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Expoliation-Stripping. Dorter, or Dorture-A dormitory, cham- Exprobratiou—Reproach, censure, ber.

Expugos— To take by storm, to conquer. Dotation-Endowment.

Expurgation-Purification. Dry-fats—Large woodeu vessels.

Exquisite-Eutire, perfect, accurate. Dullard--A stupid person.

Exquisitely-Accurately. Dump-A melancholy piece.

Exsibilation—The act of hissing.

Exsiccation-Drought, drying up. Each-where-- Every where.

Edition—The act of publication,

Exundation-An overflow.
Eft soone-Quickly.

Face bread-'The shew-bread.
Egestion—The act of discharging food. Facile-Easy, candid.

Failing-Causing to fail.
Eke--To spin out.

Fainten-To cause to faint. Elimination–Turning out of doors. Familists-A sect called the Family of Elocation-Removal to a distance,

Love. Eluctation-Deliverance.

Famoused-Rendered famous. Elusion--Artifice, evasion.

Fardel-Bundle, heap, baggage. Embase-To degrade.

Farding-Painting. Emboss-To eoclose.

Fault-To blame. Emergent-Naturally arising.

Faulted—To be faulty. Emissitious--Prying.

Fautor-A favourer, a protector.
Enfeoff-To invest, to put into possession. Feodary-One who holds under another.
Enlive--To make alive, to animate. Peoff—To invest with possession or right.
Enter-To give entrance to.

Feriation-Keeping holiday.
Enter-koow-To have mutual knowledge. Ferity-Wildness.
Euthirst-To cause to thirst.

Fetch-A stratagem, artifice.
Entitative-- An abstraction of all circum- Petch about—To go about.

stances from the thing considered. Firmitude- Firmness. Epiphonema—Exclamation.

Feedily-Filthiness. Eremite-A hermit,

Fæneration–Lending on interest. Eremitical, or Eremitish- Retired.

Fond-Foolish. Erratical-Wandering, irregular.

Fondiy-Foolishly. Ereption-Snatching away.

Fondness—Folly. Escheat-A forfeiture; to forfeit.

Fontinel-An issue. Espials—Acts of spying, spies.

For-On account of. Estate-To put into possession.

Foregove-Lost, given up. Ethnic-A heathen, heathenish.

Forelay—To anticipate, withbold, preEuge! Well done!

vent. Eutaxy-Good order.

Foreslowing—Dolaying, bindering. Evacuate-To make void.

Foyning-Feigoing to strike. Evasion from-Escape.

Free-denizen—To make free, 'to inrest Evict-To prove.

with citizenship. Eviction-Proof,

Frequence-Concourse, assembly, interEvince-To prove, to convict. Evirate-To càstrate.

Fruiten~ To fructify.
Eviternal-Immortal, eternal.

Frump-A jeer, taunt.

Gage-To engage.
Evolation-Act of Aying out.

Gainstand—To oppose. Exauthoration--The act of distnission or Galliard— A lively dance. degradation.

Gallimaufrey—A strange medley. Excæcation-Blinding.

Garish-Shewy, gaudy. Exception-A withdrawing.

Garishly-Sbewily, gaudily.
Excision-Cutting off.

Garishness-Shewiness, gaudiness.
Excussion—The act of shaking off. Gaudy-Joyous.
Excutifidian-One who believes that true Gazul-See Subit.
faith may be lost.

Geason—Rare, wonderful.
Exigent-Extremity, necessity.

Geniculation-Bending the knee. Exinanition-An emptying out, privation.

Gimmer-Movement, machinery. Exotical-Foreign.

Gird-A twitch, pang. Expect—To wait.

Give-To misgive. Experiment-Proof, experience, instance; Glaver-To fatter, to wheedle, to try, to prové.

Glibbed-Rendered glib. Expilate-To plunder.

Gloriation-Boasting. Expilation—Plundering.

00-To be.


Good-cheap- At a small expence.

Imprevalency-Incapacity of prevailing. Gooded-Rendered good.

Improve-To aggravate. Grains-Branches.

Improvide—To provide for. Gramercy-An interjection de noting sur Impugn—To attack, oppose, disprove. prize or pleasure.

Impaguation-Hitack. Gratulate-To congratulate.

Impuration-Defilement Gratulation-Congratulation.

Impure--To defile. Greateni-To aggravate.

Imputed-Accounted, thought of. Gregary--Ordinary, common.

Inanimation--Life within. Gripple-Griping.

Incend-To enfame. Gripple-minded-Disposed to extortion. luchoate-Begun, to begin. Grippleness-Griping, oppression. Inchoutely-Respecting the beginning. Groundsel-Timber that is next the

Lochoation-Begiuning. ground.

Incident Incidental.
Guard-an ornament, to ornament. Incident into-- Belonging to.
Guiltiness, Consciousness.

Inclamation-- Declaration, exclamation, Guilty-Conscious, productive.

Incogitancy-Want of thought. Gullery-Imposture, knavery.

Jucompossibility-Incompatibility with Gustation-Taste.

something. Gymnic-Gymnastic, relating to strong Inconsolately--- Incousolably. exercises.

Ipcrepation---Blame, reproof, Gyre-A circle; to cause to move in a Incur-To run. circle,

Incurious-Indifferent, careless.

Incuriousness-Freedom from niceness, Habilitation Communication, qualifica. Incurrence--Entrance. tion.

Incurvation-Bending. Handsel-Earnest, first-fruits, first use. Indent-To covenant. Harborous—Sheltering, protecting. Indict-To appoint. Headily-Headlong.

Tudiction-Assembling, appointment. Headsmap-A beheader.

Indign-Unbecoming, contemptuous. Healtbists-Drinkers of healths.

Indignly-Unbecomingly, contemtuHearten-To encourage.

ously. Hemerocallis--The Day-Lily.

Indubitate-Uudoubted. Henchman- A page, attendant.

Induce-To lead to. Heremites-Hermits.

luduction--Leading in. Hernshaw-i place where herons breed. Induration--Hardness. Hesterual-Of yesterday.

Ineffectible-Incomprehensible, or
Heterarchy—The government of another. speakable.
Hold-To continue.


Inerrable-Incapable of erring. Holocausts—Burnt-offerings.

Inexistence Existence within. Homonymy-Equivocal nature.

Insectible--Capable of being infected, Honorificence-Honour.

Inform-To animate. Honest—To make to appear honest. Informcu--Unformed. Hospital-Hospitable.

Lufuse--To pour in. Humanity-Human nature.

Ingeminate-To redouble, to repeat. Husband-An economist.


Ingenuity--Ingenuousness. Illation—Inference.

Ingurgitation-Swallowing greedily. Illimitation-A waut of exact limits. Iu hand with-Treatipg of. Imagine--Supposing.

Lohiation-d gaping after, or longing for. Immanity—Barbarity.

Iohibit--To prohibit. Immarcescible-Unfading.

Inhibition--Prohibition. Immarcescibly-Unfadingly.

Inned-Gathered in. linminent-Impending.

Inoperation--Internal operation, Immission-Sending.

Insensate_Senseless, enraged, mad. Immutation-Change.

Insensateness--Insensibility. Imp--A shoot; to graft, to connect in Insition–Engrafting. affinity.

losist in—To confine to. Impeccancy-Infallibility.

Instance-Earnestness. Impeditive-Obstructive.

Instintany-Instantaneous, momentasy. Impetration-An obtaining by request. Instantly-Earnestly. Impetratory or Impetrative-Such as would Instinct--Instigation. obtain.

losaltation-Mockery. Imploration-Entreaty.

Intellective--Relating to the understanding. Importune-Importunate.

Intelligencers-Intelligencès. Impreparation-Want of preparation. Intend–To render intense, to stretch, to Impress—Device, emblem.


Intended ---Eager.

Longanimity-Long forbearance, long en Inteperate-To make tender,

during. Intensive-Intense.

Longsome-Tiresome. Intentation-A menacing, as with the Loose--The end, issue. hand, &c.

Lunets--Blinds for the eyes, Satellites. Intention-Eagerness, fixedness, intense- Luxation-Disjointing. ness.

Lycanthropy-- A kind of madness, in which Intercision-Cutting up.

men have the qualities of wild beasts. Inter-commoning- Peeding at the same table.

Maceration–Wasting. Interminate-To threaten.

Make-bait-A maker or promoter of mis'Intermination-Injunction.

chief. Interpellation-A summons, interruption. Maleficiation Injury. Intersert-To insert between.

Mal-grè Maugre, in spite of. Interspersion—A scattering here and there. Malice-To behave maliciously, to bear Interspirations-Breathing-times, inter- malice to vals.

Mammock-A shapeless piece, a fragervcnient-Intervening.

ment. Intreat-To treat.

Mancipate-To enslave. Intricated-Perplexed.

Manducation--Eating, Intromitting-Letting in, admitting. Mannishness-Masculine character. Intuition-Observation, regard, sight, per- Manuary-A workman; performed by the ception.

band. Irrepentance-Incapacity of repenting. Manuduction---Guidance by the hand. IrresolubleThat cannot obtain ease. Manumission--Releasing: Iteration-Repetition.

Maravedi--A small Spanish copper-coio.

Marian Times—The times of Queen Jactation-Boasting:

Mary Ist. Jubilation-Exultation.

Marish-Marshy. Just-Appointed, orderly, entire, exact. Mart-To sell. Justicer- An administrator of justice. Marting-Selling. Justiciaries-Self-justifiers.

Mask. To confound.

Mast-The fruit of the beech-tree. Kail-Broth.

Masterly-Imperiously, proudly. Kern-An Irisb boor or soldier.

Mate-To subdue. Killing-Being killed.


Maturation—Ripening, maturity. Lancinate-To cut, to tear.

Maumet--A puppet, a figure dressed up. Lapidation-Stoning.

Mavis-The thrush. Largition-The act of giving.

Maze-To confound. Lash-To move with a sudden spring or Median--Middle. jerk.

Meiny--Retinue, family. Latch-To catch, to receive.

Meliority-That which is better. Latreutical-Belonging to worship. Memorative--Adapted to assist the neLaver, or lavecr-To turn often in a

mory. course.

Menage—Horsemanship. Lay--To contrive ; a wager.

Mere, or Meare-—A boundary. Lazarly---Afflicted with filthy diseases. Merit-To deserve at another's hand. Leaguer-A messenger, ambassador, Mesline-Mixed, mixture. siege.

Metonymically-The putting of one word Leasing-Falsehood.

for another. Leige-man-A faithful subject.

Metwand--A wand to measure with. Leiger--An ambassador.

Michaelmas flaws--The bad weather comLeman-A harlot.

mon at the autumnal equinox. Let-To binder; hindrance.

Millenaries, Millenarians-See Chiliasts. Lewd-Wicked.

Minatory-Threatening. Lightly--Commonly, easily.

Misacception—Taking in a wrong sense. Lime-To smear.

Misceline--Mixed, confused. Lime-fingered— Thievish.

Misprision-Contempt, mistake, oversight. Liquorous, or likorous Dainty, curious. Mis-relate-To refer improperly. List- To incline; inclination.

Miswonting-Disuse. Litigious Controverted, subject to con. Monomachy-Single combat. troversy.

Moonets-Satellites. Livery and seizin-Giving and taking Morphew-A white scurf ; to scurf. possession.

Most-what-Usually, for the most part. Loathly--Loathsome.

Most-where--In most places. Lock--- A place.


Motitation-A commotion.

Parasitical—Flattering. Much-what-Nearly.

Parcel-sainted--Imperfectly sanctified, or Mure-To wall, to immure.

separated into small and distant bodies. Mutation—A change.

Parieting-Repairing walls.

Paris-Garden, a place of low amusement, Name-Respect, account.

formerly situated in the Borough. Napery-Linen.

Parle-Conference. Necotian Incense Tobacco.

Parture-Separation. Nép-Mint.

Pasch-Easter. Nescience-Ignorance.

Pasquin-A lampoon. Nopce-Occasion.

Pass-To make account of. Noursled Nursed.

Patent-Open. Nundination--An open and scandalous Paternity--The relation of a father. sale of justice.

Patrocination-Defence, support, protec

Obdormition-Sleeping, going to rest. Patter-To make a poise like hail.
Obduration, Obduredness-Hardness. Peccant-Corrupt, faulty.
Obdure-To harden.

Pectoral- A breast-plate.
Obedible-That can be preyed upon. Pedagogy--Discipline, institution,
Obfirm-To confirm, to settle.

Pelting-Pitiful, paltry. Object-To offer.

Peragration–The act of passing over or Oblatration-Barking.

about. Oblivious-Capable of being forgotten. Pererration-Wandering about. Obsecration-Entreaty.

Perfunctory-Slight. Obsecratory-Supplicatory.

Perfunctorily-Negligently. Obstetrication Office of a midwife. Perition-Loss. Obsignation—Sealing or confirmation. Permeation-Passing or piercing through. Obstination-Making obstinate.

Persistance-Perseverance, stedfastness. Obtestation-Entreaty.

Petard-An engine for blowing up places. Obtortion-Distortion.

Petulcity-Wantonness, mischievousness. Obturation-Smearing or closing up. Pbrontisteries Monasteries. Occæcation-Blinding.

Piacular-Atrocious. Occurrent-Occurring, occurreuce,

PillTo rob, to peel. Offuscation-Obscuration.

Piscation-Fishing. Ominate-To forebode.

Pisht at-Despised. Onwards—In advance, in anticipation.

Pitch-brand-Mark of infamy. Ope-tide-See p. 298, note 5, and the Er. Plaining—Making plain or smooth. rata, in this volume.

Plaint-Complaint. Operosity-Toil, labour.

Pleasance-Pleasure. Oppugn—To oppose.

Plerophory--Pulness. Oppugnation-Opposition, attack. Pleuritical—Belonging to a pleurisy, or inOrbation-Deprivation.

flammation of the lungs. Orbity-Want of children.

Plight-To pledge, to engage. Ordalian-Ordeal.

Point-To appoint. Ordinate-To direct; regular, methodical. Poise-Weight. Ordinately-Regularly.

Pole-Head. Orts-Fragments.

Poll-To strip, to exact. Ostended-Discovered itself.

Polling-Stripping, exaction. Ostension-Shewing.

Polycoyrany-The government by many. Otherwise-One way, another way.

Ponderation-Weight. Out—To dispossess.

Portage---Carrying. Overlash-To exceed.

Portuise-A breviary, or Romish priest's Overlay–To oppress by weight.

office-book. Overliness—Pride, overbearing,

Postiller-One who writes glosses. Overly-Proud, overbearing.

Posy-Motto. Overture-Aperture,

Potential-lo possibility of existence. Over-ween-To think too highly of. Præscious—Anticipating, aware.

Prankingly-Flauntingly. Pact-Covenant; agreement.

Preception-Command. Painim-A Pagan.

Precocity-Too early ripeness. Painful-Laborious.

Preconization—The act of warning or Painfully-Laboriously.

announcing. Pandarisms- Pretences, or occasions. Predication-An affirmation, a declaration. Parænetical-Exhortatory, persuasive.

Prefer-To advance. Paralogism-False or bad reasoning. Pregravate-To clog heavily. Paranomasy—A play upon words.

Prejudicate--Prejudiced. Parasiteism-Flattery.


Prepossess—To possess beforehand. Recollect-To collect.
Presention-Perception beforehand. Recollection-Collection.

Reconcilement-A re-obtaining, a regain . Pressive-Urgent.

ing. Preterition-Passing by.

Recordation-A remenibrance, Prevent–To precede, to anticipate, to Recrements—Dross, filth. fortify.

Recule-To retire. Prevention-Anticipation.

Reduct-To reduce, Prevision-Foresight.

Redivived—Revived. Prime Stole-Best robe,

Redolence-Sweet scent. Primere- Principal.

Redolent-Sweet-smelling. Primigenous-Original.

Reduce—To bring back. Proclivity— Tendency to evil.

Reduct-To reduce. Prodigence-Prodigality.

Reduction—Bringing back. Prodition—Treachery, deceitfulness. Reductively—By reduction, by consePromerit—To lay under obligation, to me- quence. rit for.

Refection-Refreshment. Fromove-To advance, to promote. Refel-To refute, to disprove. Promoving-Promoting.

Reflection—Return. Prophylactical-Preventive of disease. Refossion—Digging up. Proper-Peculiar.

Refrication Refreshing. Proprieties—Possessions.

Regest—To cast or turn up again. Propriety-Exclusive right.

Regiment—Government. Propugnation-Defence, support.

Reluctation-Resistance, aversion.

Proritation—The act of inciting or alluring. 'Remiss-Lower.
Prosopopey-A personification.


Repitency-Reluctance. Puisne-Younger, inferior.

Renvible—Running, voluble. Puissance-Strength, valour.

Reposed—Laid up. Pursuivant—A pursuer, an officer of jus- Reposition-Firm hold or repose, burial, tice.

treasuring or laying up. Pute- Perfectly pure.

Reputation-Estimation, judgment. Puttock-The buzzard.


Reservation-Withholding. Quack-salver-One who boasts of salves. Resolution—Explanation, satisfaction, reQuail-To daunt.

solved expectation. Quarrelled-Quarrelled with.

Resolve-To dissolve, to melt, lo explain. Quarry-To prey upon.

Respective-Kind. Quean- A strumpet, a wortbless woman. Restipulation-A reciprocal engagement. Queasy-Squeamish.

Resultance-An assemblage. Querimony-A complaint.

Retch, or Reach-To stretch. Questman-A stater of lawsuits, inquirer,

Retractive-Withholding. officer.

Rezicted-Proved on the other side. Questuary-One studious of profit.

Reviction-Reviving. Quick-Living

Revoke-Te recover. Quintessential—Consisting of the quii- Rife-Common. tessence.

Rifely-Commonly. Quiritation-Complaining.

Rift-Cleft, crack. Quodlibetical Subtle.

Rivality-Rivalry. Quotidian-Daily.

Rhetoricate—To play the orator.

Round-Plain, faithful, decisive. Rack-A frame,

Rouudel—The circumference of a wheel, Radicated-Rooted.

a circle. Raked--Covered, hid.

Roundly-Plainly, faithfully. Ramping-Rushing.

Ruff-Success, prosperity. Rapture-Being carried along.

Ruffle-To disturb. Rarely-Singularly,

Ruinate-To ruin. Rathe-Early, prematurely.

Run descaut-To enlarge. Ravine-To plunder.

Sacred— Consecrated. Reave-To contract.

Sad-Grave, serious. Reaving-Taking by violence.

Sadly-Soberly, seriously. Rebate—To blunt.

Sag-To hang low or heavy. Recidivation--Backsliding, relapse. Sagamore-A king or supreme ruler among Reclaim- Tu cry out.

the American Indians. Reclamation--Reformation.'


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