The Dramatic Works of Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Farquhar

George Routledge and Sons, 1875 - 668 sivua

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Sivu 237 - And shoot a chillness to my trembling heart. Give me thy hand, and let me hear thy voice; Nay, quickly speak to me, and let me hear Thy voice — my own affrights me with its echoes.
Sivu 257 - em, and got 'em by rote. The catalogue was so large, that I was not without hopes, one day or other, to hate her heartily: to which end I so used myself to think of 'em, that at length, contrary to my design and expectation, they gave me every hour less and less disturbance; till in a few days it became habitual to me to remember 'em without being displeased. They are now grown as familiar to me as my own frailties; and in all probability in a little time longer I shall like 'em as well.
Sivu 254 - This reflection moved me to design some characters which should appear ridiculous not so much through a natural folly (which is incorrigible, and therefore not proper for the stage) as through an affected wit: a wit which, at the same time that it is affected, is also false.
Sivu 278 - I had rather bring friends together, than set 'em at distance. But Mrs Marwood and he are nearer related than ever their parents thought for.
Sivu 260 - Pshaw ! pshaw ! that she laughs at Petulant is plain. And for my part, but that it is almost a fashion to admire her, I should — hark'ee — to tell you a secret, but let it go no further — between friends, I shall never break my heart for her.
Sivu 256 - ... em everything, can refuse 'em nothing. , Q2 Fain. You are a gallant man, Mirabell; and though you may have cruelty enough not to satisfy a lady's longing, you have too much generosity not to be tender of her honour. Yet you speak with an indifference which seems to be affected, and confesses you are conscious of a negligence.
Sivu lxv - No purity of the marriage bed is stained — for none is supposed to have a being. No deep affections are disquieted, no holy wedlock bands are snapped asunder — for affection's depth and wedded faith are not of the growth of that soil. There is neither right nor wrong, — gratitude or its opposite, — claim or duty, — paternity or sonship.
Sivu 261 - Fain. To let you know I see through all your little arts.— Come, you both love him; and both have equally dissembled your aversion. Your mutual jealousies of one another have made you clash till you have both struck fire.
Sivu 260 - Mirabell, who is lately come to town, and is between him and the best part of his estate. Mirabell and he are at some distance, as my Lady Wishfort has been told; and you know she hates Mirabell worse than a quaker hates a parrot, or than a fishmonger hates a hard frost.
Sivu 282 - O Marwood, Marwood, art thou false? my friend deceive me! hast thou been a wicked accomplice with that profligate man? MRS. MAR. Have you so much ingratitude and injustice to give credit against your friend, to the aspersions of two such mercenary trulls?

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