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As A man is judged by his circle of friends, so usually is his business judged by its environment.

In opening an office, a location should be chosen where one may associate with firms of established reputation. Where you will find a tenant-list representing the highest types of business.

You will find that recognized leaders are grouped together in The Fifth Avenue Building. Its location-200 Fifth Avenue -has been known to New York for seven decades. Here stood the famous old Fifth Avenue Hotel, meeting place for states men, generals, people of fashion and prominence throughout the country. To have your offices in The Fifth Avenue Building is at once an asset. You have an address

which is in itself a business rating. Your D business is in good company.

The Fifth Avenue Building is at the commercial heart of New York. Midway between the two rivers. Midway be tween the Battery and Central Park. A subway entrance is in the building. Elevated lines, busses and surface cars put you in immediate touch with all up-town and down-town Manhattan.

Not everyone is admitted to tenancy. Questions are always asked among a firm's business friends. Your associates here are all of high repute. The offices have the quiet yet unobtrusive dignity of a club.

The next time you come to New York, visit us. We should be glad to show you about the building.


Broadway and Fifth Avenue, at Madison Square, New York
"More than an office building"


It's Garden Planning Time Again

and this year, to make your dreams come true, you can have the


the loveliest yet of garden books, and the most complete ever published
on the planning, planting, care and maintenance of the small place.

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Golden-Voiced Deagan Tower Chimes, sending forth each day, Tom the belfry of your Church, their sweet musical message of good will and inspiration! In what way can you provide greater beneficence to the community a more stately tribute o a loved one, a sublimer expression of the true memorial pirit? That posterity may have ever before it an impershable record of so worthy an endowment, there is provided with each set of Deagan Chimes a bronze tablet comnemorating the gift and setting forth its hallowed purpose. Literature, including beautiful memorial booklet, on request. Standard Sets, $6,000 and up.

J.C.Deagan In

246 Deagan Building

Deagan Chimes played by organist from electric keyboard.

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In 1640 the First Kilgen Organ

was built in an Old Time Abbey

N an ivy-clad abbey that had seen. Knighthood flower and fade, Sebastian Kilgen built the first pipe organ which bore his name. That rare old instrument and its home are now in ruins: but the pride of craftsmanship that went into it is still preserved. Generation after generation the Kilgen Family has carried on this traditional craft devotion until now after almost three centuries it remains the creed of the Kilgen Pipe Organ Guild. In great auditoriums and houses of worship, both impressive and modest, millions of music lovers are inspired by Kilgen harmonious tones and stately melodies. An interesting brochure will be sent on request... Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc., 4016 North Union Blvd.... St. Louis, U.S.A.




Hamilton accu

racy is a matter not
only of careful plan-
ning, careful machin-
ing, careful adjusting;
it is the result of testing
-thorough, searching
testing-over a period
of months. Every day,
for weeks at a time,
each Hamilton Watch
ticks away under the
keenest scrutiny, under
the closest checking.
When you slip a Ham-
ilton into your pocket
you may be confident
that it will give you
time-accuracy, year in
and year out. And in a
watch there can indeed
be no possible substi-
tute for accuracy.

The Hamilton "Jefferson," here illustrated, is cased in chased white or green filled gold, with a 17-jewel adjusted

movement. Price

being the watch of railroad accura Indeed, it is a fact that a large pr

portion of the railroad men of the

country are served by the Hamilto Watch.

The Hamilton Watch is priced

strap models, $50 to $88; women's

wrist models, $48 to $60.

We should be glad to send you upon request our attractive booklets "The Timekeeper" and "The Ca of Your Watch." Address Hamilton Watch Company, 859 Columbi Avenue, Lancaster, Pa., U. S. A.

Hamilton Watch


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