Having Itching Ears

Manna F.O.H. Publishing, 2006 - 164 sivua
Have you ever wondered why many churches have grown into ¿mega-church¿ status, having thousands of members, with unlimited programs and auxiliaries. The sad truth is that while they are growing in numbers, they are not growing spiritually? This book will take you the reader back to New Testament Christianity with it¿s truth and practical Christian living. You will be able to pinpoint the issues facing the Church today which hinders it from shining as a light in this present society. Issues such as:..Finances¿and what Jesus said in reference to God¿s care of the believer...The hostility of the world to the Church¿and what Jesus said to expect...What keeps the Church from knowing what God desires...The impact that the desire to be prosperous has on the Church in America today...The Leader¿s responsibilities in each congregation according to the word of God...The responsibilities of each member of the body of Christ...The reason for the lack of growth in the Church and what it takes to become healthy.

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