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and say,


our Lord.

I baptize thee in the name of his grace and mercy unto such In

the Father, and of the Son, fants; but most lovingly doth call and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. them unto him, as the Holy GosI Then the Minister shall give thanks unto God, pel doth witness to our comfort on

this wise.
TE yield thee hearty thanks, 1 Then the Minister shall say as follows: or else
most merciful Father, that shall pass on to the Questions addressed to the

it hath pleased thee to regenerate Hear the words of the Gospel,
this Infant with thy Holy Spirit, written by St. Mark, in the tenth
to receive him for thine own Child

chapter, at the thirteenth verse.
HEY brought young

humbly we beseech thee to grant, them; and his disciples rebuked
that he, being dead unto sin, and those who brought them. But
living into righteousness, and be when Jesus saw it, he was much
ing buried with Christ in his death, displeased, and said unto them,
may crucify the old man, and ut- Suffer the little children to come
terly abolish the whole body of unto me, and forbid them not; for
sin; and that as he is made Par- of such is the kingdom of God.
taker of the death of thy Son, Verily I say unto you, Whosoever
he may also be Partaker of his shall not receive the kingdom of
Resurrection; so that finally, with God as a little child, he shall not
the residue of thy holy Church, he enter therein. And he took them
be an Inheritor of thine ever-

up in his arms, put his hands upon lasting Kingdom, through Christ them, and blessed them. Amen.

T After the Gospel is read, the Minister shall make 1 And let them not doubt, but that the Child so bap- this brief Exhortation upon the words of the tized is lawfully and sufficiently baptized, and Gospel : ought not to be baptized again. Yet neverthe

BE less, if the Child which is after this sort baptized,

ELOVED, ye hear in this

Gospel the words of our Sado afterwards live, it is expedient that it be brought into the Church, to the intent that if the viour Christ, that he commanded Minister of the same Parish did himself baptize the children to be brought unto the true form of Baptisin, by him privately before him ; how he blamed those that used: In which case he shall say thus:

would have kept them from him; I

CERTIFY you, that accord- how he exhorteth all men to fol

ing to the due and prescribed low their innocency. Ye perceive Order of the Church, at such a how, by his outward gesture and time and at such a place, before deed, he declared his good will todivers witnesses, I baptized this ward them: for he embraced them Child.

in his arms, he laid his hands

upon 1 But if the Child were baptized by any other law. them, and blessed them. Doubt

the Child was born or christened, shall examine ye not therefore, but earnestly be-
whether the same hath been lawfully done. And lieve, that he hath likewise fa-
if the Minister shall find, by the answers of such
as bring the Child, that all things were done as vourably received this present In-
they ought to be; then shall be not Christen the fant; that he hath embraced him
flock of truc Christian People, saying thus:

with the arms of his mercy; and, you, that in this as he hath promised in his holy case all is well done, and ac- word, will give unto him the blesscording unto due order, concerninging of eternal life, and make him the baptizing of this Child; who partaker of his everlasting kingis now by baptism incorporated into dom. Wherefore, we being thus the Christian Church : For our persuaded of the good will of our Lore Jesus Christ doth not deny heavenly Father, declared by his

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Son Jesus Christ, towards this In- to continue Christ's faithful soldier fant, let us faithfully and devoutly and servant unto his life's end. give thanks unto him, and say the Amen. Prayer which the Lord himself a The same rule is to be observed here, as to the taught us.

Omission of the Sign of the Cross, as in the Pube

lic Baptism of Infants. UR Father, who art in Hea

I Then shall the Minister say,




Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be brethren, that this Child is redone on Earth, as it is in Heaven; generate, and grafted into the body Give us this day our daily bread; of Christ's Church; let us give And forgive us our trespasses, as thanks unto Almighty God for we forgive those who trespass these benefits, and with one accord against us; And lead us not into make our prayers unto him, that temptation ; But deliver us from this Child may lead the rest of his evil. Amen.

life according to this beginning. Then shall the Minister demand the name of the

Then shall be said, all kneeling, Child; which being by the Godfathers and God

TE yield thee hearty thanks, inothers pronounced, the Minister shall say as follows:

most merciful Father, that it DOSTA

OST thou, in the name of hath pleased thee to regenerate

this Child, renounce the this Infant with thy Holy Spirit, devil and all his works, the vain to receive him for thine own Child pomp and glory of the world, with by adoption, and to incorporate him all covetous desires of the same, into thy holy Church. And humand the sinful desires of the flesh; bly we beseech thee to grant, that so that thou wilt not follow, nor be he, being dead unto sin, and living led by them?

unto righteousness, and being buriAns. I renounce them all; and, ed with Christ in his death, may by God's help, will endeavour not crucify the old man, and utterly to follow, nor be led by them. abolish the whole body of sin; and

Minis. Dost thou believe all the that as he is made Partaker of the Articles of the Christian Faith, as death of thy Son, he may also be contained in the Apostles' Creed ? Partaker of his Resurrection; so Ans. I do.

that finally, with the residue of thy Minis. Wilt thou be baptized in holy Church, he may be an Inheritthis Faith?

or of thine everlasting Kingdom, Ans. That is my desire. through Christ our Lord. Amen. Minis. Wilt thou then obedient- 1 Then, all standing up, the Minister shall say to

the Godfathers and Godmothers this Exhortation ly keep God's holy will and com- following: mandinents

, and walk in the same FORASMUCH as this Child Ans. I will, by God's help. ties, to renounce the devil and all

Then the Minister shall say, his works, to believe in God, and VE receive this Child into the to serve him; ye must remember,

Congregation of Christ's that it is your parts and duties to * Here the Min. Flock, and do *sign see that this Infant be taught, so ister shall make a him with the sign of soon as he shall be able to learn, Cross upon the the Cross; in token what a solemn vow, promise, and Child's forehead. that hereafter he shall profession he hath here made by not be ashamed to confess the faith you. And that he may know these of Christ crucified, and manfully things the better, ye shall call upon to fight under his banner, against him to hear Sermons; and chiefly sin, the world, and the devil; and ye shall provide, that he may learn

the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and soon as he can say the Creed, the the Ten Commandments, and all Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Comother things which a Christian mandments, and is sufficiently inought to know and believe to his structed in the other parts of the scul's health; and that this Child Church Catechism, set forth for may be virtuously brought up to that purpose. lead a godly and a Christian life : 1 But if they who bring the Infant to the Church do remembering always, that Baptism Questions, as that it cannot appear that the Child doth represent unto us our profes- was baptized with Water, in the name of the Fasion; which is, to follow the exam

ther, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (which

are essential parts of Baptism) then let the Minis. ple of our Saviour Christ, and to

ter baptize it in the Form before appointed for be made like unto him; that as he Public Baptism of Infants; saving, that, at the

dipping of the Child in the Font, he shall use this died, and rose again for us, so form of Words: filom sin, and rise again

unto right-Inhoubaptizet thee in the name cousness; continually mortifying of the Father, and of the Son, ana all our evil and corrupt affections, of the Holy Ghost. Amen. . and daily proceeding in all virtue If Infant Baptism, and the receiving of Infants and godliness of living.

baptized in private, are to be at the same time, 1 Then shall be add, and say,

the Minister may make the Questions to the Spon.

sors and the succeeding Prayers serve for both. E are to take care that this And again, after the Immersion, or the pouring YE care to take care that this

of Water, and the receiving into the Church, the

Minister may use the Remainder of the Service Bishop to be confirmed by him, so

for both.



And able to answer for themselves. 4 When any such Persons as are of Riper Years are to be baptized, timely notice shall be given to the

Minister; that so due care may be taken for their examination, whether they be sufficiently instructed in the Principles of the Christian Religion; and that they may be exhorted to prepare themselves, with prayers and fasting, for the receiving of this Holy Sacrament. 1 And if they shall be found fit, then the Godfathers and Godmothers, (the People being assembled

upon the Sunday, Holy Day, or Prayer Day appointed) shall be ready to present them at the Font, immediately after the Second Lesson, either at Morning or Evening Prayer, as the Minister, in his discretion, shall think fit. 1 And standing there, the Minister shall ask, Whether any of the Persons here presented be baptized or no? If they shall answer, No; then shall the Minister say thus: EARLY beloved, forasmuch ness he will grant to these Persons

as all men are conceived and that which by nature they cannot born in sin, (and that which is born have; that they may be baptized of the flesh is flesh) and they who with Water and the Holy Ghost, are in the flesh cannot please God, and received into Christ's holy but live in sin, committing many Church, and be made lively memactual transgressions; and our Sa-bers of the same. viour Christ saith, None can enter | Then shall the Minister say, into the kingdom of God, except he be regenerate and born anew of Water and of the Holy Ghost ofL ALMIGHTY and everlasting

, beseech you to call upon God the didst save Noah and his family in Father, through our Lord Jesus the ark from perishing by water; Christ, that of his bounteous good and also didst safely lead the chil


Let us pray:

Or this.


dren of Israel thy people through ruler of the Jews. The same came the Red Sea, figuring thereby thy to Jesus by night, and said unto holy Baptism; and by the Baptism him, Rabbi, we know that thou art of thy well-beloved Son Jesus a Teacher come from God; for no Christ in the river Jordan, didst man can do these miracles that sanctify the element of water, to thou doest, except God be with the mystical washing away of sin ; him. Jesus answered and said unwe beseech thee, for thine infinite to him, Verily, verily, I say unto mercies, that thou wilt mercifully thee, Except a man be born again, look upon these thy Servants; wash he cannot see the kingdom of God. them and sanctify them with the Nicodemus saith unto him, How Holy Ghost; that they, being de- can a man be born when he is old? livered from thy wrath, may be can he enter the second time into received into the Ark of Christ's his mother's womb, and be born? Church; and being steadfast in Jesus answered, Verily, verily, Į faith, joyful through hope, and root- say unto thee, Excepta man be born ed in charity, may so pass the waves of Water and of the Spirit, he canof this troublesome world, that not enter into the kingdom of God. finally they may come to the land of That which is born of the flesh, is everlasting life; there to reign with flesh; and that which is born of the thee, world without end, through Spirit, is Spirit. Marvel not that I Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. said unto thee, Ye must be born

again. The wind bloweth where. LMIGHTY and immortal it listeth, and thou hearest the

God, the aid of all who need, sound thereof; but canst not tell the helper of all who flee to thee whence it cometh, and whither it for succour, the life of those who goeth: so is every one that is born believe, and the resurrection of the of the Spirit. dead; we call upon thee for these

After which he shall say this Exhortation folPersons, that they, coming to thy

lowing: holy Baptism, may receive remis- ELOVED, ye hear in this sion of their sins, by spiritual re- Gospel the express words of generation. Receive them, O Lord, our Saviour Christ, that, except a as thou hast promised by thy well-man be born of Water and of the beloved Son, saying, Ask, and ye Spirit, he cannot enter into the shall receive; seek, and ye shall kingdom of God. Whereby ye may find; knock, and it shall be open-perceive the great necessity of this ed unto you: So give now unto us Sacrament, where it may be had. who ask; let us who seek, find; Likewise, immediately before his open the gate unto us who knock; ascension into heaven, (as we read that these Persons may enjoy the in the last chapter of Saint Mark's everlasting benediction of thy hea-Gospel,) he gave command to his venly washing, and may come to disciples, saying, Go ye into all the the eternal kingdom which thou world, and preach the Gospel to hast promised by Christ our Lord. every creature. He that believeth, Amen.

and is baptized, shall be saved; but 1 Then the Minister shall say,

he that believeth not, shall be Hear the words of the Gospel, damned: Which also showeth unwritten by Saint John, in the third to us the great benefit we reap. chapter, beginning at the first verse: thereby. For which cause Saint THÉRÈ was a man of the Pha-Peter the Apostle, when upon his risees, named Nicodemus, a first preaching of the Gospel many

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The Minister shall then demand of the Persons

were pricked at the heart, and said " Then the Minister shall speak to the Persons to

be baptized on this wise : to him and the rest of the Apostles, VELL-BELOVED, who are Men and brethren, what shall we Wh

hither desiring to redo ? replied, and said unto them, ceive holy Baptism, ye have heard Repent and be baptized every one how the Congregation hath of you, for the remission of sins, ed, that our Lord Jesus Christ

prayye shall receive the gift of the would vouchsafe to receive you Holy Ghost: For the promise is to and bless you, to release you of you and your children, and to all

your sins, to give you the kingdom that are afar off, even as many as of heaven, and everlasting life. Ye the Lord our God shall call. And have heard also that our Lord Jewith many other words exhorted he them, saying, Save yourselves holy Word, to grant all those things

sus Christ hath promised in his from this untoward generation that we have prayed for; which For, as the same Apostle testifieth

promise he, for his part, will most in another place,even Baptism doth also now save us, (not the putting fore, after this promise made by

surely keep and perform. Whereaway of the filth of the flesh, but Christ, ye must also faithfully, for the answer of a good conscience towards God,) by the resurrection your part, in the presence of these of Jesus Christ. Doubt ye not Congregation, promise and answer

your Witnesses, and this whole therefore, but earnestly believe, to the following Questions. that he will favourably receive these present Persons, truly repenting, to be baptized as follows; the Questions being and coming unto him by faith; that considered as addressed to them severally, and

the Answers to be made accordingly. he will grant them remission of

Question. ,

OST thou renounce the devil them the blessing of eternal life, and make them Partakers of his pomp and glory of the world, with

all covetous desires of the same, everlasting kingdom.

land the sinful desires of the flesh; Wherefore, we being thus per- so that thou wilt not follow, nor be suaded of the good will of our hea- led by them? venly Father toward these Per

Ans. I renounce them all; and, sons, declared by his Son Jesus

his Son Jesus by God's help, will endeavour not Christ, let us faithfully and de- to follow, nor be led by them. voutly give thanks to him, and

Quest. Dost thou believe all the say,

Articles of the Christian Faith, as LMIGHTY and everlasting contained in the Apostles' Creed? A God, heavenly Father, wegive

Ans. I do. thee humble thanks, for that thou hast vouchsafed to call us to the this Faith?

Quest. Wilt thou be baptized in knowledge of thy grace, and faith in thee: Increase this knowledge,

Ans. That is my desire.

Quest. Wilt thou then obedientand confirm this faith in us ever- ly keep God's holy will and con

Give thy Holy Spirit to mandments, and walk in the same these Persons, that they may be all the days of thy life? born again, and be made Heirs of

Ans. I will, by God's help. everlasting salvation, through our 1 Then shall the Minister say,

MERCIFUL reigneth with thee and the Holy Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and that the old Adam grant

in these Spirit, now and for ever. Amen. Persons may be so buried, that the


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