Sivut kuvina

435 n

ib n

Marriage, licences and registers forging or de- Master, when master bound by contracts of
stroying, iv 163 249 and n

servants, i 429 n 430 n
of royal family, i 226 iv 117

master entitled to earnings of servant, ib
proof of, iii 140

seducing or enticing away, &c. servants, ib
property by, ii 133

action for, iii 140 n 142 n
setilement, ii 364

employing servant of another, ib 141 n
its antiquity, ib 138

master when liable for torts of servant, i
when good, i 440

431 n
dower barred by agreement to settlement, not liable for crimes of servant, ibn
before, ii 138 n

assault by, in defence of, iii 3 n
son of subsequent, preferred to daughters of offences of servant, i 428 m
prior, ib 213 n

embezzlement hy, iv 230 231
will revoked by, ib 376 n 503 n

servant pawning or selling materials, &c. i
effect of, upon wife's previous property, ib

428 n
434 n

Materia prima, iii 322
husband administrator to wife's estate, it Materna maternis, ii 236

Matrimonial causes, iii 92
contract suit for, iii 93

Matrons, jury of, ib 362 iv 395
action for breach of promise of, i 433 n Maxims, i 68
such promise not within statute of frauds, ib Mayhem, ib 130 iii 121
bill in equity lies to compel disclosure of appeal of, iv 314

inspection of, iii 332
but not to compel marriage, ib

offence of, iv 205
contracts in restraint of, illegal, ib

there must be a maiming, ib 207 n
incestuous-punishment, i 434 n

a laying in wait, ib
who may not intermarry, ib n

an intent to disfigure, ib
when second marriage void to all intents, malicious shooting at another, ib and n
ib 436 n

Mayors, iv 413
when marriage of minor may be annulled, Measures, i 274 iv 275 424

false, iv 157
when void from youth of parties, ib n Medietate, jury de, iii 246 360 iv 128 166 278
breach of promise by minor not actionable, 352
i 437 n

Mediterranean passes, counterfeiting of, iv
if party to consent be incapable, &c. what 249
done, ib n

Meetings, see Riot, Conspiracy
marriage of lunatics, ib 438 n

to petition, restrained, i 142 n
abstract of present act, ib 440 n

for military training, forbidden, ib 143 n
Stotch and foreign marriages, ib

public, near the courts, iv 148 n
annulling for impotency, ib n

Members of parliament, i 153, see Commons,
divorce may be repealed, ib n

Members of
ill-temper not sufficient to divorce, ib 441 n Menaces, iii 120 and n
adultery, ground of divorce, ib n

Menial servants, i 425, see Master and Ser.
divorce in parliament, ib n

decreeing alimony, ib n

Mensa et thoro, divorce a, i 440 iii 94
when marriage vacates, previous bonds, &c. Mercen-lage, i 65 iv 412
ib 442 n

Merchants, custom of, i 75
in what case contracts by wife bind hus- foreign, ib 260 iv 424
band, ib n

embezzlement by, iv 230 n
marrying ward of chancery, ib 463 n Mercheta, ii 83
against consent of parenis, not indictable, Mere right, ib 197
iv 209 n

not assignable, ib 290
conspiring to marry,

Merger, ib 178
Marshal of the king's bench, iii 42

Mesne lords, ib 59
custody of, ib 43 285

process, iii 279 415
of the king's host, certificate of, ib 334 profits, actions of trespass for, 26 205
Marshalsea, court of, ib 76 iv 276

writ of, ib 234
Martial courts, i 415

Metal, stealing, iv 233 n
law, ib 412

Metaphysics, their effects upon law and the
Massbooks, iv 115

ology, ii 58 iv 417
Master in chancery, iii 442

Michel-gemote, i 147
of the rolls, ib

Michel-synoth, ib
his judicial authority, ib 450 Middlesex, bill of, iii 285 app 18
Master and Servant, rights and liabilities of, Migration, ii 7
in general, i 422 to 432

Military causes, iii 103
slave when can demand wages for service

courts, ib 68
in England, ib 126 n 425 n

feuds, ii 57
relative duties of, ib 425 n

offences, i 415 iv 101
as to apprentices, ib 426 n, see Apprentice power of the crown, i 262
runaway servant how treated, ib 428 n

state, ib 408
penalty for giving false characters, ib 428 n tenures, i 287
action by servant for false character, ib tenures under feudal system abolished, it

428 n
contracts for wages construed, ib

its jurisprudence improved, ib 412 n 416 n

410 n

Military, standing army, i 414

Mortgage, ii 157 iii 435
rights and duties of, same as other citizens, how considered in equity, iii 435
ib n

limitation of redemption, ii 158 n
must remove during elections, ib 415 n concealment of prior upon a subsequent, id
courts martial, tbeir nature and jurisdiction, 159 n
i 416 n

tenant must pay rent, &c. to mortgagee, ið
when action lies against superior officer, ib

159 n
privileges of, as to trade, &c. i 417 n priority among several mortgagors, ib 160 n
when exempt from arrest, ib

Mortmain, i 479 11 268 iv 108 424 426 441
their pay not assignable, it

'meaning of “charitable” in statute of, ii
legality of impressing seamen, i 419 n

274 n
Militia, id 410 412 413

bequests not barred by, ib
Milk, may be sold on Sunday, iv 64

subsequent statutes, ib 273 n
Mines, ib 234

colleges relieved against by statute, id 274n
destroying their works, &c. iv 247 and n Mortuaries, ib 425
stealing ore out of, ib 234

Mother-church, i 112
Ministers of state, their responsibility en. Motion in court, iii 304
forced, i 250

Moveables, ii 384
Minority, none in the king, i 248

property in, ib 5 385
Minors, see Infant Children, not to sit in par. Mountebanks, iv 168
liament, ib 162

Mulie puisné, ii 248
Misadventure, homicide by, iv 182

Multiplicity of laws, its original, iż 325
Mischief, malicious, iv 244

Municipal law, i 44
Misdemeanor, ib 1 5

Murder, definition of, iv 194
Mise, ili app 5

offenders must be of sound memory, &c. ið
Misfortune, iv 26

Misnomer, iii 302 iv 334

must be an unlawful killing, ib
Mispleading, when cured by verdict, iii 394 by perjury, iv 138 196
Misprision, against king and government person killed must be reasonable creature,

in king's peace, ib 197
of treason, iv 119

there must be malice aforethought, ib 198
of felony, ib 121

indictment of, iv app
concealing treasure-trove, ib

conviction of, iv app

punishment, iv 201
mal-administration of justice, ib

when pardonable, ib 193 400
contempts against prerogative, ib 122 Murdrum, iii 321 iv 195
against king's person and government, Muta canum, ii 427
ib 123

Mute, standing, iv 324
title not treason, ib

advising it, ib 126
palaces, courts, &c. ib 124

Mutilation, i 130 iii 121 iv 207
violence, &c. ib 125, 6

punishment by, iv 377
dissuading witnesses, &c. ib 126

Mutiny-act, i 415
Mistake, iv 27

Mutual debts, üi 305
Misuser, ii 153

National debt, i 327 ir 441
Miller le droit, ib 325

Nations, law of, i 43 44 n iv 66
l'estate, ib 324

offences against law of
Mittimus, iv 300

general observations, iv 66
Mixed actions, iii 118

violation of safe-conducts, ib 68
larceny, iv 239

offences against ambassadors, iv 70
tithes, ii 24

piracy, ib 71
Modus decimandi, ib 29

Nativi, ii 94
Moerda, iv 194

Natural liberty, i 125
Mollitur manus imposuit, iii 121

life, i 132 i 121
Monarchy, i 49

persons, i 123
Money, bills, ib 170 184

Natural-born subjects, ib 366 371
counterfeiting, iv 84 88

who are, &c. ib 366 n
expended for another, action for, ïïi 162 cannot transfer their allegiance, ib 369 370
received to another's use, action for, it Naturalization, i 374 ii 250
in general, i 276

Nare, crime against, iv 215
difference in value of, ib 276 n

guardian by, i 461
silver, tender in, ib 277 n

law of, ib 36 39 41 n
deposit of in lieu of bail, iü 290 n

Navigation acts, ib 418 iv 439
paying into court, ib 304 n

Navigations, destroying, iv 244 and n
effect of, ib n

hard labour for the benefit of, iv 371 and n
tender of. See Tender

Navy, articles of, i 420, see Military
Monk, i 132

Ne admittas, writ of, iii 248
Monopolies, iv 159 436

ereat regnum, i 137 266 iv 122
stay of suits therein, ib 116

injuste veres, writ of, iii 234
Monsters, ii 246

Necessity, when it excuses crime, ir 27 to 31
Monstrans de droit, iii 256

homicide by, iv 178
Month, ii 141 and n

Negative in corporations, i 478
Monuments, ib 428

of the king, ið 154
Mort d'ancestor, assise of, iii 185

Neglect of duty, action for, üïi 163


and n

ers, il

Negligence of officers, iv 140, see Carrier Nul disseisin, plea of, iii 305 ü 535
Negligent escape, in 415 iv 130

Nul tiel record, ini 331
Negro, i 127 425 ii 402

tort, plea of, ib 305
Neife, ii 94

Nuncupative wills, ii 500
Nembda, iii 349

Nursery grounds, see “ Distress.”
New assignment, ib 311

robbing of, iv 233 n
trial, ib 387 iv 361

Nurture, guardian for, i 461
News, false, iv 149

Nusance, abatement of, i 5
Next of kin, ii 224

assize of, ib 220
when executor considered as trustee for, ib of omission and commission, ib 5 n
514 n

private, as against health, ib 122 n
who shall take as, under statute, ib 516 n by offensive smells, ib 217 n
how far representation per stirpes, ib 517 n by fear of danger, ib n
Nient culpable, plea of, iv 339

by vibration of steam-engine, ib n
Night, in burglary, what, ib 224

private injury by public, ib 219 n
Nightwalkers, ib 292

to window lights, ii 402 n
Nihil dicit, judgment by, iii 296 397

to watercourse, ib 403 n
return of, to writs, ib 282 app

Nihil debet, plea of, ib 305

to highways, bridges, rivers, &c. iv 167
Nisi prius, courts of, ib 58
justices of, ii 59 iv 269

offensive trades, ib and n
trial at, iii 353 iv 351

disorderly houses, &c. iv 168 and n
writ of, ui 354

lotteries, &c. ib and n
Nobility, i 366

fire-works, ib and n
its uses, ib 157 see Peers

eaves-droppers, ib
new order of, introduced, i 397 n

common scolds, ib
their degrees at conquest, ib 399 n.

Oath, er officio, jii 101 447
creation of, and introduction to house of of the party, ib 382 437
peers, i 400 n

to the government, refusal or neglect to take
peerage may be gained for life, ib 401 n

them, i 368 iv 116 117 123
when tried by peers, ib n

who must take oath
when tried and liable to process as common- candidates, if required, as to their qualifi-

cation, i 180 n
privilege of, not extended to foreign, ib

electors, of supremacy and allegiance, be-
wife gives no rank to husband, ib n

fore vote, ibn
coparceners of title, which shall bear it, i of witnesses, iii 369 n
216 n

of one witness insufficient in equity, ib 371 n
Nocturnal crimes, how prevented or resisted, when nature of not understood, trial put off,
iv 180 181

iv 214 n
Non assumpsit, iii 305

conviction must be on, ib
infra ser annos, ib 308

voluntary and extrajudicial, ib 137
compos mentis, i 304 ii 497 'iv 24 395 Obedience to parents, i 452
cul, iv 339

Objects of the laws of England, ib 121
culpabilis, plea of, iii 305 iv 339

Obligation of human laws, ib 57
decimando, prescription de, ii 31

or bond, ii 340 app 3 ili app 20
est factum, plea of, ini 305

Obstructing of process, iv 129 and n
est inventus, return of, ib 283 app 14 15 18 Occupancy, ii 3 8 258 400
obstante, i 342 ii 273 iv 401

Odio et alia, writ de, ii 128
prosequitur, iii 296

Economy, public, offences against, iv 162
sum informatus, judgment by, ib 397

Offences, see Crimes
Non-claim in fines, ii 354

when rule, nullum tempus occurrit regi, ap.
of infants, i 165

plies to, ib 247 n
Nonconformity, iv 51 432

king's prerogative to pardon, ib 269 n
Nonjuror, iv 124

Office found, iii 259
Non-payment of ecclesiastical dues, iż 89

inquest of, ib 258
Non-residence, ii 322

buying or selling illegal, ii 37 n
Nonsuit, iii 296 316 376

Officers, see respective titles
judgment as in case of, ib 357

arrest by, iv 292
leave given to move for, ib 376 n

killing them in executing their office, iv 209
ii 153

of courts, their certificates, iii 336
Norfolk, destroying powdikes in, iv 244

refusal to admit, ib 264
Northern borders, rapine on, ib 244

removal of, ib
Northumberland, theft in, ib 238

non-commissioned, free from civil arrest, iii
Norman conquest, 414 415 isles, i 107

289 n
Noze, cutting off or slitting, iv 207 247 377 of revenue, assault on, iv 155
Not guilty, plea of, iii 305 app 10 iv 338 app 1 constable, assault on, ib 129
Note of a fine, ii 351 app 4

public, embezzlements by, ib 230 n
hand, ib 467

Offices, i 272 ii 36
Notice in ejectment, ii 203 463

and pensions, duty on, i 326
of trial, ib 357

Officio, oath ex, iii 101 447
Novel disseisin, assise of, ib 187

Oleron, laws of, i 419 iv 423
Novels in the civil law, i 81

Opening council, iii 366
Nudum pactum, ii 445

Oppression of crown, how remedied, i 243
VOL. II.-98

Oppression of magistrates, iv 141
Option of the archbishop, i 381
Optional writs, ni 274
Orchards, robbing of, iv 233 and n
Ordeal, trial by, ib 342 414 425
Order of sessions, ib 272

for money, &c. forgery of, ib 250 n
Orders, holy, i 388
Ore, stealing, iv 234
Original contract of king and people, i 211 233

society, ib 47
conveyances, ii 310
of a deed, ib 296
process, ini 279

writ, ib 272 app 6 13
Orphanage, ii 519
Ostium ecclesiae, dower ad, ib 132
Overseers, see Poor

of the poor, i 360
their rights, duties, and liabilities in

ral, i 359
may bind apprentices out of parish, ib 426 n
Overt acts of treason, iv 79 86 357

market, ii 449

pound, vi 12
Ouster of chattels real, ib 198

freehold, ib 167
Ousterlemain, ii 68
Outlawry, i 142 iii 284

against one of several defendants, iii 284 n
special capias utlagatum, ib n
writ of error to reverse, ib n

in criminal cases, N 319
Owling, ib 154
Oyer, in 199 app 22
and terminer, commission of, iv 269 app 1

justices of, killing them, it 84
Oyez, ib 340
Pains and penalties, act to inflict, iv 259
Pais, matter in, ii 294

trial per, iii 349 iv 349
Palace court, iii 76

assault in, iv 125
Palatine counties, i 116 iv 431

their courts, iii 79
Panel of jurors, iii 354 iv 302 350
Papal encroachments, iv 104

process, obedience to, ib 115
Paper book, iii 317 407

credit, i 330 ii 466 iv 441
Papirian code, i 81
Papists, children of, ib 449 451

incapacities of, ii 257 293
laws against, iv 55 87 425

may now purchase and inherit lands, üi 257 n
Paramount, lord, ib 59 91
Paraphernalia, iB 435
Paravail, tenant, ib 60
Parcels in a conveyance, it app 2
Parceners, ib 187
Parco Fracto, writ de, iii 146
Pardon, iv 316 337 376 396
for discovering accomplices or receivers, ib

not pleadable to impeachment, i 334 iv 261

338 440
king's prerogative to, i 269 n iv 397
Parent and child, i 446

injuries to, iii 140
rights, liabilities, and duties in general, i

liability of parent to support child, ib 448 n
law favours claims of heirs, ib 449 n

Parent, so bequests to children, i 449
equity may control father's custody of child,

ib 452 n
allowance out of child's property for main-

tenance, ib 453 n
child, a necessary party in indenture of ap-

prenticeship, ib n
child bound to support indigent parent, it

454 n
period of gestation, i 456 n
when child born in wedlock, illegitimate, ib

457 n
putative father's liability, ib 458 n
appeals against bastardy orders, ib 458
how far bastard subject to some rules of law

as legitimate child, ib 459 notes
when child of age, ib 463 n
infant's father, prochein amy, ib 464 n
injuries to, ii 140
assault by, in defence of, ii 3 n
action for seduction, ib 140 n

ground of action loss of service, ib 142 notes
Parental powers, i 452
Parents, &c. their consent to marriage, i 437
Pares curtis, ii 54

iii 349
Parish, i 112
Parish-clerk, ib 395
Park, ii 38 416
Parliament, see also Statutes

i 141 147 iv 412 425 428
court of, the king in, iv 259 263
disuse of, ib 437
of France, i 147
power of, ib 160
rolls, ib 181
proceedings, stealing sent by post, iv 128 D
summons of, i 150
has sole right to legislate, i 163 n
peers pledge their honour in deciding judi-

cially, ib 9 12 n
Welsh members, ib 95 n
Scotch representatives, id 97 n
acts of, generally extend to Scotland, it 93
Irish union, ib 155 n 159 n
assembling of, on death of king, ib 150 R
Drake, impeached by, ib 151 n
duration of, ib 153 n
spiritual peers, in, ib 156 n 157 n
omnipotence of, ib 161 n 163 n
privileges of, indefinite, ið 164 n
slanders spoken in, privileged, ib n
privileges of members from arrest, &c. it

165 n
members, how liable to bankrupt law, it

166 n
attorney.general not a member formerly, it

168 n
proxies in house of lords, it a
protests, ib n
money bills, though private, not altered by

lords, ib 170 n
voter's qualification, &c. in election, il 172

n 174 n
wages of members, ib 174 n
present number of members, ib
petition against return, ib 175 n
vote by residence in borough, ibn
who may not be elected to, ib 175 n 176 notes
clergy declared ineligible to set in, ib 175 D
how members may vacate seat, ib 176 n

99 n

187 n

185 n

Parliament, qualification of member, ib notes Peace, breach of, iv 142
election on death of member, ib 177 n

clerk of, iv 272
undue influence at elections illegal, ib commission of, i 351 iv 270
178 n

conservation of, i 349
petition to, under Grenville's act, ib 180 n justices of, i 349 iv 270 282 290 292 428
speaker, his salary, ib 181 n

conviction by, iv 281
speaker's speech on his election, ib n

security for, ib 251 254
speaker, a mere member, when house in com- the king's, i 118 268 350
mittee, ib n

offences against
speaker of commons votes only when num- felonious, riotous assembling, iv 142
bers equal, ib

meeting in night, ib 143
speaker of lords has no casting vote, ib

threatening letters, ib 144 and n
standing orders as to bills, &c. ib 181 n

destroying flood-gates, &c. ib 144
commons' humility in former times, ib n not felonious, affrays, ib 145
statutes ordered to be in English by Richard riots and unlawful assemblies, ib 146
III. ib 184 n

tumultuous petitioning, ib 147
king's rejection of bills, ib'n

forcible entries, ib 148
royal assent endorsed on bills by clerk of, ib going armed with weapons, ib 149

spreading false news, ib
promulgation of statutes, ib n

false prophesying, ib
orders, &c. determine by prorogation of, ib challenges to fight, ib 150
186 n

libels, in
impeachment not affected by prorogation or Peculatus, iv 122
dissolution, ib

Peculiars, court of, iii 65
announcement of meeting of, i 187 n Pecuniary causes in ecclesiastical courts, iii
may be summoned on fourteen days' notice, 88
ib 188 n

legacies, ii 512
be dissolved by proclamation, ib n

Peeresses, i 401
triennial act, i6 189

Peers, great council of, i 227 228
additional courts made only by, ib 267 hereditary counsellors of crown, i 227
franking, &c. hy members, ib 323 n

house of, 'i 156 iii 57
house of, public meetings near, iv 118 n pedigrees of, iii 106
Parliamentum indoctum, i 177

privileges of, i 401 iii 359 iv 253 273 367
Parol conveyances, ii 297

answer on their honour in equity, i 9 12 n
demur of, iii 300

so when voting judicially in parliament, ib
evidence, ib 369

Irish and Scoich, their privileges, ib 97 n
or pleadings, ib 293

401 notes
Parricide, iv 202

foreign peers, ib 101 n
Parson, i 384. See Vicar, Curate

spiritual, not a separate estate, ib 157 n
imparsonne, i 391

number of spiritual in parliament, ib 156 n
Particular estate, ii 165

authority of spiritual and temporal peers,
tenants, alienation by, ib 274

same, ib 157 'n
Parties to a deed, ib 298 app 2

privilege from arrest, ib 165 n
fine, ib 355

proxies, ib 168 and n
Partition, ib 189

protests, ib and n
deed of, ib 323

cannot alter private bills which raise money,
writ of, ib 189 ji 302

ib 170 n
Partner, cognizable in equity, iii 437

interfering at election, breach of privilege of
Partners, see Coparceners

commons, ib 178 n
no survivorship among, ü 399 n

their precedency determined, ib 272 n
Passports, i 260

franking letters, ib 323 n
violation of, iv 68

number of their chaplains, ib 392 n
Pasture, common of, ii 32

peerage may be gained for life, ib 401 n
Patents, ib 346

peerage only transferred with consent of
for new inventions, iv 159

parliament, i 401 n
of peerage, i 400

trial of, i 401 n
precedence, iii 28

trial by, i 401 iv 260 348
law respecting, ii 407 n

if witness in court of parliament, must be
injunction against infringement of, ib

sworn, i 402 n
Patent rolls, ib 346

words against, actionable, ibn
writs, ib 347

Peine forte et dure, iv 325
Paterna, paternis, ib 236 n

Penal statutes, i 88 iv 429
Patriam, trial per, iii 349 iv 349

construed strictly, i 82 n
Patronage, ii 21

Penalty of a bond, iii 435
disturbance of, iii 242

Penance, commutation of, iv 217 276
Pauper, see Overseer, Poor, Vagrant

for standing mute, ib 325
what costs may recover, iii 401 n

in ecclesiastical courts, ib 275
causes, ib 400

Pendente lite, administration, ii 503
Pawns, ii 452 see Bailment

Penitentiary houses, iv 371
Pawnbrokers, law relative to, ib 452

Pension, ecclesiastical, i 282 ïi 40
Payment of deceased's debts, ib 511

from the crown, i 176
money in court, iii 304

duty on, ib 326
Peace and war, right of making, i 257

from foreign princes, ir 122

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