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“One cause of the dulness of many persons in prayer is their slight acquaintance with the sacred volume ; they hear it periodically, they read it occasionally, they are contented to know it historically, to consider it superficially; but they do not endeavour to get their minds imbued with its spirit. If they store their memory with its facts, they do not impress their hearts with its truths. They do not regard it as the nutriment on which their spiritual life and growth depend. They do not pray over it, they do not consider all its doctrines as of practical application; they do not cultivate that spiritual discernment which alone can enable them judiciously to appropriate its promises and apply its denunciations to their own actual case. They do not use it as an unerring line to ascertain their own rectitude, or detect their own. obliquity.”-HANNAH MORE.


In my early youth, during years of ill-health, when long hours threw me upon religious study for support and guidance, I found deep interest in searching out, comparing and classifying under their respective headings, the following collection of Scripture Texts.

Years have passed away, and I now venture to offer this volume to the Public, with the earnest desire that the Holy Verses selected may help others, as they have helped me, to find comfort and consolation under

every circumstance of earthly trial.

A. A. S.

Warwick House,Sillwood Road,


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