Hand-book of the Law of Torts, Nide 2

West Publishing Company, 1895 - 1307 sivua

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Sivu 1056 - And this is a politic establishment, contrived by the policy of the law for the safety of all persons the necessity of whose affairs oblige them to trust these sorts of persons, that they may be safe in their ways of dealing...
Sivu 930 - There must be reasonable evidence of negligence; but where the thing is shown to be under the management of the defendant or his servants, and the accident is such as in the ordinary course of things does not happen if those who have the management use proper care, it affords reasonable evidence, in the absence of explanation by the defendant, that the accident arose from want of care.
Sivu 950 - It is only where the facts are such that all reasonable men must draw the same conclusion from them, that the question of negligence is ever considered as one of law for the court.
Sivu 1025 - The principle is, that a servant, when he engages to serve a master, undertakes, as between himself and his master, to run all the ordinary risks of the service, and this includes the risk of negligence on the part of a fellow-servant, whenever he is acting in discharge of his duty as servant of him who is the common master of both.
Sivu 808 - Negligence is the omission to do something which a reasonable man, guided upon those considerations which ordinarily regulate the conduct of human affairs, would do, or doing something which a prudent and reasonable man would not do.
Sivu 830 - The defendants, treating them as the owners or occupiers of the close on which the reservoir was constructed, might lawfully have used that close for any purpose for which it might in the ordinary course of the enjoyment of land be used ; and if, in what I may term the natural user of that land, there had been any accumulation of water either on the surface or underground, and if by the operation of the laws of nature that accumulation of water had passed off into the close occupied by the plaintiff,...
Sivu 1031 - But when one person lends his servant to another for a particular employment, the servant for anything done in that particular employment must be dealt with as the servant of the man to whom he is lent, although he remains the general servant of the person who lent him.
Sivu 911 - The cases, however, which have been cited and commented on at the bar, appear to establish, in general, that he is liable for the consequences of ignorance or non-observance of the rules of practice of his court; for the want of care in the preparation of the cause for trial, or of attendance thereon with his witnesses ; and for the mis-management of so much of the conduct of a cause as is usually and ordinarily allotted to his department of the profession...
Sivu 1045 - If the departments of the two servants are so far separated from each other that the possibility of coming in contact, and hence of incurring danger from the negligent performance of the duties of such other department, could not be said to be within the contemplation of the person injured, the doctrine of fellow service should not apply.
Sivu 911 - It would be extremely difficult to define the exact limit by which the skill and diligence which an attorney undertakes to furnish in the conduct of a cause is bounded ; or to trace precisely the dividing line between that reasonable skill and diligence which appears to satisfy his undertaking, and that crassa ncgli[* 468] gentia, or * lata culpa mentioned in some of the cases, for which he is undoubtedly responsible.

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