Proceedings, Niteet 20–22


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Sivu 59 - From the evidence it would appear that the submergence took place at the end of the fourteenth or the beginning of the fifteenth century.
Sivu 19 - Keep not standing fixed and rooted, Briskly venture, briskly roam ; Head and hand, where'er thou foot it, And stout heart are still at home, In what land the sun does visit, Brisk are we, whate'er betide : To give space for wandering is it That the world was made so wide.
Sivu 92 - Richard by the grace of God king of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Count of Anjou, to all his men who are about to go to Jerusalem by sea, greeting.
Sivu 67 - ... dwelling side by side within the same enclosure, but separated again by enclosures of their own, Britons and Englishmen each forming a city within a city. To this state of things the Lord of all Britain, the conqueror of Scot and Northman, the lawgiver of England, deemed it time to put a stop, and to place the supremacy of the conquering nation in the chief city of the western peninsula beyond all doubt. Hitherto we may be sure that the English burghers had formed a ruling class, a civic patriciate....
Sivu 77 - Vicecomitibus, praepositis, ministris, et omnibus Ballivis et fidelibus suis, salutem. Sciatis nos concessisse et hac carta nostra confirmasse pro nobis et heredibus nostris...
Sivu 109 - Surrey, where the judge was keeping the general assizes for that county; and, to the unspeakable dishonour of the public justice of the kingdom, and the scandal of all ministers or lovers of justice, in that violent manner took the judge from the bench, and carried him prisoner to Westminster; from whence, by the two houses, he was committed to the tower of London ; where he remained for the space of above two years, without ever being charged with any particular crime, till he was redeemed by his...
Sivu 117 - ... votes of the members present, and in case of an equal division of votes the chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member of the committee.
Sivu 7 - ... immediately afterwards forced to the royal bed ; on which, St. Dunstan, offended that he should desire lustfully a person who had been even the semblance of a nun, exerted the pontifical power against him. But however these things may be, this is certain, that from the sixteenth year of his age...
Sivu 145 - Midford Sands "), which has been regarded by most authors as belonging to the Lias. From an investigation of the Cephalopoda-bed in quarries at Bradford Abbas in Dorsetshire, the author comes to the conclusion that it is quite distinct from the Cephalopoda-bed of Gloucestershire, and that it is the representative of the Rubbly Oolite at the top of Leckhampton Hill and Cold Comfort, and of the Gryphite and Trigonia-beds of the neighbourhood of Cheltenham.
Sivu 59 - Edsy the king's-reve, went against them with the forces which they were able to gather together ; and they there were put to flight, and there were many slain : and the Danish-men had possession of the place of carnage. And the morning after, they burned the village of Pen and at Clifton, and also many goodly towns which we are unable to name, and then went again east until tbej came to the Isle of Wight...

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