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· 150 Loans.

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Library of Congress.

Light-Houses, Beacons, and Buoys.
An act concerning the library of Congress for Light-house on Boon Island, Massachu-
the use of both houses, Jan. 26, 1802, 128 setts,

Notes of the acts passed relative to the library Buoys off Cape Fear,

of Congress and the librarian,

128 At the entrance of Edgartown, - 659
The agent of the joint library committee to A column on Cape Elizabeth,

have the use of the library,

· 612 Beacons and buoys at the entrance of Beverly
A further appropriation for the support of a harbour, -


· 667 The President of the United States authorized
Light-Houses, Beacons, and Buoys.

to purchase from Winslow Lewis his patent
Light-house at New London,


right for a new and improved method of
At Clark's Point,
57 lighting light-houses,

• 691
At Wigwam Point,

57 Light Money.
On Cape Poge,


An act for imposing more specific duties on
At New Point Comfort, and on Smith's

the importation of certain articles, and for

. 125

laying and collecting light money on fo
On Faulkner's Island in Long Island Sound,

reign ships or vessels, and for other pur.

Buoys in Narraganset Bay,

Light-house on Gurnet's Point,
On New Castle Island, Piscataqua river, 150

An act authorizing a loan not exceeding six-
On Pollock's Rock, New Hampshire, 150 teen millions of dollars, Feb. 8, 1813, 798
On Lyndo's Point, Connecticut,

151 See Debt of the United States.
On Long Island, -

151 Louisiana.
At the entrance of St. Mary's river, 151 Act to enable the President of the United
At Penobscot Bay,

228 States to take possession of Louisiana ceded
At St. Simon's Island, buoys there, - 270 by France, and for the temporary govern-
At Clark's Point within the town of New ment thereof, October 31, 1803,- 245
Bedford, -

271 Expenses of the civil government of Lon-
At Five Mile Point, near the harbour of isiana,

New Haven,

271 Louisiana divided into two territories, and a
At the mouth of the river Mississippi, - 294 temporary government thereof provided,
At Cape Lookout, in North Carolina, - 294 March 26, 1804,

A beacon at Sandy Hook,

- 294 Notes of acts relating to Louisiana prior to
Light-house on Long-Island, on Watch Hill March 26, 1804,


· 349 Laws of the United States to be enforced in
On Wood Island or Fletcher's Neck, and West Louisiana,

• 283

355 Organization of the government of the territory
On Franklin Island, Massachusetts,
. 496 of Orleans,

Beacons to be placed in the harbour of Bridge- Organization of the territory of Louisiana, 287

port, Connecticut, Bluff Shoal, Royal Shoal, Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court on
Northwest Straddle, and Southwest Strad- Louisiana land titles,

· 288
dle, in Pamptico Sound, North Carolina, 406 Notes of acts which have been passed relating
Light-houscs at Fair Weather and Nashua to land and land titles in Louisiana, 324

414 Powers of the surveyor-general of the territory
Light-house on Smith's Point, Virginia, - 414 of Louisiana extended,

• 352
On North Island, South Carolina, - 414 An act for ascertaining and adjusting land
Buoys and stakes to be placed in Winyaw claims in the territory of Orleans and dis-
Bay, North Carolina,
- 414 trict of Louisiana,

- 391
Buoys and beacons in the harbour of Salem, An act to enable the people of the territory of
Massachusetts, -

. 414 Orleans to form a constitution and state go-
On Point Judith, Rhode Island,

462 vernment, and for the admission of such state
Light-house on the south point of the island into the Union on an equal footing with the
of Sapelo,

• 476 original states, and for other purposes, Febru-
Beacons and buoys on the inlet leading to

ary 20, 1811,


- 476 An act for the admission of Louisiana into the
Near the entrance of Ipswich, near Plymouth Union, April 8, 1812,

harbour, before the harbour of Nantucket, Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court of
and on the island of Tuckanuck, at the en-

the United States on the extension of the
trance of Connecticut river, and near the laws of the United States to Louisiana, and

entrance of Great Egg Harbour, 476 on the practice of the courts of the United
A light-house to be erected at the entrance of States in the district of Louisiana, - 701
Scituate harbour,

· 611 Supplement to the act for the admission of Lou-
A beacon in Boston harbour,

- 611 isiana into the Union, May 22, 1812,- 743
A light-house near the entrance of Bayou St. Judicial proceedings in the District Court of

John and Lake Ponchartrain, Orleans terri- the territory transferred to the District Court

- 611 established by the act of April 8, 1812, 743
720 An act in addition to “ An act fixing the mi-

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Louisiana, District of.

Military Bounty Lands.
An act providing for the government of the continental establishment, and to limit the

district of Louisiana, March 3, 1805, - 331 period for locating said land, March 23,
See Orleans and Louisiana Territories.



Notes of acts relating to Virginia military
Mail of the United States.

bounty lands,

· 274
Steamboats may carry the mail, February 27, An act to provide for designating, surveying,

- 805

and granting the military bounty lands,
A post-road from Natchez to Nachitoches esta- May 6, 1812,


- 806 Notes of the acts relating to the military
See Post-Office.

bounty lands appropriated for services in the

war between the United States and Great
District Court in Maine,
· 667, 829 Britain,

Maps. See Copyright.

An act to ascertain the western boundary of

the tract reserved for satisfying the military
Marine Corps.

bounties allowed to the officers of the Vir.
Rank and pay of the commanding officers of

ginia line on continental establishment,
the marine corps,

June 26, 1812,

An act authorizing an augmentation of the

See Public Lands.
marine corps, March 3, 1809,
Marshals of the United States.

Military Establishment.
An act relating to the bonds given by mar-

An act for completing the existing military
shals, April 10, 1806,


establishment, December, 24, 1811, · 669
Notes of the decisions of the courts of the

The President authorized to raise certain com-
United States as to the duties, powers, and

panies of rangers, January 2, 1811, - 670
liabilities of marshals,


An act to raise an additional military force,
January 11, 1812,

Additional compensation to the marshals of
North Carolina and New Jersey,

• 468 The purchase of ordnance, ordnance stores,

camp equipage, and other quartermaster's

stores and small arms authorized, 674
Representatives in Congress according to the
third census,

Supplement to the act to raise for a limited

time an additional military force, . 685

See Public Lands-Army of the United States.
Circuit Court in Massachusetts, . 696
Representatives in Congress according to the Military Land Warrants.

Further time to the holders of military land
· 669
warrants allowed,

Mechanics' Bank of Alexandria.

The priority of location of the warrants and
Incorporation of the Mechanics' Bank of Alex-

of warrants registered under prior act shall
andria, May 16, 1812,


be decided by lot, and a day for the location
Michigan Territory.

shall be fixed by the Secretary of the Trea-
Territory of Michigan taken from the territory sury,

of Indiana,

309 Further time for locating military land war-
Establishment of the boundaries and govern. rants, March 19, 1804,

ment of the territory of Michigan, 309 An act to authorize the Secretary at War to
Adjustment of titles to land in the town of issue military land warrants, and for other
Detroit and territory of Michigan, 398

purposes, March 2, 1805, -

- 329
Grants and sales of land in the territory of The Secretary at War authorized to issue

Michigan regulated, March 3, 1807, 437 military land warrants, April 15, 1806, 378
Notes of acts which have been passed relating Surveys to be made of the quarter townships, 378

to the sales of lands in the territory of Time for issuing military land warrants ex-

437 tended to March 1, 1810; March 1, 1808,
An act of the governor and judges of the (obsolete)

Michigan territory entitled “An act con- The time for issuing military land warrants
cerning the Bank of Detroit,” disapproved extended, Dec. 19, 1809, (obsolete,) • 555
of, March 3, 1807,

- 444 The time for locating Virginia military land
An act supplemental to an act regulating the warrants extended, and for returning sur.

grants of land in the territory of Michigan, veys thereon to the Secretary at War, 589
April 25, 1808,

· 502

Military Peace Establishment.
Military Academy.

An act fixing the military peace establish-
Established April 29, 1812,

720 ment of the United States, March 16,
Organization of the military academy, 720



• 721

litary peace establishment of the United
Military Bounty Lands.

States,” February 28, 1803,

An act to ascertain the boundary of the land Additional surgeons' mates to be appointed,
reserved by the State of Virginia for the March 26, 1804,

satisfaction of her officers and soldiers on Equivalent for whiskey to the troops, 290

third census,

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Mississippi Territory.
Persons employed in public arsenals exempted posal of the public lands south of the State
from military duty,
62 of Tennessee, -

- 323
An act in addition to an act entitled “ An act A land-office established in the Mississippi
more effectually to provide for the national territory, -

- 440
defence by establishing an uniform militia Right of suffrage in Mississippi territory ex-
throughout the United States, March 2, tended,

• 455

207 A delegate to Congress to be elected, . 455
Militia of the District of Columbia. Act of Pre-emption rights in the Mississippi terri-
March 3, 1803,


An act directing a detachment of the militia Land ceded by the Cherokees to be offered
of the United States, and for erecting cer. for sale, June 15, 1809,

- 548
tain arsenals, March 3, 1803,

241 The right of suffrage extended to the citizens
The President authorized to call on the exe- of Madison, in the Mississippi territory, 563

cutives of the several States to have their The legislature of the Mississippi territory au-
proportions of the militia ready for imme- thorized to establish courts,

- 564
diate service, April 18, 1808, (expired,) 383 An act to enlarge the boundaries of the Mis-
Service of volunteer corps may be accepted, 383 sissippi territory, May 14, 1812. 734
A detachment of the militia authorized, - 479 An act confirming claims to lands in the Mis-
General officers to be appointed by the Pre- sissippi territory, founded on warrants of

- 479

survey granted by the British or Spanish
An act making provision for arming and equip- authorities,

ping the whole body of the militia of the The State of Georgia requested to assent to
United States, April 23, 1808, (obsolete,)

the formation of two States of the Missis-

490 sippi territory, June 17, 1812, - 786
An act to authorize a detachment of the mili- Missouri Territory.
tia of the United States, (obsolete,) - 705

An act providing for the government of the
Notes of the decisions of the courts of the

territory of Missouri, June 4, 1812, (obso
United States on the laws relating to the




Or ation of the government of the ri-
Militia in the District of Columbia, July 1,




Decisions on land titles in Missouri, 748
Fines imposed by courts martial to be certified

An act making further provision for settling
to the comptroller of the treasury. Act of

the claims of land in Missouri, - . 748
February 2, 1813,


An act giving further time for delivering evi-
Marshals to pay fines into the treasury within

dence in support of claims to land in the
two months after they are collected, - 797

territory of Missouri, and for regulating the
Pay of non-commissioned officers, musicians,

donation grants therein, March 3, 1813, 812
and privates in the militia,

• 797

Notes of acts passed relative to lands in Mis-


An act respecting the mint, April 24, 1800, Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court on

land titles in Missouri,

Appropriation for the purchase of copper, 64 Mobile.—See Public Lands.
Part of bullion deposited retained for the ex-
pense of refining,

Mint to remain in Philadelphia until March, Naturalization.
1801, (obsolete)

86 An act to establish an uniform rule of natura-
Mint to remain in Philadelphia until March lization, and to repeal the acts heretofore
4, 1803, (obsolete,)

111 passed on that subject, April 14, 1802, 153
Notes of the acts which provide for the ex- Notes to the acts relating to naturalization, 153

amination of the coins at the mint, 111 An act in addition to u An act to establish an
Continuance of the mint at Philadelphia pro- uniform rule of naturalization, and to repeal
longed, March 3, 1804,

242 the act heretofore passed on the subject.
The mint continued at Philadelphia for five March 26, 1804,

• 292
years, April 1, 1808, (expired) 481

Naval Peace Establishment.
The continuance of the mint at Philadelphia
further prolonged, December 2, 1812, (obso-

An act supplementary to the act providing for

• 787

a naval peace establishment, and for other
purposes, March 27, 1804,

Mississippi Territory.

Repeal of the second and fourth sections of
Organization of the Mississippi territory, (obso- the act of March 3, 1801,

· 390

69 The President may keep in service in time of
Commissioners may finally settle with Georgia peace as many frigates as he may think ne-
by compromise,

cessary, (repealed,)

• 390
May inquire into the claims of individuals, 70 To be armed and officered as he may choose, 390
Survey of lands in the Mississippi territory, 233 Additional seamen may be employed, March
Act regulating grants of land and for the dis- 3, 1807, -


the navy,

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Navy Hospital.

New Orleans
An act establishing navy hospitals, - 650 A custom-house authorized to be built at New


Navy of the United States.

A lot granted to the corporation of New Or-
An act for the better government of the navy leans,

- 700
of the United States, April 23, 1800,- 45
Rules and regulations for the government of New York.

45 to 53 Representatives in Congress according to the
Naval courts martial,

50 to 52
third census,

- 669
Regulations in case of capture of vessels of the An additional district judge appointed for New
United States, -
52 York, April 29, 1812,

Prize money, and distribution of prize mo- Organization of the District Court of New

York, (repealed)

Bounty for the capture of persons on board a

District Court in New York,

- 815
ship or vessel at the commencement of an

Non-Importation Laws.


An act to prohibit the importation of certain
Appropriation of the part of captured property

goods, wares, and merchandise, importation
to the navy pension fund,

from Great Britain)

An act providing for the naval peace establish-

Non-intercourse act of April 18, 1806, sus-
ment of the United States, and for other

pended, -

purposes, (obsolete,)


Supplement to the act of April 18, 1806, to
President may cause certain public vessels to

prohibit the importation of certain goods,
be sold ; six frigates retained,


wares, and merchandise, February 27, 1808,
Navy reduction,

· 469
Number of officers retained, -


· 111
Sale of a piece of land, part of the navy yard Non-Intercourse.

in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 199 An act to interdict the commercial intercourse
An act authorizing the employment of an ad-

between the United States and Great Britain
ditional naval force, January 31, 1809, 514 and their dependencies, and for other pur-
The President, in the event of a favourable poses, March 1, 1809, (expired,) 528

change in the foreign relations of the United Notes of cases decided on the non-intercourse
States, authorized to discharge and lay up laws,

in ordinary such of the frigates as he may Ships and vessels of nations with which in-

deem proper, June 28, 1809, (obsolete,) 553 tercourse is permitted by act of March 1,
An act concerning the naval establishment, 699 1809, may depart with cargoes to ports
Note of acts relating to the navy of the United

with which intercourse is permitted, 547

699 Certain parts of the non-intercourse act of
An act to increase the navy, January 2, March 1, 1809, continued in force, 550
789 Penalties under the act,

- 550
An act supplementary to the act for increasing An act concerning the commercial intercourse
the navy, March 3, 1813,

· 821

between the United States and Great Britain
Sloops of war to be built,

.821 and France and their dependencies, and for
Vessels to be prepared for the lakes, 821 other purposes, May 1, 1810, (repealed,) 605
The President may contract for building forty-

British and French vessels not permitted to
four gun frigates,

- 821 enter the harbours of the United States but
in certain cases,

- 606
Navy Pensions.

Supplement to the act concerning the com-
An act providing for navy pensions in certain

mercial intercourse between the United
cases, January 20, 1813,


States and Great Britain and France, March
An act regulating pensions to persons on board

2, 1811, (repealed,) -

private armed ships, -

• 809

Vessels chartered and laden on account of the
Navy Pension Fund.

government of the United States, may be
The money arising, or which has accrued to

permitted to depart from the ports of the
the United States from the sale of prizes, to United States, -

be appropriated to the navy pension fund, 53 An act to prohibit the exportation of specie,
Management of the navy pension fund, - 53 goods, wares, and merchandise for a limited
An act to regulate the navy pension fund, time, April 14, 1812,

March 26, 1804,

293 Decisions of the courts of the United States
Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court on the on the non-intercourse acts,

acts relating to the navy pension fund, 293

New Hampshire.

Relief of the sufferers by fire at the town of
Circuit Court in New Hampshire, • 696 Norfolk, -

Representatives in Congress according to the North Carolina.
third census,


Time of holding the District Court altered,
New Jersey.

act of March 19, 1800, (obsolete,) 18
Representatives in Congress according to the Laws of the United States to be transmitted
third census,

669 to the governor of North Carolina, • 87
Vol. II.--107

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North Carolina.

Orleans and Louisiana Territories.
District Court in North Carolina,


Notes of the decisions of the Supreme Court
The report of the chart of the survey of the of the United States on the titles to land in

coast of North Carolina to be published, 449 that part of Louisiana which lies east of
District Courts in North Carolina, 471, 675 the Mississippi and island of Orleans, 713
Representatives in Congress according to the
third census,

669 Paymaster-General of the United States.

Northwestern Territory of Ohio.

Territory northwest of the Ohio divided into Pay of the Army and Navy.-See Army of the

two territorial governments, one the North- United StatesNavy of the United States.
western Territory of Ohio, and the other Passports for Ships and Vessels.
the Territory of Indiana. Act of May 7, An act supplementary to the act entitled


“An act providing passports for the ships
Seat of the government of the Northwestern and vessels of the United States,” March 3,
Territory of Obio, established at Chili- 1803,



Patents for useful Inventions.
Compensation of the delegate from the territory

Privilege of obtaining patents for useful inven-
northwest of the Ohio,


tions extended to aliens having resided two

years within the United States, - 37
Oaths and Affirmations.

Provisions relating to such patents,

Form of the oath or affirmation under the act The legal representatives of a deceased in-

providing for the second census, - 37 ventor may obtain a patent,

Damages for breach of patent right, and mode

An act for the better regulation of the ord-

of recovering,
nance, May 14, 1812,

732 Patents for Lands.
Note of acts for the regulation of the ordnance Patents to be given for lands under resolution

732 warrants issued by the State of Virginia, 80
See Army of the United States.

Peace Establishment.-See Military Peace Esta.

blishment-Naval Peace Establishment.
Act to enable the people of Ohio to form a Penalties and Forfeiturcs.

state government, and for the admission of The fourth section of the act relating to re-

Ohio into the Union, April 30, 1802, - 173 mission of penalties and forfeitures, (re-
An act to provide for the execution of the pealed,) -

laws of the United States, within the State

Penalties and forfeitures under the non-inter-
of Ohio, -

• 201

course act of April 18, 1806, remitted, 41
Act in addition to the act of April 30, 1802, The President authorized to remit penalties
providing for the admission of Ohio into

and forfeitures in the case of certain fugitives
the Union,

225 from Cuba, incurred under the act prohibit-
Act for the relief of the governor, secretary, ing the slave trade,

and judges of the late territory northwest of The President authorized to grant remissions
the river Ohio, February 26, 1806,


of fines and forfeitures in the District of
Sale of a tract of land in the town of Cin-


cinnati, Ohio,

• 352

The Secretary of the Treasury to remit certain
An act respecting the claims to land in the fines incurred in the importation of goods
Indiana territory, and State of Ohio, April from Great Britain, on terms,

21, 1806,


Remission of penalties and forfeitures on goods
Time for holding the District Court of Ohio

imported and introduced into the United

• 568

States, not clandestinely, from the dependen-
Representatives in Congress according to the cies of Great Britain and Ireland since the
third census,


declaration of war, Feb. 27, 1813, - 804
The President to cause the surveyor-general Pennsylvania.
to designate the western and northern boun-

Representatives in Congress according to the
daries of Ohio,

• 669
Orleans and Louisiana Territories.

Claim of New Orleans to the commons con- To persons disabled in the service of the


Rights under French and Spanish governments

third census,

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An act for the relief of the widows and or-
not to be impaired,

441 phans of certain persons who have died in
Claims to be divided according to the usages the service of the United States, April 29,
of the French and Spanish governments 1802,

. 170
in certain cases,

441 Pensions to persons for wounds received in the
Regulations as to giving titles to lands so revolutionary war, March 3, 1803, • 242
claimed, -

· 441 Relief to certain military pensioners in the
Land claims in the territory of Orleans, 617 State of South Carolina,

An act for registering claims to land in the An act in addition to an act to make provision
territory of Orleans, April 14, 1812, 709

for persons that have been disabled by known




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