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RESPOND to the lure of the Far East. Know
the joy of visiting these strange and fascinating
lands. Glorious playgrounds easily reached.
First Hawaii, a tropic wonderland. Then Japan,
the island empire, home of a ceremonious and
progressive people, a country beautiful be-
yond compare.

China, morning land of civilization, the
Cathay of legendary fame,-here is the real
flavor of the Orient. Finally the Philippines-

Manila, both Spanish and international in character; Baguio, lovely
mountain resort only a short day's journey away.

Great President Liners take you in incomparable comfort. Large, out-
side staterooms with beds, not berths. Wide decks. Hospitable public
salons. A world famous cuisine.

Return over the same route, or, go direct to Seattle from Japan on the
American Mail Line. There is a sailing every Saturday from San Francisco
for the Orient and Round the World. Fortnightly sailings from Bos-
ton and New York for the Orient via Havana, Panama and California.
For complete information communicate with any ticket or tourist agent or

Dollar Steamship Line

604 Fifth Avenue, New York

514 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles

25 and 32 Broadway, New York
1519 Railroad Ave, South, Seattle
101 Bourse Building, Philadelphia

177 State Street, Boston, Mass. 112 West Adams St., Chicago

Hugh Mackenzie, G. P. A., Robert Dollar Building, San Francisco

he Sunshine Belt to the Orient"

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where health, sunshine and gorgeous scenery await the health seeker and home seeker


MORE 300 daysof clear air, gorgeous mounta

WORE than 300 days of healing sunshine, mild winter

scenery and all-year recreational features are attracting Colorado Springs and Manitou a rapidly increasing nu ber of permanent residents, as well as those who se recovery from tuberculosis, throat and bronchial troub Here in the Pikes Peak region is the ideal spot to re and build a home, to engage in business or ranching, as we as to enjoy year-round golf, mountain hiking, motoring fishing and horseback riding.

For further information, fill out this coupon

E. E. JACKSON, Secretary

Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

504 Independence Bldg., Colorado Springs, Colo. Please send information regarding Colorado Springs as follows:

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A Temporary Resident

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Railroads grant stopovers and side trips en route on transcontinental tickets.


Population, not Geography
locates Market Centers

.....the Western Market Center

-serves a market of ten million consumers West of the Rockies,
at lower average freight costs than they can be served from
any other point on the Pacific Coast. An immediate market
of two and one-half million consumers within 100 miles.

AGAINST the handicaps of high freights, long hauls, and slow

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"The Shortest Route to the Orient"



Plan now your trip to the mystic lands of the Orient. Nowhere else will you find the charm, the keen interest of new sights and new people.

Note these roundtrip fares:

$600 Yokohama and Return Sail from Seattle for Yokohama, returning via Honolulu to San Francisco. Or return direct from Yokohama to Seattle.

$692 Shanghai and Return Sail from Seattle for Yokohama, Kobe and Shanghai, returning from Japan to San Francisco via Honolulu. Or return direct from Yokohama to Seattle.

$750 Manila and Return
Sail from Seattle for Yokohama, Kobe,
Shanghai, Hong Kong and Manila, re
turning through the same ports and via
Honolulu to San Francisco. Or return
from Japan to Seattle.

Enjoy the rare comfort of great President
Liners-broad and steady. Outside rooms.
Spacious decks.

Luxurious and beautifully appointed pub-
lic rooms. The dining service is unex-

A sailing, over the "11-day route" to the Orient every two weeks from Seattle. Tickets are interchangeable with the Dollar Steamship Line, either the trans-Pacific or Round the World service.

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Write for illustrated literates
ing complete detailed itinerars
Art Crafts Guild Travel Bay
Dept. 315 500 N. Dearbor S
Chicago, IL


Collegiate Tour

Deluxe Cruises to


"Island of Enchantment



owrooms and sales offices: New York, Boston, Providence, New Haven, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, ffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronte London, Paris, Milan, Brussels, Berlin.

Makers of IDEAL Boilers, AMERICAN Radiators, ARCO Hot Water Supply
Heaters, VENTO (Ventilating) Heaters, Heat-Controlling Accessories, etc.

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