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sceptre that governs them, and all the in-
sults and oppression of the vile satraps of
the Tyrant. · When a ship of the fieet ar.
rives in a port, all the people who can, fly
to the mountains, or into the country.
Others shut themselves up in their houses,
without daring to stir out. Every one in
the roads and even in the streets are plun.
dered by the soldiers and failors of the
ships; and if they are not cut and wound-
ed with a pistol ball, they esteem them-
selves happy. The captains and officers
raise contributions for themselves, and thus
the poor Greeks pay another tax to the
fleet, which is heavier to those on whom
it unhappily falls, than that paid to the
Sultan; and they are generally prevented
from complaining out of fear left the next
ship should take revenge..”

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Such is the government, and such are the complicated miseries, under which the East has groaned for many centuries'! The

second • Eton, Preface, p. 5.

When Omar, the Saracen Caliph, took Jerusalem by capitulation in A. D. 637, the Christians were not allowed liberty of worship, but on the most fevere and humiliating conditions. See Ockley, Pococke, &F.

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second wo has been of long duration ; but from the view we have just taken of the decline and present state of the Ottoman empire, we are surely authorized to conclude that it now draws near its close. It will not however terminate the allotted period of affliction ; for when this wo shall be past, “ behold, a third wo come" eth quicklywhile the sixth trumpet continues to found.

In the short account already given of the declining power of the Papal Antichrist, we have seen the effects of some of those vials of wrath which were to be fuccessively “ poured out upon the men who worship the beast and his IMAGE.” And the present state of Rome (supposed to be under the influence of the fifth vial) may be considered as a confirmation of the opinion long ago formed by several of the most able Commentators, that the fixth vial, which is to be “ poured out in the river Euphrates," or the dominion of the

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Omar built a mosque on the site of Solomon's Temple, which remains to this day, walled round at some distance, and it is death for either Jew or Christian to enter the enclosure.


Mahometan Antichrist, would be contem.
porary with the third wo. The following
Chapter will perhaps enable us to conjec-
ture how far the reign of the IMAGE, made
at the suggestion, and acting by the power,
of the secoND BEAST, appears to corre-
1pond with the THIRD WO; and how far
it seems probable that “ the remainder of
wrath” will fall with peculiar violence upon
the votaries of the INFIDEL ANTICHRIST,
or, in other words, “ upon the worshippers
of the IMAGE.”


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FROM the passages in Scripture, which have been brought forward to the observation of the reader in the Introductory Chapter, in order to display the revelation concerning the different branches of Antichrist, we find that the Holy Spirit has spoken in explicit terms, not only of those who were to corrupt the faith, as the Papists have done ; oppose it with open force, as has been the practice of the Mahometans; but of those who were first to undermine it by every insiduous art, and finally, by the union of fraud with violence, were to establish the dominion of Infidelity " in the last days.” We have seen


that such persons were clearly foretold in the Prophecies of Daniel, St. Paul, St. Pes ter, St. Jude, and St. John. And their characters, principles, conduct, and success are so clearly represented, that these in{pired writers have in a manner anticipated the history of those “ false teachers,” who have been in the past and in the present age distinguished by the name of Freem thinkers, Sceptics, Philosophifts, or Illuminati. These predictions have been shown to be generally applicable to schismatics and infidels in every period, but to have a particular reference to those who should arife in “ the latter times,” and occasion a great Apostasy from the church of Christ.

The rise and progress of Facobinism, which seems to include every species of Infidelity, and may be defined to mean Hoftility to Religion, to Virtue, to. Monarchy, to Laws, to Social Order, Rank and Property, have been examined with industry, and displayed with correctness, by the Abbé Barruel and Professor Robison. The facts brought forward in support of their assertions, have baffled the ingenuity of Jacobinism itself to disprove. And these facts have clearly shown, that a consPI

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