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VIII. Page 367, line ult. for c. 46.

read c. 44, 375, 29,

time. 454, remove the reference I, in the text, to the next paragraph. 456, Note. By Sixtus's edition is to be understood the revision of that

edition by Clement VIII. and not the edition published by Sixtus himself: for several of the errors censured by our author are to be found in Sixtus's own edition, but are corrected in the revision by Clement.

IX. Page 92, line 2, a pede for Mart.

read Marr. 370, Add to the Note-"as they now stand, but not as they stood in the

author's time.” The revision took place in the reigu of

Charles II.
520, line 9, a pede for fu

read feu.



571. 860, 12, a pede AD

S. T. D.

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X. Page 187, 19,


- Aspera. 201, - 4, a pede - Roma

- Romæ. 205, - 17, - ATEXodox tía - TWX odox site 298, Note 5, By Ope-tyde was meant, in all probability, Shrove-Tide ; tbe

Carnival of the Roman Church : which is, in most Popish Countries, a time of unusual liberty ; in recompence, as it were, of the abstinence which is to be encountered duriog the subsequent Lent. Our Author uses it elsewhere, in contradistinction to Lent, See Vol. V. p. 458. “There is an Ope.

tide by his allowance, as well as a Lent." 361, In running Title, for Book I. read Book V.

*** The Binder should be directed to cut very little off the margins on account

of the extent of the letter-press.


*.* The following List contains both the Names of individual Subscribers so

far as they have been received by the Editor, and the aggregate

number of copies taken by the different Booksellers. : N. B. Those marked with an asterisk subscribed for royal paper copies.

Abbot, PSD. Esq. Powis Place, Great Ormond Street.
Abdy, Rev. Wm. Jarvis, M. A. Rector of St. John's, Horsley down.
Adam, J. W. Esq. Crutched Friars.
Adams, Mrs. Great Russell Street.
Ackworth, B. B. Esq. Queen Square, Westminster.
Adderley, Clement Charles, Esq. St. John's College, Oxford.
Aitkins, Rev. R. Ellis, Hanley, Staffordshire.
Alers, Wm. Esq. Fenchurch Street.
Allan, Mrs. Richmond Plate, Bristol.
Allen, Mr. Caroline Street, Bedford Square.
* Allen, Mr. Edward, Percy Street, Bedford Square.
Allibone, Mr. Chatham.
Allsopp, Rev. Thomas, B. D. Fellow of Emanuel College, Cam-

bridge. Amphlitt, Mrs. Gower Street. Apthorp, Rev. East, D. D. Prebend of Finsbury. Arnold, Rev. Charles, B. A. Vicar of Roydon, Essex. Ashmore, Mr. Peter, Snowhill. Atkinson, Rev. R. Ellis, Henley in Arden. * Atkinson, Thomas, Esq. Huddersfield. Auger, Edward, Esq. East Bourne. * Austin, Rev. Robert, D. D. Rector of Michelstown, County Cork. Bailey, Rev. Thomas, M. A. Chaplain of New College, Oxford. Bailey, Mr. Cheapside. Bailey, Mr. Charlestone. Baptist Academy, Bristol. Barker, Mr. Cheapside. Bateman, Mr. Wm. Bunhill Row. * Bates, Benjamin, Esq. Brunswick Square. * Bates, Rev. G. F. M. A. Lecturer of St. Giles's, Cripplegate. Batt, Benjamin, Esq. Doury Square, Hot Wells, Bristol. * Battely, -- Esq. Liverpool. Baxter, Rev. Mr. King's Thorpe, near Northampton, Bayley, Rev. H. V. M. A. Sub-Dean of Lincoln, and Fellow of

Trinity College, Cambridge.

Baynes, Mr. (Bookseller,) Paternoster Row: 12 copies demy,

6 copies royal. Beachcroft, Rev. Robert, M. A. Tottenham. Benson, Mr. Joseph, St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Bernard, Thomas, Esq. Roehampton, Surry. Berry and Rochester, Messrs. Norwich * Biddulph, Rev. T. T. M. A. Minister of St. James's, Bristol : 1

copy demy, I copy royal. Biddulph, Mrs. sen. Bristol. Billinge, Mr. William, Birmingham. Bird, Rev. Charles John, M. A. Rector of Mordiford. . Bird, Mr. Francis, Birmingham. Blair, Wm. Esq. Great Russell Street. Blake, J. Esq. Blundell, Mr. Bezer, Holborn Bridge. * Booth, Mr. Devonshire Street, Queen Square. Borsley, Mr. J. High Holborn. Bowyer, Robert, Esq. Pall Mall. Boys, Rev. Mr. Ben'et College, Cambridge." Bragge, Wm. Esq. Parke House, Brompton. Brock, Rev. John, M. A. Rector of Bidborough, Kent. Broomfield, Rev. 'T. R. M. A. Vicar of Naston and Grandborough. Brooke, Samuel, Esq. Old Jewry. * Brooks, Mr. Millman Street. Brooksbank, Rev. Mr. Winkworth's Buildings. Brougham, James, Esq. Finsbury Place. * Brown, Rev. David, M. A. Provost of the College of Fort William,

Calcutta. Brown, Rev. John, M. A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.. * Bryant, Mr. Frederick, High Holborn. Buckle, Rev. Wm. M. A. Vicar of Pyrton, Budd, Rev. Henry, M. A. Minister of Bridewell Precinct. Buddicom, Rev. Ř. P. M. A. Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. Bull, Rev. John, B. A. Orange Court Down, near Bromley. Burdon, Mr. St. Andrew's Court, Holborn. Bush, James, Esq. Doctors' Commons. Butler, Hon. Mrs. Tunbridge. Bye, Mr. Deodatus, St. John's Square.

Carbery, Right Hon. Lady, Luxton Hall, near Stamford.
Cranley, Right Hon. Viscountess, Clarges Street.
Campbell, Rev. Henry, Shrewsbury.
* Campbell, Mr. Queen's College, Cambridge.
Capper, Robert, Esq. F. R. S. F. A. S. Lincoln's Inn.
Cardale, Wm. Esq. Bedford Row.
Cardale, Mrs. King's Road.
Carr, Rev. T. M. A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
* Carr, Mr. Wm. Broad Way, Borough.
Carser, Rev. Wm. Bridgenorth.
Carter, Mr. Thomas, Cavendish Street.
Cartwright, Miss Judith, Oldhouse Green, near Congleton.

Cawood, Rev. John, M. A. Bewdley. .
Cecil, Rev. Richard, M. A. Minister of St. John's Chapel, Bedford

Chalmers, Alexander, Esq. F. A. S. London.
Chappell, Mr. Stephen, London.
Charriott, Mr. King Street, Bloomsbury.
Cherry, George, Esq. Nottingham Place.
Cherry Street Library, Birmingham.
Choppin, Mr. Frederick, Park Lane: 2 copies.
Christie, Mr. James, (Bookseller,) High Holborn: 6 copies demy,

4 copies royal. Clare, Mr. Wm. Clerkenwell Close. Clark, Rev. Wm. M. A. Ben'et College, Cambridge. Clark, Mr. Queen's College, Cambridge. Clarke, J. C. Esq. St. John's College, Oxford. Clarkson, Mr. Trinity College, Cambridge. Clode, Mr. George, Bishopsgate Street. Cockle, Rev. J. Č. M. A. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Collins, Mr. R. Maid Lane, Southwark. Conyers, Mr. Richard, Lombard Street. Cooke, Mr. Isaac, Bristol : 2 copies. Cooper, Rev. Mr. Swasey. Cottrill, Rev. -- B. A. St. John's College, Cambridge. Cottam, Rev. Robert, B. A. Bromsgrove. Cox, Mr. Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane. Coxe, Rey. F. A. M. A. Clipstone, Northamptonshire. Cracknell, Rev. B. M. A. Weymouth. Crombie, Rev. A. LL. D. Highgate: * Crompton, Mrs. London. Crosby and Co. Messrs. (Booksellers,) Stationers' Court: 6 copies. Crosley, Mr. Joseph, Holborn Bridge. Crouch, Rev. Isaac, M. A. Oxford: 2 copies. Cumming, Mr. Cardington, Bedfordshire. Cunningham, Mr. Francis, Milk Street. * Curtis, Rev. Wm. B. A. Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire.

Darby, Rev. Joseph, B. A. Lock Hospital. Davies, Rev. David, D. D. Macclesfield. * Davies, Rev. John, M. A. Minister of St. Margaret's Chapel,

Westminster. Davies, Mr. James, Gracechurch Street. * Davies, Mr. George, Tottenham. Davis, Mr. David. Dealtry, Rev. Thomas, M. A. Professor of Mathematics and Natural

Philosophy, East India College, Hertford; and Fellow of

Trinity College, Cambridge.
Dearsly, Mrs. Chelmsford : 2 copies.
* Deason, Rev. T. Durham.
Decoetlogon, Rev. Charles, M. A. Rector of Godstone, Surry.
Deedes, Rev. John, M. A. Chigwell, Essex,

Deighton, Mr. (Bookseller,) Cambridge: 33 copies demy, 6 copies

Dixon, Wm. Esq. Blackman Street.
Dixon, Mr. John, Colebrook Row, Islington.
Dixon, — , Esq. St. Mary Hill.
Dobbs, Mr. Thomas, Birmingham.
Dobbs, Mr. Henry, New Bridge Street: 2 copies.
Dodd, Rev. Philip, M. A. Rector of St. Mary-at-Hill.
Draper, Rev. Henry, D. D. Cheshunt.
Ducroz, Miss, Brook Street, Holborn.
Dunderdale, H. Esq. Woodford, Essex.
Duppa, Mr. James, Oxford Street.
Durant, Rev. Thomas, Poole.

* Earle, Joseph, Esq. Hendon.
* Edmund Hall, St. Library.
Edwards, Mr. Edward, Brook Street, Holborn.
Edwards, Mrs. Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square.
Elliot, Charles, Esq. Clapham.
Elliot, Philip, Esq. Berkely Square, Bristol.
Evans, Mr. John, Old Bond Street.

* Faden, Mr. Wm. Charing Cross. Fancourt, Rev. W. L. M. A. Lecturer of St. Matthew's, Bethnal

Green. Fancourt, Rev. Thomas, B. A. Hoxton Square. Farish, Rev. Wm. M. A. Professor of Chemistry, Cambridge. Fawcett, Rev. John, M. A. Rector of Scaleby, Cumberland. * Fearon, Daniel, Esq. Ely Place. * Fearon, Rev. Devey, M. D. Windlesham, Surry., * Fearon, Miss, Ely Place. Fisher, Mr. Wm. Chiswick. Forbes, James, Esq. F. R. S. F. A. S. Stanmore. Forby, Rev. Robert, M. A. Rector of Fincham, Norfolk, Fortescue, Rev. Francis, Knottesford, Hadleigh, Suffolk. Foster, Rev. Henry, M. A. Minister of St. James's Clerkenwell. Foster, Rev. John, M. A. Rector of West Thurrock, Essex. .. Foster, Mr. Richard, Iyy Lane. Fowler, Rev. John, B. A. Huntingdon. Fox, Mr. Wm. St. Neot's. * Foyle, George Soley, Esq. Brunswick Square. Foyster, Rev. John G. B. A. Orpington, Kent. Freeman, Rev. G. Cherry Burton, near Beverly. Friend, Mr. Newbury. Fripp, Mr. S. Bristol : 2 copies. Fry, Rev. Thomas, M. A. Rector of Emberton, Bucks.

Graham, Sir James, Bart. M. P. Cavendish Square.
Graham, Right Hon. Lady Catharine, ditto.
Gell, Rev. Philip, B. A. Matlock.

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