Love's Resurrection: A Spiritual Journey Through Marriage, Divorce, and Remarrying the Same Man

Wheatmark, Inc., 15.7.2008 - 144 sivua
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In America, nearly one in two marriages ends in divorce. Author Kristin Harper knows firsthand -- she was married, separated, and divorced within two short years. However, she has also witnessed God 's miraculous powers after getting remarried ... to the same man.

Through an intimate and transparent reflection on her life, the author shares the joys of love, the pain of divorce, mistakes made, wisdom gained, and the lessons she learned on the journey toward love 's resurrection.

Whether you are single, married, separated, or divorced, this memoir will equip you by: Helping you identify and avoid pitfalls that may prevent you from having the relationships God intendedProviding hope for your relationshipHelping you properly prioritize people in your lifeDemonstrating the power of confession, forgiveness, and repentanceProviding proven strategies to strengthen your relationships

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