Lives of Northern Worthies: William Roscoe. Captain James Cook. William Congreve. Dr. John Fothergill


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Sivu 42 - Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven! — Oh! times, In which the meagre, stale, forbidding ways Of custom, law, and statute, took at once The attraction of a country in romance!
Sivu 338 - This is a fine rebuke. Congreve's remains lay in state in the Jerusalem Chamber, and he was buried in Westminster Abbey, where a monument was erected to his memory by Henrietta, Duchess of Marlborough, to whom he bequeathed £10,000. the accumulation of attentive parsimony. The Duchess purchased with £7,000 of the legacy a diamond necklace.
Sivu 43 - Did both find helpers to their hearts' desire, And stuff at hand, plastic as they could wish, — Were called upon to exercise their skill, Not in Utopia, — subterranean fields, — Or some secreted island, Heaven knows where ! But in the very world, which is the world Of all of us, — the place where, in the end, We find our happiness, or not at all...
Sivu 90 - As one who, destined from his friends to part, Regrets his loss, but hopes again erewhile To share their converse and enjoy their smile, And tempers as he may affliction's dart; Thus, loved associates, chiefs of elder art, Teachers of wisdom, who could once beguile My tedious hours, and lighten every toil, I now resign you; nor with fainting heart; For pass a few short years, or days, or hours, And happier seasons may their dawn unfold, And all your sacred fellowship restore: When, freed from earth,...
Sivu 315 - But there is one thing at which I am more concerned than all the false criticisms that are made upon me ; and that is, some of the ladies are offended. I am heartily sorry for it ; for I declare, I would rather disoblige all the critics in the world than one of the fair sex. They are concerned that- 1 have represented some women vicious and affected.
Sivu 336 - Providence : But you, whom every Muse and Grace adorn, Whom I foresee to better fortune born, Be kind to my remains, and oh ! defend Against your Judgment your departed Friend ! Let not the insulting Foe my Fame pursue ; But shade those Laurels which descend to You : And take for Tribute what these Lines express ; You merit more, nor could my Love do less.
Sivu 335 - Not mine (that's little) but thy laurel wear. Thy first attempt an early promise made; That early promise this has more than paid. So bold, yet so judiciously you dare, That your least praise is to be regular. Time, place, and action may with pains be wrought, But genius must be born, and never can be taught. This is your portion, this your native store, Heav'n, that but once was prodigal before, To Shakespeare gave as much; she could not give him more.
Sivu 42 - In which the meagre, stale, forbidding ways Of custom, law, and statute, took at once The attraction of a country in romance ! When Reason seemed the most to assert her rights When most intent on making of herself A prime enchantress — to assist the work, Which then was going forward in her name ! Not favoured spots alone, but the whole Earth, The beauty wore of promise — that which sets (As at some moments might not be unfelt Among the bowers of Paradise itself) The budding rose above the rose...
Sivu 335 - So much the sweetness of your manners move, We cannot envy you, because we love. Fabius might joy in Scipio, when he saw A beardless consul made against the law, And join his suffrage to the votes of Rome ; Though he with Hannibal was overcome.
Sivu 43 - Had watched all gentle motions, and to these Had fitted their own thoughts, schemers more mild, And in the region of their peaceful selves...

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