Encyclopædia Britannica: Or, A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature, Nide 6,Osa 2

Colin Macfarquhar, George Gleig
A. Bell and C. Macfarquhar, 1797

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Sivu 552 - Adsmeer, an elephant who often passed through the bazar, or market, as he went by a certain herb-woman, always received from her a mouthful of greens. At length he was seized with one of his periodical fits of rage, broke his fetters, and, , running through the market, put the...
Sivu 721 - The last consequence of tenure in chivalry was escheat; which is the determination of the tenure, or dissolution of the mutual bond between the lord and tenant, from the extinction of the blood of the latter by either natural or civil means: if he died without heirs of his blood, or if his blood was corrupted and stained by commission of treason or felony ; whereby every inheritable quality was entirely blotted out and abolished.
Sivu 414 - If it were probable that every man would give his vote freely and without influence of any kind, then, upon the true theory and genuine principles of liberty, every member of the community, however poor, should have a vote in electing those delegates, to whose charge is committed the disposal of his property, his liberty, and his life.
Sivu 426 - ... the jar to difcharge itfelf. If the coating is about two inches below the top, it will in general do very well; but there are fome kinds of glafs, efpecially tinged glafs, that, when coated and charged, have the property of difcharging themfelves more eafily than others, even when the coating is five or fix inches below the edge.
Sivu 416 - ... 7. That if any member accepts an office under the crown, except an officer in the army or navy accepting a new commission, his seat is void ; but such member is capable of being re-elected.
Sivu 673 - Their minds being thus prepared, whatever groundless opinion comes to settle itself strongly upon their fancies, is an illumination from the spirit of God, and presently of divine authority: And whatsoever odd action they find in themselves a strong inclination to do, that impulse is concluded to be a call or direction from heaven, and must be obeyed; it is a commission from above, and they cannot err in executing it.
Sivu 661 - A richer though lefs romantic view is prefented, when the valleys, by indudrious hufbanduien, have been cleared of their natural growth ; and the fruit of their labour appears in loaded orchards, extenfive meadows, covered with large herds of fheep and neat cattle, and rich fields of flax, corn, and the various kinds of grain.
Sivu 568 - In the early part of his life he attempted to teach a few scholars ; but whether from his concise method, for he was not happy in explaining his ideas, or the warmth of his natural temper, he made no progress in his school ; he therefore soon left it off, and...
Sivu 631 - God of his grace hath sent mee, with helpe of my kyn, and of my frendes to recover it ; the which rewme was in poynt to be ondone for defaut of governance, and undoyng of the gude laws.
Sivu 548 - ... feet deep, and in length answering to the breadth of the area : this joins to an apartment of the most regular architecture, an oblong square...

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