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ditional encouragement in the present humble attempt to promote the glory of God, and the edification of his church.

To set forth in a brief and perspicuous manner, all that it is necessary for young communicants to know of the nature and design of the blessed sacrament of the Eucharist-the requisite preparation for its due reception—the benefits to be hoped for from it—and the degree of holiness expected and required in those who solemnly confess Christ at his own table—is the principal object aimed at in the following pages. There will also be found, in their appropriate places, answers to the excuses commonly offered for neglecting the sacrament,-remarks upon the communion service of the Protestant Episcopal Church—and some directions and aids for meditation and prayer.

This little volume lays no claim to novelty, either as to design or execution;—nor does it make any pretensions to literary merit. The incessant professional engagements in the midst of which it has been composed, would not admit of its being subjected to the labor et mora lima. But it is confidently hoped and believed, that nothing contained in it, is inconsistent with sound doctrine and true godliness. He who sometimes employs the weakest instruments to

effect his purposes, can, by his grace, make it efficient in promoting the high and holy end at which it aims.

May it be read with faith and prayer! And if it prove the means of awakening one careless sinner, of comforting one mourner in Zion, or of strengthening one believer in Jesus, the author will be abundantly rewarded; and the glory shall be ascribed to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the one living and true God, world without end.

BALTIMORE, April 25, 1831.

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