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in GreAT BRITAIN, during the Reign of King William III,
Part III.







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The Ps.prietor of the New AYNUAL Register; in announcing another Volume of that useful, interesting, and popular Work, feels himself called upon to say a few. words respecting the increased price to which he has been obliged to advance it. The bulk of the late Volumes, which is barely proportionate to the increased interest of the times in which we live, is of itself more than sufficient. to justify the demand now made on the Public, .Com: pared with any other work of English literature, the Sew ANNUAL REGISTER, 'both with respect to size, and to the style of execution," in all its departments, will be found cheaper than any other modern Publication ; but the claim becomes ; indefinitely stronger when the various Contents of the Volume are duly appreciated :---as an Historical and Political Register, it gives a brief but faithful sketch of all the most important discussions in bothTlouses of Parliament, together with copies of the several State Papers referred to ; it contains a sunmary view of every interesting occurrence that has happened during the preceding Year, in the several kingdoms and states of the civilized world:-it records the rise and fall of empires, and develops the causes, which have conspired to augment the power of some, and to diminish the glory and influence of others.

As a History of Literature and Science, an account of every work, botir Foreign and Domestic; avhich has excited public attention, and of cvery discovery in

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Philosophy and the Arts, will be found in departments appropriated to the

purpose. The Principal Occurrences which have taken place on the theatre of life, arranged in a Chronological Order :--the character, talents, and dispositions of persons, who have rendered themselves and ther country illustrious by their writings or their actions, pourtrayed in the Biographical Part of the Volume ; and the Selections from authors of distinguished eminence in philosophy and literature, cannot fail of gratifying every description of readers.

The execution of the present volume, it is presumed, will be found in no respect inferior to that of those which have preceded it; and it will ever be the ambition of the Proprietor to consign the several departments of the Work to gentlemen, whose diligence, impartiality, and integrity shall ensure to the public a faithful portrait of the times, and, at a period sufficiently early * to gratify the curiosity of those who wish for information on subjects involving the dearest interests of man.

With the present volume is given a very accurate and well engraved Map of Indiat, which, at a period when our possessions in the East are of such vast importance to our own welfare, and excite so much jealousy in the breast of our rivals, seems an indispensable companion to every student in history.

: Piccadilly,

Nov. I, 1807.

* Such arrangements have been made with the editors, as to ensure the publication of each succeeding volume, early in the spring of every year.

+ To complete the Map of India, another sheet will be given in the next volume, bich will be published on or before the ist of March, 1808.

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