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Delate on Mt. Whitl:trad's Motion for fiiting up Il'estminster Hall for

Lord Melville's Triiil - Lord Grenville's i otion on the same Sulject-
Thanks of the Comnions to the Managers of Lori nichille's Trial-
Delale on Mr. Prinsed's Motion for Papers on In lia fluirs - On Mr.
Johnstone's Motion for Lit'ers writion 'y Lord Cornwallis-- on Lord

Ossulston and lit. Paull's Motions for Papuis on the same Subject-- 0

Mr. Pole's Motion-On Nár. Francis's Miotion for Papers - On the Na-

bol of drcoi's Debts-- Lord A. Honilton's lotion on the Administration

of the Marquis l'ellesley --Wr. Paull's Charges agaist the Marquis-

Lord Temple's lotion on the same -- India Buget.


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Speech of the Speaker of the House of Conimons, convrying the Thanks of

the House to the Managers of Lord / elville's Imp achment (238)

Adilress of the Corporation of London on the change of Ministers, presented


AMERICA. Mes ago from the President to the House of Representatives


FRENCH PAPERS. Inperial Decree of Nopoleon, declaring the

British Islands to be in a state of Brockade


Note presenter Nov. 24, Ly N Dourienne, to the Senate of Hamburgh 243)

Proclamation of Marshal Mortier


Proclamation of General Bernadotte to the Inhalitants of the Country of

Litter from the Emperor of the French to the King of Bavaria (:45)

Note of M. Talleyrand to General Knobelsdorf. Sept. il


Nole of M. de Knobelsdorsj
' 10 M. Tulleyrand, Spl. 12


Second Note from M. Talleyrard to ... de knobelsdorf, Supt. 13 (248)

Third No e from the same in the same. Sip! 18

Secord Nole of M. Knobels orff to in Talleurund, Sirl. 29 (249)

Second Report addressed to the Emperor by the Minister of Foreign Rela-

lirins, Oct. 6


Note f M. Knobelsdorff, Oct. 1


The Emperor Napoleon's Appeal to the Saxons


GERMAN and RUSSIAN PAPERS Proclamation of Francis Il.

1 254)

Abdication of the Office of Emperor of Germany, ly Francis, Emperor of



Nute of the Russion Plenipotentiary at Naples


Declaration in Coun, il of the King of Prussia to the assembled Deputies of

te Hanoveriari Provinces


Prussian Manifesto on legis ning lar with France


Declartion of the King of Sweden


Declaration of the Emperor of Russia


Note delivered ly Oniler of hus Swedish Majesty to the Minister of the tuo

allied Courts ac revited to the King


Confideration of the Rhine


Circular Voit vif the Prince Primale to the Members of the Confederation

o the line


Alstract of the Procedings for remitting the Mouths of the Callaro to the

Russians and Montenegrins


Rinal (ecree of Louis Napoleon, Hague, Dec. 15


PUDI! avis passed in the Fourth Session of the Second Imperial



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