Sivut kuvina

106 n

24 n

Inspection, trial by, iii 331

Isle of Man, puchased from duke of Athol, i
Instanter, trial, iv 396
Institutes, of Jusiinian, i 81

of Ely, see Ely
Institution to a benefice, i 390 ii 23 iv 107 Issuable terms, iii 353
Insurance, ii 458 460 461 and n iii 74 iv 441 Issue at law, iii 313 314
Interdictum, iu 442

collateral, iv 396
Intent, see Malice

feigned, ini 452
in larceny material, iv 232 n

in equity, ii 448
Interest on bankrupt's debts, ii 488

joinder of, 111 315 app 10 iv 340
legacies, ib 514

tender of, üi 313
or no interest, insurance, ib 459 460 Issues on a distringas, iii 280
of money, in general, ib 454

Itinerant courts, iv 411 422
usurious law relative to, ib 463 n

justices, iii 59 iv 422
on bond for purchase of foreign estate usu. Judges, i 267 in 24 iv 440
rious, ib 464 n

their discretionary power, i 62 n
is due on pecuniary legacy, when, ib 513 n number of, at different periods, iii 40 n
Interested witness, iii 370

assaulting them, iv 125
Interlineation in a deed, ii 308

how council for prisoners, iv 355
Interlocutory decree in ecclesiastical courts, killing them, iv 84
iii 101

their commissions, i 267
chancery, ib 452

threatening or reproaching them, ir 126
judgment, ib 448

how construe statutes, i 87 n 88 n
Interpleader, bill of, ib

seats not vacated by demise of crown, i 268 n
Interpretation of laws, i 58

may amend record, &c. at assizes, i1i 59 n
Interregnum, ib 196 249

may now hold assize where born, ib n
Interrogatories, examination on, iii 383 438 iv

may open commission after day appointed,

in chancery, iii 449

party judge in own cause, ii 298 n
Intestacy, ii 494,

Judgment, ii app 11i 395 460 461 466
Intestates, their debts and effects, iv 425 428 action on, ini 160 421
Intrusion, information of, iii 261

property by, ii 436
on freehold, ii 169

relieved against in equity, iii 437
writ of, w 183

when affected by fraud, remedy against, iji
Inventory of deceased's effects, ii 510
Investiture, ii 209

binds lands, as against purchasers,
of benefices, ii 23

action on, ii 160 n
feuds, ii 53

ji 296 n
lands, üi 311

motion in arrest of, iii 393 n
Involuntary manslaughter, iv 192

when may be arrested, iii 395 n
John, king, his resignation of the crown to the by default-writ of inquiry, in 397 n
pope, iv 108 111

death of party before, ili 399 n
Joinder in demurrer, iii 315 app


in criminal cases, iv 375 n
of battel, ib app 4

Tudices ordinarii, iii 315
issue, ib 315 app 10 iv 340

Judicial power, i 267 269
Joint-tenancy in lands, ii 180

writs, iii 282
how created, and distinguished from tenancy decisions binding in subsequent cases, i 62 A
in common, ib n

63 n
tenancy, where interest respectively condi- Judicium Dei, iv 341 342
tional, ii 181 n

ferri, aquæ, et ignis, iv 344
where interest commences at different pe- parium, in 350
riods, ib n

Jure divino, right to the throne, i 191
husband and wife take as one only, in, ii 182 n tithes, üi 25
demise by joint-tenants, ii 183 n

king de, i 204 iv 77
account and partition, how obtained, ii 184 Juris utrum, writ of, iii 252
n 185 n

Jurisdiction, encroachment of, ii 111
where conveyance by one severs, ii 186 n of courts, settled by Edw. I. iv 425 426
where must sever first, then may convey, ibn plea to, iii 301 iv 333
in things personal, ii 399

Jurors, fining or imprisoning, iv 361
Joint-tenant, king cannot be, ii 409
Jointure, ii 137 180 app

incompetency of, i 5 8

Jury, trial by, in general, iii 349 414 441
estate durante viduitate, is a good, ib 138 n abused when, i 5 8
bar of dower by equitable, ib 137 n

of court of sewers, ji 73 n
Ireland, i 99

law relative, consolidated, ü 356 n
union with England, i 97

qualifications, ib
members added to parliament for, i 155 n jury lists, ib n
acts regulating elections, i 180 n

returns, ib n
rank of nobility guarded by 31 Hen. VIII. i jurors' book, ib n
272 n

panel, ib
Irish peer privileged from arrest, iii 289

summons, ib
Iron, stealing, iv 233

view, iii 357 n
receiving stolen, iv 133

ballot, ib
Irons, to secure prisoners, iv 300 322

challenges, it
Islands, ii 261

special juries, it

of non pross,

Jury, high treason, üi 357 n

King, his councils, i 227
tales de circumstantibus, ib

counsel, iii 27
j'iries de medietate, ib n

courts, contempts against, iv 124
fines, ib

dignity, i 241
penalties, ib n

duties, i 227
legal proceedings, it

enemies, adhering to, iv 82
venue, ibn

government, contempts against, iv 123
writ of attaint, ib

grants, ii 346
saving and repealing clauses, ib

money, counterfeiting, iv 84
adjournment pending trial, iii 375 n

palaces, contempts against, iv 124
antiquity of trial by, ib n

perfection, i 246
effect of withdrawing juror, iii 376 n

perpetuity, i 249
in criminal cases-of the grand jury, &c. iv person, contempts against, iv 123
302 to 306

pleasure, how understood, iv 121
Jus accrescendi, ii 184

power, i 250
ad rem, ii 312

prerogative, i 237
duplicatum, iii 199

contempts against, iv 122
fiduciarium, ii 328

felonies against, iv 98
imaginum, i 406

his prerogative in debts, judgments, and ex.
11 312

ecutions, ili 420
legitimum, ji 328

revenue, extraordinary, i 306
patronatus, ii 246

ordinary, i 281 306
praetarium, iii 50

royal family, i 219 225
precarium, iii 328

seals, i 346 347 ii 47
Justice, free course of, i 141

counterfeiting, iv 83 89
homicide in advancement of, iv 179

silver, ü 350
king, the fountain of, i 266

sovereignty, i 241
neglect or refusal of, üi 109

title, i 190
offences against, iv 128

contempts against, iv 123
injuring records, &c. iv 128

ubiquity, i 270
gaolers making persons become approvers, injuries to or by, iii 254

levying war against, iv 81
obstructing process, ib 129

refusal to advise or assist him, iv 122
escapes, ib

parliament meets on death of, 'i 150 n
breach of prison, ib 130

refusal of assent to bills, i 184 n
rescue, ib 131

assent to bills endorsed thereon, i 185 n
returning from transportation, ib 132 ordered mode of promulgating statutes, ib n
taking reward to help to stolen goods, if Charles Il's reign dated from death of Charles
receiving stolen goods, it

Ist, i 196
theft-bote, ib 133

cabinet council of, i 229 n
barretry, ib 134

privy council, i 230 n
maintenance, ib

is governed by law, i 234 n
champerty, ib 135

must subscribe declarations against popery,
compounding informations, ib 136

i 235 n
conspiracy, it

rights and powers of, for benefit of people, i
threatening letters, ib 137
perjury and subornation of, it

exceptions to rule nullum tempus occurrit
bribery, ib 140

regi, i 247 n.
embracery, ib

prerogative to pardon, i 268 n
false verdict, ib

cannot disturb the order of precedency, i
negligence of officers, ib

272 n
oppression of officers, ib 141

civil list, i 332 n
extortion, ib

number of his chaplains unlimited, i 392 n
Justice-seat, court of, iii 72

power over naval and military sentences,
Justices of the peace, their rights in general, i

417 n
338 to 364

King's bench, court of, iii 41 iv 265
when may act in several counties, i 352 n justices of, killing them, iv 84
qualification of, ib n

Knight bachelor, i 404
of the peace act ministerially or judicially, i banneret, i 403
354 n, when liable to action, &c. ib

of the bath, ib
jurisdiction of, in tithe cases, iii 89 n

garter, ib
relative to church-rates, iii 90

shire, his electors, i 172
Justicies, writ of, iii 36

to be returned on a lord's jury, iii 359
Justifiable homicide, iv 178

Knight's fee, i 410 ii 62
Justification, special, iii 306

Knighthood, i 404 ii 69 iv 437
Justifying bail, iu 291

Knight-service, ii 62
Keeper, lord, iii 47

Labour, foundation of property, ü 5
Kidnapping, iv 219 and n

hard, iv 370 371 377
Killing, what amounts to homicide, iv 191 and n Labourers, i 407 426
Kindred, how numerous, ii 205

Laches, i 247
King, i 190

of infant, i 465
can do no wrong, i 246 iii 254 iv 32 Laesae majestatis crimen, iv 75 89
compassing or imagining his death, iv 76 Lacsione fidei, suit pro, ili 32

237 n

Laity, i 396

Larceny, compound,
Lancaster, county palatıne of, i 117

above 12d. in house without breaking,
its courts, ili 79

person being in it, and put in fear, iv
duchy of, its courts, iii 78

240 n
Lands, ii 16 17

above 5s. in breaking house in day-time, no
property in, ii 7

person being in it, it
force to recover possession, &c. in 5 n

privately stealing in house, though no
real actions for recovery of, ii 167 n

breaking, or no person in it, iv 241
disseisin, what, iii 169 n

to value of 40s. though house not broken,
Landlord and tenant, see Rent, Lodger

or no person in it, it and n
what are, and right to, fixtures, i 281 n FROM THE PERSON,
and tenant, when tenant to pay rent though by privately stealing, iv 241
premises burnt down, ii 281 n

by robbery, iv 243. See Robbery
covenants to use straw, &c. on land, binding Lathes, i 116
against sale by sheriff, ü 404 n

Latital, writ of, ii 286
land-iax, by whom payable, i 311

Law, i 38
distress for rent. See Distress, iii 6 n study of, i 28 37 n
produce not saleable under execution, ii 7n amendment of, statute for, iv 441
forcible entry, on tenant holding over, iii 179 how controlled when unjust, i 37 n
bail in ejeciment, tenant holding over, iii and equity united, i 56 61 n
205 n

and equity, courts of, how distinguished, üç
non-payment of rent, iri 206 n

desertion of premises, ib

canon, i 14 19 79 82 83
parish houses, it

civil, i 80
double rent and double value, iii 211 n and canon, authority of, i 14 79 83 ir 421 422
accidents by fire, which liable, iż 228 n

rejected by the English nobility, i 19
Land-tax, i 309 iv 423

common, i 60 n 63 64 67
its amount, and by whom payable, i 311 prior doctrines of, binding, i 63 n
Lapse, ii 276 iv 107

divine or revealed, i 42
Lapsed legacy, ii 513

offences against, iv 41
Larceny, iv 229

feodal, ii 44 iv 418
appeal of, iv 314

French, üi 317 iv 428
SIMPLE, iv 229 n

Greek, ni 321
there must be a taking, 230 n

history of, iv 407
general rules, ib

Latin, ii 319 iv 428
servants, ib

martial, i 413 iv 436
clerks, iv 230 n 231 n

merchant, i 70 76 273
agents, bankers, iv 230 n 231 n

municipal, i 41 44 45 n
manufacturers, ib

of nations, i 43 254 n
officers of bank of England, iv 234 and n offences against, iv 66
public officers in general, ib

nature, i 39
servants, &c. in post-office, ib n

parliament, i 163
of South-sea company, ib

side of the chancery, iii 46
lodgers, iv 231

exchequer, in 45
party stealing his own goods, iv 230 n

statute, i 85
iaking must be against owner's consent, ib unwritten, i 63 iv 408
there must be a carrying away, iv 231 n wages of, ni 341 iv 414 424
also a felonious intention, iv 232 n

written, i 85
and the stealing must be personal, iv 232 words in, how expounded, i 54 60 n
lead, &c. fixed, iv 233 n

sanguinary punishments of, i 133 n
underwood, turnips, fruit, &c. iv 233 and n duties on proceedings abolished, i 323 n
trees, roots, shrubs, &c. ib

Lawing of mastiffs, ii 72
ore from mines, iv 234

Lay corporations, i 470
writings relative to estate, ib

investiture of bishops, i 378
bonds, bills, choses in action, iv 234 and n Lazarets, escaping from, iv 162
letters, ib n

Lead, stealing, iv 233 and n
wrecks, &c. iv 235

receiving it stolen, iv 133
animals, ib

Leading interrogatories, iż 449
deer, conies, &c. ib n 236 R

Leap-year, ii 141
fish, iv 236 n

Lease, ii 317 app 2
hawks, id

and release, ií 339 app 2
swans, ib

entry, and ouster, rule to consess, ij 204
domestic animals, ib

in writing, must be signed, ii 306 n
larceny where owner unknown, iv 236

power under statutes and settlements to
punishment, iv 236 237

make, ii 319 n
offence aggravated by circumstances, &c. concurrent leases, law of, ü 320 n
stealing, iv 239 240 and n

of vicar, &c. must be confirmed by ordinary,

i 321 n
from the house, iv 240

when not binding on successor, 1b
above 12d. in churches, ib

surrender of, in law, ii 326 n
in booths or tents at fairs, it

how far assignee bound by covenants of, ü
by house-breaking in day-time, per-

327 n
son being in it, ab

fine of leasehold, no bar, ii 356 n

Lease, covenants to use straw, &c. on the land, Liberty, popular equality repugnant to, i 407n
binding against sale by sheriff, ii 404 n legality

of impressing seamen, i 419 n
Leet, iv 273 411 424

Licence for marriage, í 439
Legacies, ii 512

from the pope, iv 115
subtraction of, iii 98

of alienation, ii 72
action for, not maintainable, ii 512 n

of mortmain, ii 269
when lapsed, goes to representatives, ii to agree in a fine, ii 350
513 n

Licensed curate, i 394
distinctions in legacies payable in futuro, ibn Licensing of books, iv 152
contingent as to time and person, ib n Licentia concordandi, ii 350 444. Ap. loquen-
out of land, in futuro, if legatee die, ib n di, iii 299
pecuniary, carries interest, when, ib n Liege, i 367
estates for life, ii 124 126 129

Lieutenant, lord, i 412 iv 272
Legantine constitutions, i 82

Life, i 129
Legislative power, i 147

annuities, ii 461
Legislature, how far controllable, i 161

crimes against, iv 177
sole right to make and repeal laws, i 37 n estates for, ii 120 app
See Parliament

Ligan, i 292 ji 106
Legitimate child, i 446

Ligeance, i 366
Lending, ii 454

Light, ii 14
Letter, demanding money, &c. iv 144

houses, i 264
missive, for electing a bishop, i 379 presumption, iii 371
franking, see Commons

Limbs, i 130
threatening, iv 137 144 n

Limitation of entries, actions, and indictments,
stealing of, iv 234

ui 178 188 192 196 250 iv 306 308 315
Letters patent, ii 346

351 436
Levant and couchant, ii 9 239

estate, ii 155
cattle when distrainable, iii 9 n

fee may pass in will without words of, ii 108 n
Levari facias, writ of, iii 417

of estates pur auter vie, ii 260 n
Levitical decrees, i 435

of entry to avoid fine, ii 350 n
Levying money without consent of parliament, statutes of, iii 306. See Statute of
1 140

of criminal prosecutions, iv 301 n
war against the king, iv 81

of real actions, iii 178 n
Lewdness, iv 64

of quo warranto informations, iii 264 n
Lex manifesta, iii 344

Limited administration, ii 506
talionis, iv 12

fee, ii 109
* mercatoria, its nature and extent, i 76 n

property, ii 391
Libel, in ecclesiastical courts, nii 100 Lineal consanguinity, ii 203
fatal to liberty, i 126 n

descent, ii 210
published parliamentary speeches punish- of the crown, i 192 194
able as, i 164 n

warranty, ii 301
lords resolved that not a breach of peace, Linen stealing from place of manufacture, iv
i 167 n

238 n
when action lies for, &c. see Slander, iii Lip, cutting of, iv 207
123 n

Literary property, ii 405. See Copyright
what kind indictable, iv 150 n

Litigious church, iii 243 246
blasphemous, ib iv 59 n

Littleton, i 72 73
on king or government, ib iv 123 n Liturgy, reviling of, iv 50
on judges, &c. iv 150 n

Livery in chivalry, ii 69
how far thing imputed must be crimi- in deed, ii 315
nal, ib

in law, ii 316
on dead persons, iv 150 n

of seisin, ii 311
truth not material, iv 150

Loan, compulsive, i 140. See Borrowing, In-
malice how far essential, ib

by what mode of expression it may be Local actions, iii 294. See Venue
conveyed, ib

Locality of trial, iii 384 iv 303. See Venue
what publication necessary, it

Locks on rivers, destroying, iv 144 and n
modes of prosecution, ib

Lodgers and lodgings, notice to quit, ii 147 n
mode of trial, ib

goods of, liable to distress, iii 7 8
judgment and pnuishment, ib

larceny from, iv 231 n
Liberam legem, losing, 111 340 404 iv 348 Logic, its effects upon law and theology, i 33
Liberties or franchises, ii 37

ii 58 iv 417
Liberty, civil, i 6 125

Lollardy, iv 47
definition of, i 36 n

London, courts of, iii 81
natural, i 125

customs of, i 70 75 76 n ii 518
nature of English, 237 n

franchises of, not forfeitable, iii 264 iv 424
of the press, iv 151

mayor and aldermen of, their certificate, iii
personal, i 134

crimes against, iv 219

temples not out of county of, i 114 n
personal injuries to, iii 127

freemen of, not exempt from impressrpent,
political, i 125

i 419 n
libels fatal to, i 126 n

Lord and vassal, üi 53
subordination the bond of society, i 407 'n feodal, ib

ib 90 n

Lords' committees for courts of justice, iii 57 Malicious destroying ships, &c. iv 245 0
house of, its attendants, i 168

underwood, wood, &c. iv 246
may kill the king's deer, i 167

trees, &c. ib
#spiritual, i 155

clothes, &c. iv 245
temporal, i 157

mine engines, &c. ib 246 247
Lotteries, iv 168 and n

framework, &c. ib 247 n
Lunatics, i 304 ii 291 iv 24 395

buildings for manufactares, ib
jurisdiction of chancery over, i 303 n iii 427 Black Act, ib
certificate and licence of keepers of asylums, burning houses, ib
for, i 305 n

mills, ib
next of kin to, his committee, ib n

corn, wood, &c. ib
marriage of, i 438 n

breaking down fish-ponds, iv 246 a
consent to marriage by, i 438

injuring, &c. cattle, it and n
lunacy may be given in evidence, for defend. trees, ib and n
ant, ü 291 n

cutting banks, ib 246
witness to, may prove testator insane at ex. hop binds, &c. ib 247 and n
ecution of will, ii 378 n

firing coal mines, &c. ib 247
will made in lucid interval valid, üi 497 a stopping grain, ib 246
wills by, ii 497

breaking into house to steal plate glass,
conveyance, &c. purchase by, ii 291

&c. ib 247
when liable for crimes, iv 24 and n 195 n ill-treatment of cattle, ib 246 n
custody, &c. of criminal lunatics, iv 25 n malicious mischief to 51. in general, it
and addenda

247 and n
Luxury, iv 170

Malt-tax, i 313
Madder roots, stealing them, ib 233

Man, island of, ib 106
Magistrates, their rights, duties, &c. in gene. Mandamus, writ of, iii 110 264 iv 441
ral, i 146

in what cases granted, iu 265 n
oppression of, iv 141

where it does not lie, ib n
subordinate, i 338

to appoint overseers, i 360 n
supreme, ib

Mandates, royal, to the judges in private
Magna assisa eligenda, writ de, ïïi 351

causes, i 142 iv 426
carla, iv 423 424

Manhood, ii 54
its contents, ib

Manor, ib 90
Mainour, iii 71 iv 307

by reputation may retain some privileges,
Mainpernors, iii 128
Mainprize, writ of, ib

Mansion-house, iv 224
Maintenance of bastards, i 458

Manslaughter, ib 191 and n
children, ib 447

conviction of, ib app sect. 2
parents, ib 454

Manstealing, ib 219
suits, id 429 iv 134

Manufacturers, scducing them abroad, ið 160
wife, i 442

embezzlement by, ib 230 n see Artificers
Making law, iii 343

Manufactures, encouragement of, ib 428
Mala in se, i 54

Manufactories, rioters destroying engines in,
prohibita, i 57

ib 143 n
Mal-administration of government, iv 121 injuries to, ib 247 and n
Male preferred to female in descents, i 194 ii stealing from, ib 240 and n

Manumission of villeins, ii 94 347
line preferred to female, i 194

Marchers, lords, i 398
stock preserred to female, i 234

Marches, ib
Malice, express, iv 199

Mareschal, lord, iii 38
implied, ib 200

his courts, iii 68
prepense, ib 198 206

Marine felonies, how clergyable, iv 373 and a
in general, iii 123 125

how triable, ib 269 and n
in slander, ib

Mariners, wandering, ib 165 and n, see Va.
in libels, ib and iv 125 150

in malicious prosecutions, iii 126 n Mariners, i 418, see Seamen
in murder, iv 198

Maritagium, ü 70
in arson, ib 222 n

Maritare, i6 71
under Black Act, ib 246 n

Maritime causes, iii 106 and h
intent to injure inferred from wrongful act, courts, ib 69 and n
ib 222 n

statute, i 419
Malicious prosecution, iii 126

Mark, subscribed to deeds, ii 305
destroying, &c. powdike in fens of Norfolk Market, i 274 iii 218
and Ely, iv 244

clerk of, his court, ir 275
works in Bedford level, il n

overt, ii 449 and n
sea and river, &c. banks, bridges, &c. ib

town, i 114

Marque and reprisal, ib 258
locks and turnpikes, &c. ib 144 145 Marquesses, ib 397
canals, &c. ib 244 n

Marriage, rights of husband and wife in ge-
corn, &c. in north, ib 244

neral, see Husband and Wife, i 433
corn-barns, &c. in night, ib

clandestine or irregular, i 439 iv 163
destroying horses, cattle, &c. iv 245 n forcible, iv 208
waste heath, fern, &c. iv 245 246

to socage, ii 88

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