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This picture was painted in 1648 for the Nuns of Port Royal, where, at it is known, several persons, eminent for their deep knowledge, their great virtue, and their sincere piety, had withdrawn. This has induced the belief that under the features of Christ and the Apostles, the painter had given the portraits of the illustrious recluses. But this tradition appears wholly erroneous, and there is nothing to warrant its truth.

The vigorous colouring remarked in Champagne's other performances is not found in this picture, but its great fidelity in the carnations and draperies is admired. It enjoyed so much celebrity even during the author's life, that he made three duplicates of it, which are equally full of merit.

There exists a very fine engraving of this picture, by Alexander Girardet.

Width, 7 feet 3 inches; height, 5 feet 3 inches.


Biblioth. du Palais des Arts


Ph. Champagne p

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