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American Anthropological Association, 1920

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Sivu 409 - This suggestion of the Indian probably represents a portion of the truth as regards the travels of this species, but the general trend must have been rather from the coast to the eastward and into the interior, if the botanical probabilities are duly considered. Through the kindness of Dr. Robert H. Lowie, of the American Museum of Natural History, I have been able to make certain that the tobacco which is of so much ceremonial importance among the Crow Indians is Nicotiana multivalvis. I have examined...
Sivu 462 - The art of medicine," says Herodotus, "is thus divided among them : Each physician applies himself to one disease only, and not more. All places abound in physicians; some physicians are for the eyes, others for the head, others for the teeth, others for the...
Sivu 91 - ... of the highest value among them, which they use as a medicine, and employ in their dances and festivities. Among other matters were sea beads. Such were what I carried into the interior; and in barter I got and brought back skins, ochre, with which they rub and color the face, hard canes of which to make arrows, sinews, cement, and flint for the heads, and tassels of the hair of deer, that by dyeing they make red.
Sivu 124 - Duane str., New York City, NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, New York City. NEW YORK STATE LIBRARY. Albany, NY NICHOLSON. MISS GRACE. 46 North Los Robles ave., Pasadena. Cal. NIES, REV. JAMES B.,* Hotel St.
Sivu 90 - I set to trafficking, and strove to make my employment profitable in the ways I could best contrive, and by that means I got food and good treatment. The Indians would beg me to go from one quarter to another for things of which they have need; for in consequence of incessant hostilities, they cannot traverse the country, nor make manv exchanges.
Sivu 116 - Studies, held at the Hotel Plaza, New York, on February 3, 1921, Professor George Grant MacCurdy was elected first director of the foundation. Dr. Charles Peabody is chairman of the board and for the present will also serve as "treasurer of the foundation. The year's work will open at La Quina (Charente) on July 1.
Sivu 513 - THE section of Anthropology and Psychology of the New York Academy of Sciences held a meeting in conjunction with the New York Branch of the American Psychological Association on March 28.
Sivu 215 - Such considerations suggest, however, that those enthusiastic reformers who would initiate drastic legislation to obtain selective breeding may reasonably be asked to proceed with caution. For it is at least conceivable that our present complacent assurance that every individual must live and act within the arbitrary limits assigned by conventional and purely artificial standards of conduct, or else be segregated from society, may be fallacious and inimical to the best development of the race. It...
Sivu 17 - ... heads of these tools were most ingeniously hafted. The whorl was usually battered away on the side toward the mouth, so as to expose the columella. The lip was roundly notched or pierced, and the back whorl also perforated oppositely. Thus the stick or handle could be driven into these perforations, past the columella in such manner that it was sprung or clamped firmly into place. Nevertheless it was usually further secured with rawhide thongs — now mere jelly — passed through one or two...

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