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Greatest Single Causes of In Health

300 world famous physicians and
scientists discuss newer methods
of treating Intestinal Stasis [con-
stipation and allied disorders).





Sir Herman Weber, an eminent English physician, was descended from exceptionally short-lived ancestors for four generations. Making a study of longevity, he decided to try for a long life. His celebrated book on "Longevity" was published in his 95th year (1923). The principles he lays down are fully digested in the chapter on Longevity in "The Lazy Colon."

Not a health book in the usual
sense, nor given to fads
or theories

Derived from investigations and discoveries of 300 Physi-
cians and Scientists of international reputation, since the
X-Rays were first used in studying the 28 feet of human
intestine in 1907. This tract, says Foges of Vienna, is the most
prolific source of dangerous disease. Including particularly
heart disease and cancer; also kidney, liver and stomach
disorders. Simple, authoritative, extremely interesting.

Ralph H. Melcer, Pres., Palmer Bros. Co.: "I intend to give six additional copies to friends. The book is so sensible and full of helpful information clearly presented that I think it will be prized in any home." Martin W. Barr, M.D., noted physician and author: "Sat up most of last night reading this delightful and masterly book."

Judge Gary, Head of United States Steel Corp.: "I have read 'The Lazy Colon' with a great deal of interest and benefit. It is a fine piece of work, in a high degree original, wisely written, and packed with information from the most authoritative sources. I congratulate both the writers and publishers."

Earl Ovington, Consulting Engineer, Santa Barbara, Cal.: "Have never read a book which so thoroughly covers the whole subject from the layman's standpoint."

Robert L. Owen, Esq., Washington, D. C.: "Am directing five copies to be sent to five of my friends."

Lloyd H. Wright, San Gabriel, Cal.: "Send by return mail one copy of 'The Lazy Colon,' recommended to me by my physician, Dr. Olsen, of Los Angeles."'



120 W. 32nd St., Dept. K-1, New York

I enclose remittance for $2.50 for The Lazy Colon. I may return it in good condition after five days' examination if I desire and you will refund my money immediately. (If C. O. D shipment is desired simply send signed coupon.)

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