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Several Holy Families have received the appellation of Si. lenee Raphael and Caracci's Silence, are more particularly known. This of Le Brun, of about the same size, is less famed, notwithstanding the number of figures that enter in his composition : it appears that in this picture he remembered some of the principles which he had received from Poussin, during his abode at Rome; but he has not given to his figures so sublime an expression, as that which is seen in the pictures of the most famous of our painters. Although the draperies are fine, still they are rather limp. Le Brun has introduced in his picture the figure of woman, foreign to the Holy Family, and who appears wishing to carefully take up the Infant Jesus, sleeping on the Virgin's knees. This licence agrees but little with the poverty, which, according to the Gospel, reigned in the family of Jesus Christ. The stove which certainly could be of no use in Judæa, and whose whimsical shape strongly recals the age in which Le Brun lived, must also be looked upon as an inconsistency.

In the lower part, on the right hand, is the monogram of Charles Le Brun, and the year 1655. This picture has been engraved by Romanet and Lignon, and afterwards by Le Normand Poilly has also given an upright engraving of it, in which he has suppressed the whole of the right side of the picture, and even the woman wishing to take the Infant Jesus. Width, 3 feet 9 inches; height, 2 feet 9 inches.


Biblioth. du Lalais des Arts


Le Brun pine.


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