Tariff Information, 1921: Schedule C. Metals and manufactures of. Schedule D. Wood and manufactures of. Schedule E. Sugar, molasses, and manufactures of

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1921
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Sivu 1172 - House or cabinet furniture wholly or in chief value of wood, wholly or partly finished, and manufactures of wood or bark, or of which wood or bark is the component material of chief value, not specially provided for in this section, 15 per centum ad valorem.
Sivu 761 - Beams, girders, joists, angles, channels, car-truck channels, TT, columns and posts or parts or sections of columns and posts, deck and bulb beams, and building forms, together with all other structural shapes of iron or steel, whether plain or punched, or fitted for use, fivetenths of one cent per pound.
Sivu 716 - All metal produced from iron or its ores, which is cast and malleable, of whatever description or form, without regard to the percentage of carbon contained therein, whether produced by cementation, or converted, cast, or made from iron or its ores, by the crucible, Bessemer...
Sivu 716 - ... per pound: Provided, That when iron or steel axles are imported fitted in wheels, or parts of wheels, of iron or steel, they shall be dutiable at the same rate as the wheels in which they are fitted.
Sivu 714 - Iron or steel anchors or parts thereof, one cent per pound; forgings of iron or steel, or of combined iron and steel, but not machined, tooled, or otherwise advanced in condition by any process or operation subsequent to the forging process...
Sivu 715 - Sheets of iron or steel, polished, planished, or glanced, by whatever name designated, one and one-half cents per pound : Provided, That plates or sheets of iron or steel, by whatever name designated, other than the polished, planished, or glanced herein provided for, which have been pickled or cleaned by acid, or by any other material or process, or which are cold-rolled, smoothed only, not polished...
Sivu 859 - ... per centum ad valorem; but no articles other than the needles which are specifically named in this section shall be dutiable as needles unless having an eye and fitted and used for carrying a thread.
Sivu 1003 - Nickel, nickel oxide, alloy of any kind in which nickel is a component material of chief value, in pigs, ingots, bars, or sheets, six cents per pound. 186. Pens, metallic, except gold pens, twelve cents per gross. 187. Penholder tips, penholders or parts thereof, and gold pens, twenty-five per centum ad valorem.
Sivu 716 - ... cylindrical and tubular tanks or vessels, for holding gas, liquids, or other material, whether full or empty...
Sivu 888 - Wheels for railway purposes, or parts thereof, made of iron or steel, and steel-tired wheels for railway purposes, whether wholly or partly finished...