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PAT. DEC. 26.1923

DIFFERENT styles of glasses to suit

different occasions-that's a mat-
ter of good taste and common sense.
Scientific precision, permanent fit-
these call for keen discrimination in
selecting glasses known for high

Have yourself fitte with Shur-ons
and you get not only the right styles
for you and your activities, but super-
fine lenses, specially tempered metal
that holds its shape, the work of the
most expert craftsmen in the industry.

Send for the authoritative booklet, "STYLE IN GLASSES"


All types of SPECTACLE Shur-on EYEGLASSE


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Facts and Figures That Tell an

Interesting Story

ADIOTELEPHONE commercial service between the United States and Great Britain in the near future is a

reasonable probability, according to D. B. Carson, United States Commissioner of Navigation, in his annual report. Tests which have been conducted show encouraging results, but it is pointed out the difference in time in connection with office hours of banks, stock exchange, and brokerage houses may present some difficulty.

Commercial pictoradiogram services, the report reveals, are now in operation between New York and London and San Francisco and Hawaii. By means of this development photographs, pictures, advertisements, legal documents, bank checks, cartoons, fingerprints, and similar pictorial or printed matter are quickly transmitted and reproduced. This new field, the commissioner states, may develop into an important branch of radio communication.

There has been a material increase in power used. The average power per station in watts is 715.8, as compared with 312.4 last year and 190.5 the year previous. During the past fiscal year 117 new stations were licensed and 160 discontinued. The previous year 281 new stations were licensed and 245 discontinued.

Continued growth in the use of radio is predicted by Commissioner Carson, together with improved service to the public.


The sales of radio apparatus for the United States alone will reach $520,000,000 for 1926. The figures for the former years, compiled by the Radio Manufacturers Association, are as follows:

1922, $46,500,000; 1923, $120,000,000; 1924, $350,000,000; 1925, $449,000,000. From orders that have been placed the various radio trade associations know now that the 1926 figure will be exceeded in 1927.

An analysis made by the management of Station WEAF is the basis of an estimate that in the territories covered by stations in the cities listed here, radio sets are distributed as follows: New York, 702,000; Boston, 380,000; Philadelphia, 265,000; Washington, 166,000; Buffalo, 125,000; Pittsburgh, 208,000; Cleveland, 172,000; Detroit, 224,000; Cincinnati, 187,000; Chicago, 354,000; St. Louis, 146,000; Minneapolis, 73,000; Davenport, 88,000. Making a total of 3,090,000. Based upon these figures it is believed that there are approximately 5,200,000 receiving sets in the United States.

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These figures mean that millions of people have been taking a keen interest in the broadcasting situation and in the prompt passage of adequate radio laws by Congress to prevent interstation interference, determine who shall broadcast, establish standard broadcast station requirements, and other essential points.

Such federal action has been urged by all branches of the radio industry, by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, by the public press throughout the country, and by many thousands of radio owners.

While 1927 will no doubt be another record-breaking year for the radio without such legislation the need for it has been none the less imperative in the interest of public service.

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Great music-at home
as you never could get it before

ITH this remarkable development,

RCA has led radio through a new era, has brought an entirely new conception ne music to thousands of homes.

v-much imitated-it stands preeminently, the tried, ed and perfected product of t engineers.

s combination of Radiola 28 RCA Loudspeaker 104 not just work on the house ent with a battery eliminator, is built upon new electrical ciples, based on the use of the current. Now all these have the test and proof of time.


What has it done, this Radiola with its power speaker-so simply tuned with a single finger? It has brought reality to radio. It reproduces the actual tone of the original. It

RCA Loudspeaker 104, complete,
$275. Radiola 28, with 8 Radio-
trons, $260. A. C. Package for
adapting Radiola 28 for use with
Loudspeaker 104 on 50-60 cycle,
110 volt current, $35.

Buy with confidence

Authorized where you see


this sign

captures the quality of beauty that makes great music great.


And now thousands of people everywhere are getting something more out of radio than just dance music, entertainment, speeches. There's nothing like a Radiola 28, with its power speaker, for making these things real. But there is something more. ......a new day of great music in the home!

RCA Radiola




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