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Assent of Congress to Acts of the Legislatures of Bankruptcy.

form system of bankruptcy in the United
1804, continued for four years, (obsolete,) States," December 10, 1803,

549 Peacons and Euoys.-See Light-houses.
Assent of Congress to an act of the State of

Bills drawn by John Armstrong.
Georgia, establishing fees of the harbour-
master and health officer, March 2, 1811,

The Secretary of the Treasury authorized to

suspend the payment of bills drawn by
• 658
John Armstrong,

An act to carry into effect an act of the legis-

See Appropriation.
lature of the State of Maryland authorizing
lotteries, -

• 728

Fooks.—See Copyrights.
An act to revive an act declaring the assent County.-See Military Bounty Lands.

of Congress to an act of the State of Geor- Eridge at Brooklyn.
gia, establishing the fees of the harbour-

A bridge to be built across the marsh and mill
master of Savannah and St. Mary's, March

pond from the navy yard at Brooklyn, 330
3, 1813, -


Bridge over the River Potomac.
Assistant to the Adjutant-General.

Erection of a bridge over the Potomac within
38 the District of Columbia,

• 457
Assistant Postmaster-General.

British Colonies and Dependencies.-See Non-In-
An additional assistant Postmaster-general to

be appointed with a salary of sixteen hun-
dred dollars,

615 Cadets.

Cadets in the military academy, • - 720
Of acts of State legislatures, records and judi- Canals.

cial proceedings, to give them effect in other The expense of extending the canal of Ca-

• 298

rondelet to the Mississippi river to be de-


Canal in the City of Washington.-See City of
An act for the more convenient taking of affi- Washington.

davits and bail in civil causes depending in Capitol.
the courts of the United States, February

Appropriation for completing the south wing
20, 181%,

• 679
of the capitol,

- 311
Commissioners of bail to be appointed - 680

Further appropriation towards completing the
Notes of the decisions of the courts of the


• 399
United States on the law of bail, .679

Appropriation for finishing the south wing of
Bainbridge, William.

the capitol,

Resolution requesting the President of the Appropriation for completing the two wings

United States to present medals to Captain of the capitol at Washington, • 552
William Bainbridge, and the officers of the Appropriations for the construction and re-

frigate Constitution, March 3, 1813, - 831 pairs of the capitol and President's house,
Bank of Alexandria.


An act concerning the Bank of Alexandria, 621 Census.
Notes of decisions in certain actions against the Act providing for the second census of the in-
Bank of Alexandria, &c.,

• 621
habitants of the United States,


11 to 14
Bank of the United States.

An act providing for the third census or enu-
Authorized to establish offices in the territories

meration of the inhabitants of the United
and dependencies of the United States,

States, March 26, 1810,

• 564
March 28, 1804, (obsolete,)


Amendment of the act of March 26, 1810,
Punishment of frauds committed on the Bank

of the United States,


An act further to alter and amend an act pro-
The fourth section of the act incorporating the

viding for the third census or enumeration
Bank of the United States, which prohibited of the inhabitants of the United States, May
the bank from purchasing the public debt,

1, 1810, -

· 605

- 695

The time for completing the third census ex-
Bank of Washington.

tended, March 2, 1811, (obsolete,) 658
An act to incorporate the Bank of Wash- Circuit Courts.


Regulation of the Circuit Courts of the United


The act to establish a uniform system of The Circuit Court shall consist of one judge

bankruptcy, April 4, 1800, (repealed,) 19 of the Supreme Court, and the district judge
Proceedings under the act,

19 to 36

of the district in which the court shall be
Notes of decisions on the bankrupt law of the held,

United States, -

19 Appeals from the Circuit to the Supreme
An act to repeal « An act to establish a uni- Court,

- 244



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Circuit Courts.

City of Washington.
The nineteenth section of the act of 24th Sep- Decisions of the Supreme Court on the pro-

tember, 1789, chap. 20, which directs that visions of the act incorporating the city of
the facts in causes in equity and admiralty Washington which authorizes the laying
shall appear on the record, and the twentieth

of taxes, -

section which ects the plaintiff or libellant Decisions of the Supreme Court on the pre-
in the Circuit Court to costs, in certain visions of the charter which authorizes the
cases, repealed,

drawing of lotteries, -

Jurisdiction of the Circuit Courts of the dis- The President authorized to lease any part of

tricts of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, the reservations in the city of Washington,
February 24, 1807, (abolished,) 420

Rules for the government of the Circuit Claims of Citizens of the United States on the French

. 420

Circuit Court of Kentucky to form part of the An act making provision for the payment of
seventh circuit,


the claims of citizens of the United States
Sessions of the court,

- 420

on the government of France, assumed by
Circuit Court in Tennessee, February 24, the United States by virtue of the conven-


tion ceding Louisiana to the United States.
State of Tennessee to be divided into two November 10, 1803,


421 Additional provisions for the payment of
Sessions of,

- 420

claims of citizens of the United States on
Circuit Court in Ohio, February 24, 1807, 420 the French government, assumed by the
Sessions of, -

United States under the treaty with the
Circuit Court of the third circuit, • 471

French republic,

. 348
Circuit Court of Georgia,

· 471 An act making further provision for the pay-
Circuit Courts of Kentucky, Tennessee, and ment of the claims of the United States on

the government of France,

- 381
The Circuit Courts to perform the duties of

the District Courts in cases of the inability Clearance of Ships or Vessels.
of the district judges,


Regulation of the clearance of vessels from the

Times of holding the Circuit Court at Knox-
ville, in the district of East Tennessee, in

An act to regulate the clearance of armed

merchant vessels, March 5, 1805, (ex-
the State of Tennessee, altered,

Times of holding the Circuit Court in the

district of New Hampshire altered, 696 Coast of the United States.
Times of holding the Circuit Court in the The Secretary of the Treasury to cause charts
district of Rhode Island altered, - 696

of the coast of North Carolina to be sold, 504
Times of holding the Circuit Court at Boston, See Survey of the Coast.
Massachusetts, altered,


Ci'y of Washington.

Mode of estimating certain foreign coins, and of
Board of commissioners of the city of Wash-

making out invoices in certain cases, 121
ington abolished,


The second section of the act for regulating
Affairs of the city to be under the charge of

foreign coins which directs that certain fo
& superintendent to be appointed by the Pre-

reign coins shall cease to be a legal tender,


passed August 6, 1790, suspended, (obso
Lots to be sold to pay the debt to Maryland, 176


Canal froin the Potomac to the Eastern Branch,

An act regulating the currency of foreign
coins in the United States,

An act concerning the city of Washington,

Notes of the acts of Congress relative to fo
March 3, 1803,

reign coins,

. 374
Superintendent, his salary, and allowance for
a surveyor,

236 Collection Districts and Ports of Delivery.
An act suppleinentary to “ An act to incorpo- District of Kennebunk,

rate the inhabitants of the city of Wash- Lynn annexed to New London,

ington, in the District of Columbia,” Fe. District of Bermuda Hundred,

- 68
bruary 24, 1804,
254 City Point, -

A supplement to the act concerning the city Biddeford, Pepperelborough, and New Bedford
of Washington,

297 made ports of entry for vessels arriving from
Compensation to the office of surveyor, 298 the Cape of Good Hope and from places
Public buildings in the city of Washington, 298 beyond the same,

Proprietors of squares and lots in the city of District of Bristol established and annexed to

Washington authorized to have them di- the towns of Kittery and Berwick, in the
vided and admitted to record, - 511 district of Portsmouth,

A company incorporated for opening a canal Districts of Massac in Ohio, Palmyra in Ten-
in the city of Washington,


An act further to amend the charter of the District of Bermuda Hundred and City Point
city of Washington. May 4, 1812,



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Collection Districts and Ports of Delivery.

Commerce and Seamen of the United States.
Collection districts established, act of May 1, 25, 1804, revived and continued in force,
1802, (obsolete)

182 January, 10, 1809, (obsolete,) • 511
Beaufort in North Carolina,

- 228

Commercial Intercourse.


Between the United States and France further


suspended, act of February 7, 1800,

A new collection district on Lake Ontario, 228

Sailing of commercial vessels regulated, -

Treatment of vessels violating the act, 9
Cambridge in Massachusetts made a port of

The President may remit the prohibition of

Collection districts of Buffaloe Creek and

intercourse, and may renew it,

Miami, and altering the port of entry of the

Hispaniola to be considered as a dependency
of France,

district of Erie, -


Regulations as to public armed vessels, • 10
Roxhury, in Massachusetts, made a port of

Commercial Intercourse with St. Domingo
delivery, -

Town of Jersey, in New Jersey, made a port

suspended, Feb. 28, 1806, (expired) - 351
of delivery,

See Non-Intercourse, Non-Importation.

All the shores and waters of the Ohio and its Compensation.
branches, and of the Mississippi and its Paymaster-general,

branches, added to the district of Missis- Assistant to the Adjutant-general,

sippi, (obsolete,)

- 418 Of the Officers of the Senate and House of
Name of the districts of Biddeford and Peppe- Representatives,

relborough changed to that of Saco, Massa- Allowances to certain collectors of duties on
451 import and tonnage,

Plymouth in North Carolina made a port of Commissions to certain collectors,


497 Compensation of public ministers, - 78
Name of the district of Nanjemoy changed to Salaries of the district judges of Massachu-
St. Mary's,

497 setts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware,
Augusta in Maine made a port of delivery, 497 and Maryland augmented, -

- 121
Districts of Mumphreymagog, Oswegatchie, Compensation to delegates in Congress, - 130

and White Mountains established, 655 Act of March 2, 1799, augmenting the salary
Part of the State of New Jersey annexed to of certain officers, revived and continued in

the collection district of New York, - 657 force for two years from January 1, 1802, 152
Collection district of Niagara,

657 Compensation of the officers of the Senate
Cape St. Vincent, in the district of Sacket's and House of Representatives of the United

Harbour, made a port of entry, 657 States, April 29, 1802, (obsolete,) 170
District of Sandusky and Teche, 657 Compensation to officers employed in the col-

lection of duties on imports and tonnage, 172
Collection of Duties on Vessels and Tonnage.

Additional compensation to the deputy post-
Transportation of goods, &c., from Philadelphia

master at Washington; act of May 3, 1802,
and Baltimore by way of Appoquinimink sect. 7, (obsolete,)

Creek allowed, -


Compensation of the officers of government,
An act in addition to the act entitled “ An act

February 20, 1804,

concerning the registering and recording of

Compensation of the officers of the Senate and
ships and vessels of the United States," and

House of Representatives, (obsolete,) - 375
to the act entitled “ An act to regulate the

Compensation of witnesses for attending

the trial
collection of duties on imports and tonnage,”

of the impeachment of Samuel Chase, 389
March 2, 1803,

Compensation to certain clerks,

An act supplementary to an act to regulate

Additional compensation to the judges of the
the collection of duties on imports and ton-

Mississippi, Indiana, Michigan, and Louisi-

ana territories,

An act to amend in the cases therein men-

Compensation for extra services of the gover-
tioned the “ Act to regulate the collection

nor, judges, and secretary of the Indiana
of duties on imports and tonnage, April 21,

territory, -



Additional compensation to the secretaries of
Columbia, District of.–See District of Columbia. the Mississippi, Indiana, Louisiana, and

Michigan territories, -

Columns.—See Light-houses.

Act to continue in force an act continuing
Commerce and Seamen of the United States.

the salaries of certain officers,

- 456
An act for the protection of the commerce of Compensation to John Eugene Leitensdorfer

the United States against the Tripolitan for services rendered in the war with Tri-
cruisers, February, 6, 1802, (obsolete,) 129


Appropriation for extending the commerce of Salaries of the judges of the Circuit Court

the United States, February, 28, 1803, 206 of the District of Columbia increased,
See Commercial Intercourse, Scamen.

March 3, 1811,

• 660
An act for the protection of the commerce “ An act continuing for a limited timo the sala-

and soamen of the United States of March ries of the officers of the government,”. 713

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third census,


The President of the Senate pro tempore act- Times and places for holding certain courts

ing as such while the office of Vice-presi- altered, act of May 3, 1801, (repealed,) 123
dent of the United States was vacant, 777 Courts in New Hampshire, Maine, Massa-

chusetts, -

· 123
Special Congress, act of May 13, 1800, - 85

Courts in North Carolina,

Courts in New Jersey, -

Resolution authorizing the Secretary of State
to furnish members of Congress with the

Circuit Court of Kentucky,

laws of the sixth Congress,

198 Repeal of the act of March 3,1801, for alter.
Resolution expressing the sense of Congress

ing the times and places of holding certain
of the conduct of the officers and crew of

courts therein mentioned, &c., · 123
the schooner Enterprise,

- 198

Sec Judiciary.
Congress to meet on the first Monday in No-

Court of the United States for the Kentucky
vember, 1803, -


district, its sessions,
Congress to meet on the first Monday of No-

District Courts of Virginia, Rhode Island, and
vember, 1804,

West Tennessee,

The next meeting of Congress to be on the

In case of the inability of the judge of any
first Monday of November, 1808, 490

District Court to attend the court, the mar-
Congress to meet on the fourth Monday in

shal may adjourn the court, March 26,
November, 1809,


See Compensation.

Superior courts of the territories invested with
Delegates from territories.—See Ohio, Michi-

the jurisdiction of the District Court of
gan, Indiana, and. Illinois Territories.

Kentucky in cases where the United States
Assent to State acts.-Sce Assent of Congress

are concerned, -

to State Acts.

Regulation of the time of holding the courts
in the District of Columbia,

Congress to meet on the fourth Monday in

District Court in North Carolina,

May, 1813,


Causes, &c., pending in the District Court of

Columbia continued over to April term,
District Court in Connecticut,

- 676

· 467
Representatives in Congress according to the Jurisdiction of the Circuit Courts of the dis-


tricts of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio,
Copper Mines.

420, 516
Resolution authorizing the appointment of an

Jurisdiction of the District Courts of Kentucky
agent to collect information relative to the

and Ohio abridged,

copper mines on Lake Superior, 87

Rules for the government of the Circuit


Circuit Court of Kentucky to form part of the
An act supplementary to an act entitled “ An seventh circuit,

act for the encouragement of learning by Circuit Court in Tennessee, February 24,
securing the copies of maps, charts, and


books to the authors and proprietors of such The State of Tennessce to be divided into two
copies during the time therein mentioned,"


- 420
and extending the benefits thereof to the arts

A Circuit Court to be holden annually in
of designing, engraving, etching historical each district,

420, 477
and other prints, April 29, 1802, (re- Circuit Court in Ohio,

• 420
pealed,) -

Proceedings in the courts,

. 477
Notes to the acts relating to copyright, 171 Circuit Court in the second circuit, . 471
Consuls and Vice-consuls.

Circuit Court in Georgia,

An act supplementary to “An act concerning The Circuit Courts to perform the duties of

consuls and vice-consuls," and for the further District Courts in cases of the inability of
protection of American seamen, February

the district judges,

28, 1803,

• 203

Circuit Court in Knoxville, East Tennessee,

- 693
Constitution, Frigate.

Circuit Court in New Hampshire,

. 696
Reward of Captain Isaac Hull and the officers

Circuit Court in Rhode Island,

and crew of the Constitution, for the de-

Circuit Court in Boston, Massachusetts, - 696
struction of the British frigate Guerriere, 818

See Circuit Courts-District Courts-Supreme
Reward of Captain William Bainbridge, his

officers and crew, for the destruction of the
British frigate Java,

Courts Martial.-See Army of the United States.
• 818

Crimes and Offences.
Constitution of the United States.

Continuation of the act of June 5, 1794, pro-
Resolution proposing an amendment of the hibiting violations of the neutrality of the

constitution prohibiting any citizen of the United States, without limitation of time, 64
United States receiving or retaining any title Punishment of a person who shall cast away
or emolument from any foreign prince, state, a vessel at sea, -

or power,

613 Persons may be tried and punished for crimes

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at sca,

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Crimes and Offences.

Debt of the United States.
under the revenue laws in five years from An act authorizing a loan of money for a sum
the time of commission,

290 not exceeding five millions of dollars, March
Notes of decisions of the courts on the acts of 2, 1811, (obsolete) -

- 656
Congress punishing the destroying a vessel An act authorizing a loan not exceeding cleven

- 290

millions of dollars, March 14, 1811, - 694
Proceedings against persons committing trea- Transfer of stock created under act of No-
son or felony within the jurisdiction of the vember, 1803,-

United States, and taking passage in foreign An act authorizing a subscription for the old
armed vessels in ports and harbours of the six per cent. and deferred stocks, and pro-
United States, -

339 viding for an exchange of the same, - 783
Counterfeiting the current coins of the United Supplement to the act authorizing a loan of
- 404 eleven millions of dollars, -

Cumberland Road.

Loan of sixteen millions of dollars authorized,
An act to lay out and make a road from Cum-

February 8, 1813,

- 798
berland, in Maryland, to the State of Ohio, Decatur, Stephen.
March 29, 1806,

357 Resolution as to his services, November 27,
Note of the acts which have been passed re- 1804,

lating to the Cumberland road, • 357 Dedimus Potestatem.See Evidence.
Additional appropriation for the Cumberland Defence of Merchant Vessels.

- 555

Merchant vessels of the United States may
Addition to the act for laying out a road from defend themselves against French depreda-
Cumberland, in Maryland, to the State of

tions, act of April 22, 1800, (obsolete,) 39

- 661

Act of June 25, 1798, except such parts as
An act in addition to the act to regulate the

relate to salvage in rccapture, continued, 39
laying out and making a road from Cum-

berland, in Maryland, to the State of Ohio,


Representatives in Congress according to the
third census,

. 669
Customs.-See Duties.

Delegates to Congress.—See Mississippi Territory-

Indiana Territory— Illinois Territory-Mo-
Danish Consul at Tripoli.

chigan Territory.
Acknowledgment of Congress of the services

of the Danish consul at Tripoli, April 10, Departments.—See Trcasury, War, and Navy De

• 410


Debt of the United States.

The courts of the United States shall have
The President of the United States authorized
to borrow three millions four hundred thou-

power, in their discretion, to take depositions

in perpetuam rei memoriam, in any case
sand dollars for the use of the United States,

- 682
May 7, 1800, -

depending before them,

Appropriations of the loan,

60 Destroying Ships or Vessels at Sea. See Crimes and
An act making provision for the redemption

of the whole of the public debt of the United Dexter, Samuel.

States, April 29, 1802, (obsolete,) 167 Appropriation of five hundred dollars to Samuel
Debt of eleven millions of dollars created for Dexter, for the expenses of a suit against
the purpose of carrying into effect the treaty him brought by Joseph Hodgson,

• 152
with France by which Louisiana was ceded Direct Taxes.

to the United States, Nov. 10, 1803, - 245 Supplement to the act of July 9, 1798, - 2
The President authorized to borrow two mil- Valuations by the commissioners,

lions of dollars towards the extraordinary An act to promote the equalizing the value-
expenses of intercourse with foreign na- tion of unseated lands, May 10, 1800, 71

349 Commissioners to adjust the valuations, • 71
Repeal of any of the acts which authorize the Clerks to be employed for completing the ab-

receipt of evidence of public debt in pay- stracts of the valuation of lands, dwelling-
ment for public lands,

405 houses, and the enumeration of slaves, 111
An act supplementary to the act making pro- Surveyors of the revenue to make certain re-

vision for the redemption of the whole of turns to the supervisors and inspectors, 124
the public debt of the United States, Febru- An act to amend an act entitled « An act to
ary 11, 1807,

• 415 lay and collect a direct tax within the United
Note of acts for the redemption of the public States," March 16, 1802, -

- 138

- 415 An act further to amend the « Act to lay and
Powers of the commissioners of the sinking collect a direct tax within the United States,"
fund extended, -
- 551 March 3, 1804, (obsolete,).

. 262
An act authorizing a loan of money for a sum Act for providing for the valuation of lands,

not exceeding the amount of the principal dwelling-houses, and the enumeration of
of the public debt, reimbursable during the slaves in South Carolina, and for other pur-
year 1810, May 1, 1810, -

· 6101

. 311

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