Lives of the English Poets-Vol II

Read Books, 1.1.2006 - 480 sivua
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The late Sir Walter Raleigh said that 'for every fifty readers of Boswell's Life of Johnson there came out in 1670.has perhaps been only one reader of Johnson himself, but (that) the man who professes a liking for Johnson's prose has found it out for himself, and his talk is good to hear.' This volume contains, among others, essays on Congreve, Gay, Swift, Pope, Thomson, Collins and Gray.

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (2006)

Samuel Johnson is famous today as the author of the first dictionary of the English language, and as the subject of one of the most famous biographies of all time (by James Boswell). Also known as a poet, critic, journalist, philosopher and editor, he was one of the most celebrated figures of his day. He died in 1709.

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