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This picture hangs in the fourth hall of the Council of state the painter, M. Steube, has represented Innocence throwing herself into the arms of Justice, as her only protection against the attacks Envy, whom we perceive retiring with regret, because he has failed in obtaining another victim.

Justice has quitted her seat: by this, the author wishes to infer that, although impassive, she can defend timidity. Her severe air expresses that she is not to be satisfied with merely saving a victim, but that the accuser, having incurred her displeasure, deserves an exemplary punishment which she knows well how to inflict upon him.

At the bottom of the picture, to the right, may be read: Steube, 1827.

Height, 13 feet 3 inches; breadth, 4 feet 7 inches.

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La quatrième salle du Conseil d'état au Louvre est décoréc de plusieurs figures allégoriques : on a vu déjà sous le n° 225, l'Innocence se réfugiant dans les bras de la Justice, par M. Steube; près de ce tableau, au dessus de la porte, se trouve cette figure de la Force. Le peintre l'a représentée sous la figure d'un jeune homme assis, ayant près de lui la massue d'Hercule.

Le mors et la bride qui se voient sur le devant font connaître que la force doit toujours avoir un frein, sans quoi elle pourrait souvent dégénérer en abus.

Cette figure est d'une couleur et d'une expression qui font également honneur à leur auteur. Elle n'a point encore été gravée.

Larg., 5 pieds 4 pouces; haut., 4 pieds 4 pouces.


The fourth Council chamber of state in the Louvre is decorated with many allegorical pictures; we have already seen at n° 225, Innocence taking refuge in the arms of Justice, by M. Steube; near this picture, and above the door, is a personification of Strength. The painter has represented it, in the figure of a young man seated, with the club of Hercules beside him.

The bit and bridle, in the foreground, imply that strength should always have a curb upon it, for when without one, it often abuses its power.

The colour and expression of this figure are equally honourable to the artist. This picture has not been engraved before.

Breadth, 5 feet 7 inches; height, 4 feet 7 inches.

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