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The present Pamphlet closes my series. There remains a pleasing duty-to tender my best acknowledgements to the Public, who have taken so kind an interest in these little Essays; and to the Reviewers, lay and ecclesiastical, metropolitan and provincial, for the Christian liberality with which, waiving their strong convictions, they have noticed the writings of one whose only passport to their favour has been the wish to speak, however imperfectly, words of peace and reconciliation.

E. S. A.

Paddington, October 18th, 1848.

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Introductory Remarks—Protestantism and Catholicism asserted to be irre

concilable—This cuts both ways - Design of pamphlet – Forcible passage from Dr. Gilly's life of Felix Neff-Opinions of Irenæus examined

-Allix's theory on the origin of Churches of the Piedmont-Opinions of St. Ambrose — Anti-papal feeling in Northern Italy - Claudius of Turin—The Paulicians—Their origin-History—The same with Albigenses -- Canons of Councils relating to them — Book of SentencesHow Paulicians, or Albigenses, baptized – The Consolation

The Endura —Albigenses no argument against the Church of Rome.

WHATEVER may have been the faults and demerits of my former writings, and I am conscious both that these have been not few, and, beyond any expectation I could have formed, often kindly overlooked, and always most mercifully dealt with ; whatever in this sort my sins of omission and commission

may have been, my intention — except I deceive myself strangely — has been honest and single-minded, to help on, in ever so small and imperceptible a degree, the great and holy work of peace and reconciliation. But assuming this end to be accomplished, the Churches of Rome and England united in the bonds of amity, alas 1 how many thousands are there who would not be comprehended in this Union !-how many, whose ancestors were Catholic when no other distinction was known or thought of, would stand aloof! how many guests be absent, and seats empty, at the sacred


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