Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

pope, iv 108 111

Joinder in demurrer, iii 315 app 26
of battel, ib app 4

issue, ib 315 app 10 iv 340
Joint-tenancy in lands, ii 180

how created, and distinguished from tenancy
in common, ib n

tenancy, where interest respectively condi-
tional, ii 181 n

where interest commences at different pe-
riods, ib n

husband and wife take as one only, in, i
,ii 182 n
demise by joint-tenants, ii 183 n
account and partition, how obtained, ii 184
n 185 n

where conveyance by one severs, ii 186 n
where must sever first, then may convey, ibn
in things personal, ii 399
Joint-tenant, king cannot be, ii 409
Jointure, ii 137 180 app

estate durante viduitate, is a good, ib 138 n
bar of dower by equitable, ib 137 n
Ireland, i 99

union with England, i 97

members added to parliament for, i 155 n
acts regulating elections, i 180 n

rank of nobility guarded by 31 Hen. VIII. i

272 n

Irish peer privileged from arrest, iii 289
Iron, stealing, iv 233

receiving stolen, iv 133

Irons, to secure prisoners, iv 300 322
Islands, ii 261

Isle of Man, puchased from duke of Athol, i
106 n

of Ely, see Ely
Issuable terms, iii 353

Issue at law, iii 313 314

collateral, iv 396

feigned, iii 452
in equity, iii 448

joinder of, iii 315 app 10 iv 340
tender of, iii 313

Issues on a distringas, iii 280
Itinerant courts, iv 411 422
justices, iii 59 iv 422

Judges, i 267 iii 24 iv 440

their discretionary power, i 62 n
number of, at different periods, iii 40 n
assaulting them, iv 125

how council for prisoners, iv 355
killing them, iv 84

their commissions, i 267

threatening or reproaching them, iv 126
how construe statutes, i 87 n 88 n

seats not vacated by demise of crown, i 268 n
may amend record, &c. at assizes, iii 59 n
may now hold assize where born, ib n

may open commission after day appointed,
ib n

party judge in own cause, iii 298 n
Judgment, ii app iii 395 460 461 466
action on, iii 160 421

property by, ii 436

relieved against in equity, iii 437

when affected by fraud, remedy against, iii
24 n

binds lands, as against purchasers, ib
action on, iii 160 n

of non pross, ii 296 n

motion in arrest of, iii 393 n

when may be arrested, iii 395 n

by default-writ of inquiry, iii 397 n

death of party before, iii 399 n

in criminal cases, iv 375 n
Judices ordinarii, iii 315

Judicial power, i 267 269

writs, iii 282

decisions binding in subsequent cases, i 62 n

63 n

Judicium Dei, iv 341 342

ferri, aquæ, et ignis, iv 344
parium, in 350

Jure divino, right to the throne, i 191
tithes, ii 25

king de, i 204 iv 77

Juris utrum, writ of, iii 252

Jurisdiction, encroachment of, iii 111

of courts, settled by Edw. I. iv 425 426
plea to, iii 301 iv 333

Jurors, fining or imprisoning, iv 361
incompetency of, i 58

Jury, trial by, in general, iii 349 414 441
abused when, i 58

of court of sewers, iii 73 n
law relative, consolidated, iii 356 n
qualifications, ib

jury lists, ib n

returns, ib n
jurors' book, ib n
panel, ib

summons, ib
view, iii 357 n
ballot, ib

challenges, ib
special juries, ib

[blocks in formation]

when may act in several counties, i 352 n
qualification of, ib n

of the peace act ministerially or judicially, i
354 n, when liable to action, &c. ib
Jurisdiction of, in tithe cases, iii 89 n
relative to church-rates, iii 90

Justicies, writ of, iii 36

Justifiable homicide, iv 178

Justification, special, iii 306

Justifying bail, iii 291

Keeper, lord, iii 47

Kidnapping, iv 219 and n

[blocks in formation]

his prerogative in debts, judgments, and ex-

ecutions, iii 420

revenue, extraordinary, i 306

ordinary, i 281 306'
royal family, i 219 225
seals, ii 346 347 iii 47
counterfeiting, iv 83 89
silver, ii 350
sovereignty, i 241
title, i 190

contempts against, iv 123
ubiquity, i 270

injuries to or by, iii 254
levying war against, iv 81

refusal to advise or assist him, iv 122
parliament meets on death of, i 150 n
refusal of assent to bills, i 184 n

assent to bills endorsed thereon, i 185 n
ordered mode of promulgating statutes, ib n
Charles II's reign dated from death of Charles
1st, i 196

cabinet council of, i 229 n
privy council, i 230 n

is governed by law, i 234 n

must subscribe declarations against popery,
i 235 n

rights and powers of, for benefit of people, i
237 n

exceptions to rule nullum tempus occurrit
regi, i 247 n

prerogative to pardon, i 268 n

cannot disturb the order of precedency, i
272 n

civil list, i 332 n

[blocks in formation]

of the bath, ib

garter, ib

shire, his electors, i 172

to be returned on a lord's jury, iii 359
Knight's fee, i 410 ii 62

Knighthood, i 404 ii 69 iv 437
Knight-service, ii 62

Labour, foundation of property, ii 5
hard, iv 370 371 377

Killing, what amounts to homicide, iv 191 and n Labourers, i 407 426

[blocks in formation]

Laches, i 247

of infant, i 465

Laesae majestatis crimen, iv 75 89
Laesione fidei, suit pro, iii 52

[blocks in formation]

force to recover possession, &c. iii 5 n
real actions for recovery of, iii 167 n
disseisin, what, iii 169 n

Landlord and tenant, see Rent, Lodger
what are, and right to, fixtures, ii 281 n
and tenant, when tenant to pay rent though

premises burnt down, ii 281 n

covenants to use straw, &c. on land, binding
against sale by sheriff, ii 404 n
land-tax, by whom payable, i 311

distress for rent. See Distress, iii 6 n
produce not saleable under execution, iii 7 n
forcible entry, on tenant holding over, iii 179
bail in ejectment, tenant holding over, iii
205 n

non-payment of rent, iii 206 n
desertion of premises, ib
parish houses, ib

double rent and double value, iii 211 n
accidents by fire, which liable, iii 228 n
Land-tax, i 309 iv 423

its amount, and by whom payable, i 311
Lapse, ii 276 iv 107
Lapsed legacy, ii 513
Larceny, iv 229

appeal of, iv 314

SIMPLE, iv 229 n

there must be a taking, 230 n
general rules, ib

servants, ib

clerks, iv 230 n 231 n

agents, bankers, iv 230 n 231 n

manufacturers, ib

officers of bank of England, iv 234 and n
public officers in general, ib

servants, &c. in post-office, ib n

of South-sea company, ib

lodgers, iv 231

party stealing his own goods, iv 230 n
taking must be against owner's consent, ib
there must be a carrying away, iv 231 n
also a felonious intention, iv 232 n

and the stealing must be personal, iv 232
lead, &c. fixed, iv 233 n

underwood, turnips, fruit, &c. iv 233 and n
trees, roots, shrubs, &c. ib

ore from mines, iv 234

writings relative to estate, ib

[blocks in formation]

civil, i 80

and canon, authority of, i 14 79 83 iv 421 422
rejected by the English nobility, i 19
common, i 60 n 63 64 67

prior doctrines of, binding, i 63 n
divine or revealed, i 42

offences against, iv 41

feodal, ii 44 iv 418
French, iii 317 iv 428
Greek, iii 321
history of, iv 407
Latin, iii 319 iv 428
martial, i 413 iv 436
merchant, i 70 76 273
municipal, i 41 44 45 n
of nations, i 43 254 n

offences against, iv 66
nature, i 39
parliament, i 163

side of the chancery, iii 46
exchequer, iii 45

statute, i 85

unwritten, i 63 iv 408

wages of, iii 341 iv 414 424
written, i 85

words in, how expounded, i 54 60 n
sanguinary punishments of, i 133 n
duties on proceedings abolished, i 323 n
Lawing of mastiffs, iii 72
Lay corporations, i 470

investiture of bishops, i 378

bonds, bills, choses in action, iv 234 and n Lazarets, escaping from, iv 162

letters, ib n

wrecks, &c. iv 235

[blocks in formation]

Lead, stealing, iv 233 and n
receiving it stolen, iv 133

Leading interrogatories, iii 449
Leap-year, ii 141

Lease, ii 317 app 2

and release, ií 339 app 2

entry, and ouster, rule to confess, iii 204
in writing, must be signed, ii 306 n

power under statutes and settlements to
make, ii 319 n

concurrent leases, law of, ii 320 n

of vicar, &c. must be confirmed by ordinary,
ii 321 n

when not binding on successor, ib
surrender of, in law, ii 326 n

how far assignee bound by covenants of, ii

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

by what mode of expression it may be Local actions, iii 294. See Venue

truth not material, iv 150

malice how far essential, ib

conveyed, ib

what publication necessary, ib

modes of prosecution, ib

mode of trial, ib

[blocks in formation]

Locality of trial, iii 384 iv 303.

See Venue

Locks on rivers, destroying, iv 144 and n
Lodgers and lodgings, notice to quit, ii 147 n
goods of, liable to distress, iii 7 8
larceny from, iv 231 n

Logic, its effects upon law and theology, i 33

ii 58 iv 417

Lollardy, iv 47

London, courts of, iii 81

customs of, i 70 75 76 n ii 518

franchises of, not forfeitable, iii 264 iv 424

mayor and aldermen of, their certificate, iii

[blocks in formation]

Lords' committees for courts of justice, iii 57 Malicious destroying ships, &c. iv 245 n

house of, its attendants, i 168

may kill the king's deer, i 167
spiritual, i 155

temporal, i 157

Lotteries, iv 168 and n

[blocks in formation]

underwood, wood, &c. iv 246
trees, &c. ib

clothes, &c. iv 245

mine engines, &c. ib 246 247
framework, &c. ib 247 n
buildings for manufactures, ib
Black Act, ib

burning houses, ib
mills, ib

corn, wood, &c. ib

breaking down fish-ponds, iv 246 n
injuring, &c. cattle, ib and n
trees, ib and n

cutting banks, ib 246

hop binds, &c. ib 247 and n
firing coal mines, &c. ib 247
stopping grain, ib 246

breaking into house to steal plate glass,
&c. ib 247

ill-treatment of cattle, ib 246 n

malicious mischief to 51. in general, ib
247 and n

Malt-tax, i 313

Man, island of, ib 106

Magistrates, their rights, duties, &c. in gene- Mandamus, writ of, iii 110 264 iv 441

ral, i 146

oppression of, iv 141

subordinate, i 338

supreme, ib

Magna assisa eligenda, writ de, iii 351
carta, iv 423 424

[blocks in formation]

Malicious prosecution, iii 126

in what cases granted, iii 265 n
where it does not lie, ib n

to appoint overseers, i 360 n

Mandates, royal, to the judges in private

causes, i 142 iv 426

Manhood, ii 54

Manor, ib 90

[blocks in formation]

destroying, &c. powdike in fens of Norfolk Market, i 274 iii 218

[blocks in formation]
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