide spurned them away. It was long remembered in Lochaber that Lochiel took off what probably was the only pair of shoes in his clan, and charged barefoot at the head of his men. The whole line advanced firing. The enemy returned the fire and did much execution. When only a small space was left between the armies, the Highlanders suddenly flung away...
Sivu 425 - Germains, a slight sketch indeed, but not unworthy of the artist to whom we owe the most highly finished and vividly coloured picture of the English Court in the days when the English Court was gayest. He complains that existence was one round of religious exercises; that, in order to live in peace, it was necessary to pass half the day in devotion or in the outward show of devotion ; that, if he tried to dissipate his melancholy by breathing the fresh air of that noble terrace which looks down on...
Sivu 61 - During the last three months of his life he had approved himself a great warrior and politician ; and his name is therefore mentioned with respect by that large class of persons who think that there is no excess of wickedness for which courage and ability do not atone.
Sivu 342 - Some of Glengarry's people have been harrying the country. We are getting ready to march against them. You are quite safe. Do you think that, if you were in any danger, I should not have given a hint to your brother Sandy and his wife?
Sivu 303 - Elizabeth under the name of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies.
Sivu 396 - It was much easier and much more lucrative to put forth a lying prospectus announcing a new stock, to persuade ignorant people that the dividends could not fall short of twenty per cent., and to part with five thousand pounds of this imaginary wealth for ten thousand solid guineas, than to load a ship with a well chosen cargo for Virginia or the Levant. Every day some new bubble was puffed into existence, rose buoyant, shone bright, burst, and was forgotten...
Sivu 439 - At Landen two poor sickly beings, who, in a rude state of society, would have been regarded as too puny to bear any part in combats, were the souls of two great armies. In some heathen countries they would have been exposed while infants. In Christendom they would, six hundred years earlier, have been sent to some quiet cloister. But N their lot had fallen on a time when men had discovered that the strength of the muscles is far inferior in value to the strength of the mind.
Sivu 488 - Russell sails to-morrow, with forty ships, the rest being not yet paid; but it is said that in ten days the rest of the fleet will follow; and, at the same time, the land forces. I have endeavoured to learn this some time ago from Admiral...
Sivu 440 - In one respect," said the Admiral Coligni, " I may claim superiority over Alexander, over Scipio, over Caesar. They won great battles, it is true. I have lost four great battles ; and yet I show to the enemy a more formidable front than ever.

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