Chiefs of Nations: The Cherokee Nation 1730 To 1839

iUniverse, 2005 - 424 sivua
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Chiefs of Nations: First Edition: The Cherokee Nation 1730 to 1839-109 years of Political Dialogue and Treaties brings to light an abundance of uncharted and detrimental facts that serve as testimonial changing the history of the Cherokee Nation.

Covering the Colonial period with new and fresh accounts taken directly from the Colonial records to the onset of the federal period with the United States, as recorded in the minutes of the 1st to 17th congress; Chiefs of Nations radiates to the publics need for truth and realistic coverage between the United States and Indian Nations; once governed by traditional governments-populating the entire continent, of the United States of America.

Both technical and dramatic, Chiefs of Nations, unlike other books such as, Browns Old Frontiers, Cherokee Tragedy, The Cherokees, Trail of Tears (The rise and fall of the Cherokee Nation): Chiefs of Nations, discovers the actual causes that led to the acts and resolves of Congress, for the expansion of the Southeastern States and Territories-into the Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations boundaries.

Populated with fully quoted documents from the Federal Records and unedited Treaties, Chiefs of Nations, reveals the shocking truth: exposing the contentions between rival factions and the development of an insurgent political party in 1825, that ultimately gained control of the Cherokee Nation, and released claim to all their remaining lands in 1835.


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