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present dominions of the Turkish Mahometan power ; but this seems to be reprefented as the last step of its ascent to universal empire, and there is nothing in Scripture to contradiet its Speedy downfal from this height-nothing indeed is said respecting the period of its duration.

The magnitude and extent of the evils attending the establishment of such a power, in such an advantageous situation, appear terrific beyond expression, whether considered in a political, a moral, or a religious light. But surely we may expect, that it would rouse the World in arms against it. The northern Powers, who seem to have been withheld from inter

rupting the appointed course of his aveng- ing sword', will then, we cannot but fup


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1 The conduct of the allied arınies in 1793-the violent death of the King of Sweden, when on the point of taking the command of an army against the French-the sudden death of the Empress of Rullia, the day before she was to sign an instrument, actually drawn up, for sending 60,000 men against them--the conduct of the Court of Prussia--of Germany in general; and many other circumstances of a similar kind, which will occur to the Reader, when considered in the aggregati, are furely very striking marks of Divine interpolition.

pose, pose, muster their confederate forces *t; and the nations of the east may flock to attack this restless tyrant, exasperated by his victory over the crescent of Mahomet, and his insatiable thirst for power and riches. It cannot be imagined that the Jews would fee with indifference the fall of the Turkish Empire, which has fo long “ trodden down Jerusalem.” Their hope of deliverance would be naturally raised to a height unknown for many ages ; and their Prophecies would be examined with redoubled attention. A general council similar to that which was assembled in Hungary in the year 1650 ", may be called, or at least measures taken for a general consultation ; and this dispersed, despised, neglected people may become, at such an awful period, of inexpressible importance in the political as well as in the religious world. It certainly is not impossible, that the French may

m The rapid growth of the colossal Empire of Russia, the impediments which have been thrown in the way of its designs upon Turkey, and its inactivity since the peace of 1790, (except to increase its own greatness by the partition of Poland) naturally suggest the idea, that it will be a principal actor in this great conflict.

See Basnage Histoire des Juifs, iv. ix. p. 976. and the Modern Universal History, vol. v. p. 6o9. Edit. 1760.


offer them their antient land, with the double view of contradicting the word of Prophecy, and of attåching a powerful peo. ple, whom they affect to call Republicans, to their interests ; in order to render them subservient to their vast designs of univerfal conquest. But fo far as I can venture to form an opinion of the probability of circumstances, concerning which we have yet no solid ground to build upon (for as yet we cannot certainly pronounce that this Prophecy of Daniel refers to the Infidel power of France, or that France will be the conqueror of the Turkish Empire, I do not think this likely to happen. It seems to me more probable, that the French should choose to retain possession of a country so well adapted to their acknowledged views °; and that thus this people may be

• Palestinė is seldom considered, but as connected with Religion and the Jewish history. Imagine it in the hands of a powerful, commercial, active, and ingenious people, furnished with all the sciences, and skilful in all the arts of this enlightened age, as it is usually termed, and its situation will appear singularly calcun lated for the seat of universal empire. It borders upon the Mediterranean-lies close to Egypt and the Red Sea--is connected with Asia Minor, and the Persian Gulph, by means of the Euphrates, and thus in reality “ possesses the gates' of Europe, Asia, and Africa. VOL. II.


the means of recovering the land from its present state of defolation, and “ prepare the way for the kings,” while they vainly think to secure the execution of those vast plans, which boundless ambition, avarice, and impiety, combine to form.

During the progress of this work, or foon after its completion, the days appointed for the punishment of the Jews may be fulfilled, and the “ times of the Gentiles" may draw near their close. « The remnant” of the church, and nations that have escaped the far-extended calamities produced by the second Beast and his Image, may surely be expected to acknowledge the hand of God in these judgments, and “ give him glory” for their protection. These then will be ready, from religious principles, to lend their aid towards the reinstatement of the Jews in their own land, as foon as it appears to be the design of God to restore them to his favour P. Other na


p« Who are these that fy as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows? Surely the isles shall wait for me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy fons from far, their silver, and their gold with them, unto the naine of the Lord thy God, and to the Holy One of


tions, influenced by political motives, may unite in promoting the fame object; and the Jews themselves may lose their animofity to Christians by the kindness of intercourse, and the similarity of opinions and expectations, founded on the harmony of the Prophecies themselves, and the striking agreement of Events with those Prophecies, and be gradually prepared to receive the truth. The nations of the north, and of the east, may prepare for the battle, and, “ at the time appointed,” this impious monster, who faith, there is no God," may “ go forth from this throne of his Power with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many ;” and in this


Israel, because he hath glorified thee. And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee." Isaiah lx. Is it an improbable conjecture, that the British Isles, so highly favoured by the establishment of the Church of Christ, and hitherto by signal ma:ks of Divine protection in the midst of furrounding dangers and temptations, should be brought, by a merciful share of general calamity, " to see the things that belong to their peace,” and continue to wait, with faith and hope, for the accomplishment of the good promises of God? and that this maritime, commercial, Protefiant kingdom should take the lead in executing the Divine will on such an occasion ?

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