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Direct Taxes.

District of Columbia.
An act to amend « An act further to amend Proceedings in the Circuit Court of the Dis-

the act entitled An act to lay and collect a trict of Columbia against non-residents re-
direct tax within the United States,'" 316 gulated, -

- 193
District Courts.

Sessions of the Circuit Courts,

· 194
Sessions of the District Courts of Virginia, Proceedings,

Rhode Island, and West Tennessee al- Taxes, how levied,


273 Hiring of slaves in the District of Columbia, 194
District Courts to have power to issue writs Jurors and justices of the peace, · 195
of injunction,

418 Licenses to hawkers and pedlers, - 195
Terms of the District Court of North Carolina Jail in the city of Washington,

. 195
changed, March 9, 1808,
· 471 Taxes in Georgetown,

The Circuit Courts to exercise the duties of the Inspection of articles in the District, 195

District Courts during the inability of the Militia of Washington and Alexandria, 195
district judges, -

534 Incorporation of the inhabitants of the District
Justice of the Supreme Court to exercise the of Columbia, May 3, 1802,

powers of district judge during the inability Militia of the District of Columbia, act of
of the judge,
534 March 3, 1803,

- 21
An act altering the time for holding the Dis- Insurance on buildings, goods, and furniture in

trict Court in Obio, March 26, 1810, • 568 the county of Alexandria, in the territory of
Time of holding the District Court of Maine Columbia,

altered, November 28, 1811,

· 667 Regulation of the time of holding the courts
Time of holding the District Court in North in the District of Columbia,

• 390
Carolina altered, January 23, 1812, 675 Provisions of former acts relative to the writs
Time of holding the District Court in Con- of capias ad respondendum repealed, - 422
necticut altered, February 6, 1812,
- 676 Return of such writs,

- 422
An additional judge to be appointed for the Expenses of the administration of justice in
district of New York,

- 719
the District of Columbia,

An act altering the times of holding the Dis- Expenses reduced,

trict Court in the respective districts of New A turnpike company in the county of Alex-
York and Massachusetts, March 3, 1813, 815 andria established,

· 485
An act altering the time of holding the District A road to the lower castern branch bridge to

Court in the district of Maine, March 3, be opened and kept in repair, - 569


A company incorporated to make certain roads
District of Columbia.

in the District of Columbia, April 20, 1810,
An act conc
ncerning the District of Colum-


103 Amendment of « An act to establish a turnpike
Notes of the acts for the government and ad- company in the county of Alexandria, in
ministration of justice in the District of Co- the District of Columbia,”-


103 A canal from the river Potomac around the
Decisions of the courts of the United States, west end of the dam or causeway from
in suits relating to the District of Co- Mason's Island authorized,


103 An act to amend the laws within the District
Laws of Virginia and Maryland continued in of Columbia, June 24, 1812,

force in the District of Columbia, 103 Certain powers conferred on the Levy Court
Organization of the government of the Dis- of the District of Columbia, relating to peni-

• 105 tentiaries, roads, laying taxes, bridges, 771
Circuit Courts,

• 105 An act to authorize the president and ma-
A marshal and attorney in the district to be nagers of the Washington Turnpike Com-
appointed. Fees,

• 106

pany of the State of Maryland, when or-
Writs of Error and Appeal,

. 106 ganized, to extend and make their turnpike
Notes of the law relative to writs of error and road to or from Georgetown, in the District

. 106

of Columbia, to the district line, - 808
Orphans' Court,

. 107| Drawback.
Compensation of the judges. Notes of the Act of April 5, 1800, (repealed,)

acts relating to the compensation of the Drawbacks of stamp duties on debentures, 82

judges of the District of Columbia, 107 No drawbacks to be allowed on goods im-
Supplement to the act relating to the District ported in foreign vessels,

of Columbia,

· 115 Additional drawback on refined sugar and
Powers of the Circuit Court. Forms of in- spirits distilled in the United States, 85

. 115

Act of April 5, 1800, allowing a drawback on
Punishment of felonies,

. 115

goods exported to New Orleans, (re-
Jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Alexan- pealed,)


115 An act to allow drawbacks on goods, wares,
Magistrates to form a board of county com- and merchandise, transported by land in

115 certain cases therein mentioned, March 3,
Delivery of fugitives from justice or labour, 116 1804,

- 261
Vol. II.--106

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Collectors of New York, Boston, Philadelphia


five years,

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go, &c.,

Drawback of Duties on Goods exported to New Or-| Dulies.

Act to continue in force the first section of the
Repeal of the act imposing restrictions on the act further to protect the commerce and sea-

act withholding drawbacks in certain expor- men of the United States against the Bar-
tations of goods from Louisiana, 309

bary powers, (the Mediterranean fund,) con-
The benefit of drawback allowed on merchan- tinued in force, January 31, 1812, • 675

dise exported by land conveyance from An act for imposing additional duties on all
Newport to Boston, and from Boston to goods, wares, and merchandise, imported

· 578 from any foreign port or place, and for other
An act to extend the time for exporting, with purposes, July 1, 1812,

privilege of drawback, goods, wares, and An act to impose a duty on the importation of
merchandise entitled thereto, June 10, iron wire, February 25, 1813, - 804

748 The first section of the act further to protect

the commerce and seamen of the United
Repeal of duties on mills and implements em- States against the Barbary powers continued
ployed in the manufacture of snuff. Act of in force,

• 809
April 24, 1800,

Act laying additional duties on salt continued Election of Members of the House of Representatives.

60 The act to prescribe the mode of taking evi-

dence in contested elections of members of
Baltimore, Norfolk, and Charleston, to de. the House of Representatives continued for
posit bonds for duties, for collection, in the

• 39
Bank of the United States,

72 Embargo.
Additional duties on sugar, molasses, &c., 84

Laid on all the ships and vessels in the ports
Duties on wines and articles imported in fo- and harbours of the United States, Decem-
reign vessels,

ber 22, 1807,

Act laying duties on licenses for selling wines Notes of cases decided on the embargo acts of

and foreign distilled spirits, continued, - 102 Dec. 22, 1807, January 9, 1808, &c., • 451
Duties on snuff, refined sugar, on property sold Supplement to the embargo act of December
at auction, and on carriages for the con-

22, 1807,

· 453
veyance of persons, continued, February 25, Additional supplementary embargo act, - 473

102 An act in addition to the act laying an embar-
Duties on certain teas destroyed by fire in

- 499
Providence, Rhode Island, remitted, 117 An act more effectually to enforce the embargo
Act to provide for the establishment of certain acts, January 9, 1809,

districts, and therein to amend an act en- An act laying an embargo on the ships and
titled “ An act to regulate the collection of vessels of the United States for a limited
duties on imports and tonnage," and for time, April 4, 1812, -

- 700
other purposes, (obsolete,) -

• 181 | Enrolled Bills.
Duties on imports and tonnage within the ter- A variance between an engrossed bill and an en-

ritory ceded by the French republic to the rolled bill to be corrected. Resolution, - 306
United States, February 24, 1804,

251 Engineer Corps.
An act for imposing more specific duties on An act making further provision for the corps
the importation of certain articles, and for

of engineers, April 29, 1812,

laying and collecting light money on foreign

A company of bombardiers, sappers, and miners
ships or vessels, and for other purposes, 299 to be formed, and to be officered from the
The sixth section of the act of March 27,

corps of engineers,

1804, imposing more specific duties, not to

Appointment of the commander of the corps
operate on unregistered vessels of the United

of engineers,

• 721
States. Manner of entering such ships or



Authentication of public acts, records, and
The first section of an act further to protect

judicial proceedings to give them effect in
the commerce and seamen of the United

other States. Election of members of the
States from the Barbary powers, continued,

House of Representatives,

• 298
April 21, 1806,

Importation of copper, saltpetre, and sulphur, Exportation of Goods.—See Non-Exportation of
free of duty, allowed,


Goods, Wares, and Merchandise--Drawbacks
Duties on the naval monument erected to the

memory of the officers who fell in the attack
on Tripoli remitted,


Farmers' Bank of Alexandria.
Duties on certain goods repaid, and bonds to

An act to incorporate the subscribers to the
be given for the duties,

Farmers' Bank of Alexandria, - 629
The first section of an act to protect the Fines and Forfeitures.-See Penalties and For.

• 513

commerce and scamen of the United States feitures.
against the Barbary powers, (the Mediter- Fisheries of the United States.
ranean fund,) continued in force, January An act to continue in force “ An act concern-
11, 1811,

- 611

certain fisheries of the United States

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Fisheries of the United States.

George Washington.
and for the government of the fishermen direction of the joint committee of Congress,
employed therein,” and for other purposes

to be paid,

as therein mentioned, April 12, 1800, (ex- Resolution that a marble monument be erected

36 in the capitol at Washington, to commemo-
Continuance of certain allowances to fishing rate the great events of the military and

37 political life of General Washington, - 86
An act for the accommodation of persons con-

Funcral honours,

cerned in the fisheries of the United States, Recommendation to the people of the United
March 16, 1802,

137 States, to testify their grief for the death
Allowances given by certain collectors to fish- of General George Washington, on the 22d
ing vessels to be credited at the treasury, 552 of February, 1820,

Foreign Coin.-See Coins.

Circuit Court in Georgia,

. 471
Act supplementary to the act for fortifying the

Representatives in Congress according to the
third census,

- 669
ports and harbours of the United States, 453
An act for the preservation of peace in the Government of the United States.

ports and harbours of the United States An act to make further provision for the re-
continued in force, April 19, 1808, (ex-

moval and accommodation of the govern-

484 ment of the United States, April 24, 1800,
The President authorized to exchange certain

lands in North Carolina for other lands more Offices to be removed to Washington,

suitable for fortifications,

496 Furniture for the President's house,
Fortifications commenced for the security of Furniture for the capitol,

sea-port towns and harbours to be com- Footways in Washington,


516 Purchase of books for the library of Con-
France.-See Non-Intercourse.



See President of the United States.
Franking Privilege.

To William Henry Harrison, delegate from Great Britain.-See Non-Intercourse—War with
the northwestern territory,


Great Britain.
To Mrs. Martha Washington,


Gun Boats.
To the delegate from the territory northwest

Appropriation for the purpose of building gun
of the Ohio river,


• 330
To John Adams, -


Appropriation for providing an additional
Extended to any person admitted to take a

number of gun boats, Dec. 18, 1807, - 451
seat in Congress as a delegate,

- 130

The sale of the gun boats authorized, March
Packets and letters from Thomas Jefferson to

3, 1813, -

• 821
be free of postage,

Letters and packets to Thomas Jefferson to be

free of postage,
See Public Documents.

Half-pay to widows and orphans.-See Pen-

Fugitives from Justice or Labour.
Found in the District of Columbia to be de- House of Representatives.

Evidence in contested elections how to be
livered up by the chief justice of the district


as the executive and judicial officers of the
States are required to do,

• 116

See Apportionment of Representatives in Con-


Hull, Decatur, Jones, and Lieutenant Elliott.
Act to repeal part of the act granting lands to Resolution relative to the brilliant achievements

the French inhabitants of Galliopolis, - 350 of Captains Hull, Decatur, Jones, and Lieute-

nant Elliott, January 29, 1813,-
The corporation of Georgetown authorized to Humiliation and Prayer.
make a cause

from Mason's Island to Resolution requesting the President to recom-
the western shore of the river Potomac, 310 mend a day of public humiliation and
An act to amend the charter of George- prayer,


Trustees of the Presbyterian congregation of Minois Territory.
Georgetown incorporated, -


The Illinois territory formed out of part of the
Charter of Georgetown amended, March 3,

territory of Indiana, -



Organization of the government of the Illinois
The Georgetown Potomac Bridge Company

territory, -

authorized to borrow money,


Kaskaskia to be the seat of the government of
George Washinglon.

the Illinois territory, ·

· 516
Expenses incurred in doing honour to the The authority of the commissioners of Kaskas-
memory of George Washington, under the kia continued, (expired,) •


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- 526 Half-Pay.

- 830

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Ilinois Territory.

| Indiana Territory.
The right of suffrage in the Illinois territory Persons holding office excluded from the legis
extended, May 20, 181%,


• 660
Elections regulated,

. 741 Indian Tribes.
Apportionment of representatives in the legis- An act for the preservation of peace with the
741 Indian tribes, January 6, 1800, -

Notes of acts relating to the Illinois territory, 741 Notes to acts for the preservation of peace with

the Indian tribes,

Impeachment, and Inquiries into official Conduct.
Expenses of the impeachment of Samuel

An act supplementary to the act to regulate
Chase, &c., to be paid,

trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes,

Expenses of the inquiry into the conduct of

April 22, 1800,
John Smith, a Senator from the State of

Persons arrested for violation of the laws to be
taken before a magistrate,

Ohio, to be paid,

• 468

Rations to be allowed, and expenses to be paid of
Imprisonment for Debt.

Indians who visit the seat of government, 85
An act for the relief of persons imprisoned

An act to regulate trade and intercourse with
for debt, January 6, 1800,

the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on
Prisoners to have the limits of jails as persons the frontiers, March 30, 1802, · 139
confined under process from state courts,

Notes of regulations of intercourse and trade
Mode of obtaining discharge,

with the Indians,

· 139
Penalty for making a false oath or affirma-

Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court on


the laws and treaties with the Indians, 141
Twenty days after judgment the debtor im-

Notes of the decisions of the courts of the
prisoned may have the benefit of the act,

United States on the subject of the In-
although no execution has issued, 6


Indiana Territory.

Trading houses with the Indians. Act of
Territory of Indiana established and organized April 30, 1802, (expired)

. 173
by the act of May 7, 1800,

5A The act for establishing trading houses with
Seat of the government at Vincennes on Wa- the Indian tribes continued in force for two
bash river,

years, February 28, 1803,-

• 207
Suits depending in the counties in the north- The President authorized to enter into certain

western territory, which become parts of the agreements with the Indian tribes in Lou-
Indiana territory, revived, -


• 289
An act making provision for the disposal of Trade and Intercourse with the Indian tribes

lands in the Indiana territory, and for other in Louisiana to be regulated, . 289
purposes, -

277 Additional trading houses with the Indians
An act to divide the territory of Indiana into established,

- 338
two separate governments, -

- 309 An act establishing trading houses with the
An act supplementary to the “ Act making Indians, April 21, 1806, (repealed,) - 402

provision for the disposal of the public lands An act for the relief of certain Alibama and
in the Indiana territory," and for other pur- Wyandott Indians


343 An act supplemental to the act for establishing
Notes of acts relating to the public lands in trading houses with the Indians, - 544
the Indiana territory,

343 An act establishing trading houses with the
An act respecting claims to land in the In- Indian tribes, March 2, 1811, (repealed,) 652
diana territory, and State of Ohio, - 395

Note of the obsolete acts relating to trading
An act confirming land claims in the district houses with the Indians,

of Vincennes, and for other purposes, March Injunctions.
3, 1807,


Injunctions may be granted by the judges of the
Right of suffrage extended in the Indiana ter-

District Courts of the United States, 418

• 469

Insolvent Debtors.
An act dividing the Indiana territory into two

Act for the relief of insolvent debtors within
separate governments,


the District of Columbia, March 3, 1803, 237
The territory of Illinois formed out of part of
the Indiana territory,


Notes of the acts for the establishment of the

The land and naval forces to be employed in
Indiana territory,
• 514 cases of insurrections,

• 443
Right of suffrage in the Indiana territory ex- Intercourse with foreign Nations.


An act making further provision for the ex.
Delegate to Congress,

• 525

penses attending the intercourse between
Supplement to the act extending the right of the United States and foreign nations,

suffrage in the Indiana territory, 554 February 26, 1803, (obsolete,) - - 202
Right of suffrage in the Indiana territory ex- The President authorized to borrow two mil-
tended, (obsolete)

- 659

lions of dollars towards defraying the ex-
Biannual elections,

- 659 penses of intercourse with forcign nations,
Penalty on the person appointed sheriff neglect- February 13, 1805, -

ing to perform the duties of the office, 660) See Non-Intercourse-Non-Importation.

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Internal Taxes.

! Judiciary.
An act to repeal the internal taxes, April 6, An act further in addition to an « Act to

148 amend the judicial system of the United
Taxes on stills and domestic distilled spirits, States,"

. 471
on refined sugar, licenses to retailers, sales Circuit Court of the second circuit, 471
at auction, on carriages, stamped vellum, Circuit Court of Georgia,

parchment, or paper, discontinued after June District Court of North Carolina, - . 471
13, 1802,

148 The act to extend jurisdiction in certain cases
Provisions of the law relative to outstanding to state judges and state courts continued in
duties, &c.,
148, 149 force,

- 489
Invalid Pensions.-See Pensions.

An act supplementary to an act to amend the
Inventions.—See Patents for useful Inventions.

act entitled "An act establishing Circuit
Courts, and abridging the jurisdiction of the

District Courts of Kentucky, Tennessee,
Jackson, F. J., Minister Plenipotentiary from Great and Ohio,"

• 516

An act to amend the judicial system of the
Resolution censuring his conduct, - · 612

United States, March 2, 1809, - 534

Appointment of an additional judge in the
Suits revived in the Circuit Court of Penn- Mississippi territory to reside in Madison
sylvania, which were discontinued by the county, (obsolete,)

failure to hold the Circuit Court in October, Executions may be issued on judgments or


decrees in the General Court or Court of
Jurors to be summoned to April term, 1800, 3 Chancery of the territory of Indiana, as if
Time of holding the District Court in North the territory had not been divided, 748
Carolina altered, (obsolete,)

18 See Courls-Circuit CourtsDistrict Courts.
Persons employed in public arsenals exempted Jury.
from serving on juries,


Persons employed in public arsenals exempted
Mode of designating jurors to serve in the from serving on juries,

courts of the United States,

82 Jurors to serve in the courts of the United
An act to provide for the more convenient or. States to he designated by lot or otherwise

ganization of the courts of the United States, in each State, according to the mode of
February 13, 1800, (repealed,) - 89

forming juries to serve in the highest court
An act to amend the judicial system of the of law therein, as far as practicable in the

United States, April 29, 1802, 156 courts of the United States,
Supreme Court to be holden at Washington,
its sessions,


Kaskaskia.–See Public Lands.
Notes of acts to establish the judicial courts of
the United States,


- 156
Circuit Courts,

Circuit Court in Kentucky, 420, 516

Notes of the acts of Congress which regulate

Representatives in Congress according to the

. 669
the original jurisdiction of the Circuit

Notes of decisions of courts of the United States, La Fayette.
on the jurisdiction of the Circuit Courts, 157

Land warrants to General La Fayette, - 236
Allotment of the circuits among the judges of Land Laws.
the Supreme Court, -

An act providing for the printing and distribut-
Disagreement in opinion between the judges ing of such laws of the United States as
of the Circuit Court,


third census,


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- 159 respect the public lands, April 27, 1810, 589
Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court on Land-Office.

questions adjourned from the Circuit Court, An act for the establishment of a general
as to the form of the certificate and the

land-office in the department of the trea-
matters to be adjudicated by the Supreme

sury, April 25, 1812,


Organization of the Circuit Courts, 162, 163 Lands taken in Executions for Debts to the United

Cognisance of proceedings under commissions
of bankruptcy, and appointment of commis-

The marshals may sell the interest in lands
sioners of bankrupts,

delivered to the United States in satisfaction

Proceeding upon a petition for a commission

of judgments in those states where lands
of bankruptcy, -

are so delivered,

District Courts,

- 165

Sales made by collectors confirmed,


Salcs by successors of marshals,
District attorneys,

165 Laws of the United States.
Courts in the District of Columbia, 166 An act providing for a more extensive distri-
Testimony of witnesses in chancery suits may bution of the laws the United States, 302
be taken in writing

166 An act for the disposal of certain copies of the
Clerk of the District Court in Norfolk, - 166 Laws of United States, January 2, 1803, 308
Terms of the District Court in Vermont, 167 See Land Laus.

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