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time: such, that men rather chuse carelessly to lose the sweet of the kernell, than to urge their teeth with breaking the shell wherein it was wrapped: and therefore, since that which is unseen is almost undone, and that is almost unseen which is unconceived, either I would say nothing to be untalked of, or speak with my mouth open that I may be understood.

Thirdly, the end of this pains was a satire ; but the end of my satire, a further good: which whether I attain or no, I know not; but let me be plain with hope of profit, rather than purposely obscure only for a bare name's sake.

Notwithstanding, in the expectation of this quarrel, I think my First Satire: doth somewhat resemble the sour and crabbed face of Juvenal's: which I, endeavouring in that, did determinately omit in the rest, for these forenamed causes, that so I might have somewhat to stop the mouth of every accuser. The rest to each man's censure: which let be as favourable as so thankless a work can deserve or desire.

• This Post-script having been published with “ The Three Last Bookes, of Byting Satyres,” by the “ First Satire” here is to be understood the First of the Fourth Book. EDITOR.


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Abandon-To remove, to banish.

Antevert-To prevent. Aberration—A wandering.

Anthropopathy-A figure whereby buman Abide-To await.

passions are attributed to God. Abilitation-Ability.

Antichthones—Antipodes, men living on Ablade-To differ, to deviate.

the opposite side of the earth. Ablative-Por removal, taking away. Antiperistatis—When heat or cold is Aborsement-Abortion.

rendered more intense by being beset Abstension—The act of withholding or with its contrary, keeping off,

Antonomasy--A figure, by which an apAccension-Kindling, enflaming, flame. pellative is substituted for a proper Acclaim-To applaud

name. Accumbent-One who lies or sits at meals. Apaid-Dealt with, satisfied, rewarded. Acknown-Marked, discovered, known. Apertion-Opening. Action--The session of an assembly. Apostate-To apostatize. Additament-Addition.

Apostating—Apostatizing. Adiaphorist-One who is neutral or indif- A potactical Disorderly; ferent.

Appay—To discharge, to satisfy. Adiaphorous-Neutral, indifferent.

Appetition-Longing, desire. Adjection-An addition,

Appose—To question, to puzzle. Adscititious-Assumed, counterfeit. Apprecation-Prayer. Adulterine-Polluted, not genuine. Apprecatory-Praying, of the nature of Advertisement-Information.

prayer. Affamish-To famish.

Apprehensive—Ready to conceive, Affectation-Desire,

Apprize-To appraise, to value. Affective-Relating to the affections, Approof-Evidence, approbation. longing.

Appropinquation-Near approach. Affeign-To pretend, to imagine.

Arbitrable-Decided, determined. Agnition--Acknowledgment.

Aread_To guess. Aglai-Honourable persons.

Aretinisms-Impurities : so named from Aitiology-Causes, use.

Peter Aretine. Allective--Alluring.

Argutation-Reasoning. Allocution-An address to another. Arrectary—The upright beam of the cross, Alonely-Solitary, single.

as far as the transverse. Aloof off-At a distance.

Arreption-Snatching away. Amate-To subdue, to humble.

Artolatry-Bread-worship. Ambient-surrounding.

Aspectable-Capable of being seen. Ainbients—Persons surrounding.

Aspersion-Sprinkling: Ambulatory-A walking-place.

Assassinates---Assassinations. Amottop-Putting away.

Assay-To state, to satisfy. Amphibolies Ambiguities.

Assecurance-Assurance, security.' Amplexation-Embracing.

Assecaration-- The act of rendering 'seAmpliate-To extend, to enlarge. Anachorel-A hermit,

Assentation-Flattery. Angariation-A pressing or forcing of au- Assoil-To answer. other to an action.

Assume-To take up.
Angelicama berb.

Astipulate-To agree, to vouch.
Anoiling—The act of anointing with 'oil A stipulation–Testimony.
Anomy-Transgression of the law. Astonied--Amazed, confounded.
Antelucan-Before daylight, early, Astructive-Opposed to destructive.



Champerty, or Champertie-Confederacy Atoned- At peace.

in quarrels. Atonement-Reconciliation.

Chaie_Work. Atrophy-A want of due nourishment, Chary-Careful. languor.

Chiliasts—They who expect the personal Attrition-A slighter sorrow for sin.

reign of Christ for a thousand years on Attach-To arrest.

earth. Avoid— To render void, to prevent. Chronography—The time of an event. Avoidance-Absence.

Circuition-Going round or about.

Circumduction- A leading about. Balk-To refuse.

Claw-To tickle, or flatter. Bandog—A dog chained.

Clerkly--Scholar-like, Barking at--Being barked at.

Clientage-1o the condition of clients or Barretor-A wrangler.

dependants. Bay-windows-Bow-windows.

Clientele—The condition of clients or de. Beat-To determine.

pendants. Bedumb-To render dumb.

Climacterical-Critical age. Begun-Pledged in drinking.

Clodder-To clot together. Beboof-Advantage.

Coaction-Force, authority. Beleague--To combine.

Coarctation-Confinement, restraint. Beleagur-To besiege.

Coarcted-Confined, restrained. Belike-Probably.

Cocker-To pamper. Belime-To besmear.

Coetaneous—Being of the same age or Belking-Lurking.

time. Benefacture-Doing good.

Cogged— Pretended. Beslave-To enslave.

Cogging-Pretending, Bestead-To befriend, to serve, to treat. Cognation—Relationship. Bevy—A brood, a company.

Cognizance-A crest, token. Biggin-A cap or coif.

Cognoscible-Capable of being known.
Blank-To disappoint, to damp, to refute. Cobortation-An exhortation.
Bloughty-Bloated, huge.

Coil—Tumult, hurry, confusion.
Blurt – To blab, to speak inconsiderately. Collection-An inference,
Bolt-To sift.

Collogging-Fawning, cringing.
Boot-To benefit.

Colluding—Deceiving. Boulimy-A disease in which the patient Collybists-Money.changers, Bankers. eats like an ox.

Commensals—Fellowship at table. Boute-feux-Sowers of strife or sedition. CommessationsRevellings, jupketings, Bouzing-Toping, drinking lavishly.

particularly aster supper. Brabble-To clamour; a clamour. Commination-A threatening. Brabbling-Clamouring.

Comminatory—Threatening. Bran-A class.

Commingle-To mingle together. Brewess-Bread sopped in broth.

Commonitive-Admonitory. Burgen-Toʻspring forth, or bud.

Commoration-Residence, abode. Burse-An exchange, a market-place. Commove-To disturb, to occasion coni. Byss-Fine linen.


Compellation-An address. Capernaitical_A carnal interpretation of Compete-To equal. the eating of Christ's body.

Competitioning Entering into competiCaptation - The practice of catching fa


Complie-An accomplice. - Career-To run at full speed.

Complotting--Plotting together. Cark-To be careful or anxious.

Compost—To manure. Carle-A clown, a churle.

Comprehensor-He who has obtained. Cassation—The act of making null and Compurgator-He who vouches for others. void.

Conceit-To imagine. Catabaptist- An impugner of infant-bap- Concertation- A contest. tism.

Concorporate-To unite with. Catacbrestically-In a remote or abused Concredit-To entrust.

Concussation-A concussion. Cautelous-Cautious.

Condescent-Permission, acquiescence. Celature - The art of engraving or cutting Conduction- Leading. in metals.

Congestion-Heaping together, Celebrious-Famous, renowned.

Connivancy-Winking at. Celibate-Single state.

Confer to-To agree to. Censing—Perfuming with censers.

Conquisition-Brioging together., Cension—A census, taxation.

Consectaries-Inferences, consequences. Censure—Judginent; to judge, to deter. Conserve-To preserve. mine.

Considerable—To be considered. Champertous-Confederated in a quarrel. Consigo-To entrust, to hand down.



the eye.

Consignation-Sealing, signing.

Denotation-A mark, token. Conspersion--Sprinkling.

Denude-To make naked. Conspiration-Union.

Deordination-Disorder. Conspurcation-Defilement.

Deploration-Lamentation. Constupration-Deflowering, violation. Deprehension-Detection. Contaction—Touch.

Derive-To direct. Contesseration-A leaguing between stran- Design-To point out. gers.

Destitution-A state of want. Contest-A fellow-witness.

Determine-To finish. Contestation-Combined witnessing, Detestation-Wishing; a, witnessing to Contignation-A frame, &c. of beams or the contrary. boards.

Detrect-To refuse, or decline. Contra.yerva-A species of birthwort, Detrectation—The act of refusing or degrowing in Jamaica.

clining. Contruth-To agree in testimony.

Detrusion—The act of thrusting down. Convent–To summon, to convene.

Devolution—The act of devolving. Convict-To prove.

Dichotomize-To divide into two parts. Conviction-A reproof of others.

Diet-A class, society, taste. Convince-To prove, refute, shew.

Dietetical—Relating to diet or food. Cope-A priest's cloak or hood,

Dilaniation-Tearing in pieces. Corporals—The communion cloths used in Dilater-A diffuser. the Romish Church.

Dilation-Delay. Correlation-Reciprocal relation.

Dilatory-Deferring to a long period. Correption--Reproof.

DimicationContention. Corrival-A rival.

Dimitted Dismissed. Cerrivality_Rivalship.

Dint-A stroke. Counterfeisance-Counterfeiting.

Diremption-Dissolution. Cruciation-Torment.

Direption or Disreption-Plundering. Cruze-To crush.

Disappoint-Disappointment. Cynosure-The north-star, what attracts Disagreeable-Unsuitable.

Discern—To cause to differ, to distin

guish. Dagbes-point-The point of a leather Discerption- A division, rent. latchet.

Discession—Departure. Damage faisant-Doing injury.

Disclamation-Being disclaimed, the act Darklings-Being in the dark.

of disclaiming. Dative--Giving.

Discruciate-To torment, Day-Time.

Discuss-To dismiss. Day-Used in the sense of Judgment: a Disdoubt-To doubt.

Grecism; the Greek word for Judg. Disherson-Disinheriting. ment being husga, a day.

Disjunct—Making opposition or separaDeal-Quantity, portion.

tion. Debellation-Subduing by war, warring Disparition-Disappearing. against.

Disperse—To make known. Decertation-A dispute.

Disport-Sport. Decline-To draw, to bend.

Disrespective Careless. Decursion—The act of running or run- Disruption --Breaking asunder. ning down.

Disseised-Dispossessed. Deduce—To withdraw, to branch from, to Dissolute-Loose in meaning. derive.

Dissolution--Melting. Defalk--To fail in.

Distermine or Disterminate-To place at Defatigation-Weariness.

a distance. Defeazance-Aanulling.

Distract—To divide. Defer-To withhold.

Distraught-Distracted. Degustation-Taste.

Disvaluation-Disesteem. Dejected—Afflicted, overthrown, humbled. Diswont-To bring to disuse. Dejectedness-Humble condition.

Ditation-Enriching. Dejection---Humiliation.

Dition--Rule, dominion, Dejeration—A solemn oath.

Dittany–The herb garden-ginger, Delation--An accusation.

Diversion-Turning away. Delator-An accaser,

Divestiture—The act of stripping. Delatory-Accusing.

Divident-Distinct. Delectation-Delight.

Divinatory-Predictive. Demandate-To entrust, to enjoin. Divulgation-Making known. Demerit-To confer obligations.

Dirulsion-Plucking off or away, Demigration-Removing from place to 'Divulsive-Tearing away. place.

Dole--A Gift.

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