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he purposeth in his Heart, so let him give, not grudgingly, or of Necessity; for God loveth a chearful Giver.

* Take heed that ye do not your Alms before Men, to be seen of them, that ye may have Glory of Men: But when thou dost thine Alms, let not thy left Hand know what thy right Hand doeth; that thine Alms may be in fecret, and thy Father which feeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

• Blessed is he that considereth the Poor; the Lord will deliver him in Time of Trouble. whoso stoppeth his Ears at the Cry of the Poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

' He that hath Pity upon the Poor, lendeth onto the Lord, and that which he hath given, will he pay him again.

God is not unrighteous to forget your Work and Labour of Love, which ye have fhewed towards his Name, in that ye have ministered to the Saints, and do minister.

* Whofoever shall see any of the Difciples of Chrift an hungred, or athirst, or a Stranger, or naked, or fick, or in Prison, and fall minister unto him ; when the Son of Man fhall come in his Glory, he shall say unto them, Inasmuch as ye have done thus unto one of the least of these


Bres thren, ye have done it unto me, and they shall go into Life eternal.

* Hethat giveth unto the Poor shall not lack; but he that hideth his Eyes thall have many a Curfe.

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y Whofo hath this World's Good, and seeth his Brother have need, and fhutteth up his Bowels of Compassion from him, how dwelleth the Love of God in him?

2 Whoso mocketh the Poor, reproacheth his Maker ; but he that honoureth him haih Mercy on the Poor.



• Judge not, that ye be not judged ; In judging. condemn not, that ye be not condemned: For with what Judgment ye judge, ye

thalt be judged ; and with what Meafure ye mete, it thall be measured to you again.

Judge nothing before the Time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to Light the hidden Things of Darkness, and will make manifest the Counsels of the Hearts; and then shall every

Man that hath done well have Praise of God.

( Who art thou that judgest another Man's Scr. vant? To his own Maiter he standeth or falleth.

* But why dost thou judge thy Brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy Brother? For we fhall all stand before the Judgment-feat of Christ.

* So then every one of us Thall give Account of himself to God, let us not therefore judge one another any more.

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Judge not according to the Appearance ; but judge righteous Judgment.

& Charity thinketh no Evil, believeth all Things, hopeth all Things ; rejoiceth not in Iniquiiy, but rejoiceth in the Truth:

One believeth that he inay eat all Things; another who is weak eateth Herbs: Let not him that eateth, despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not, judge him that eateth.

i Take no heed unto all Words that are spoken, left thon hear thy Servant curfe thee. For oftentimes also thine own Heart knoweth that thou thyself likewise haft cursed others.

k Why beholdest thou the Mote that is in thy Brother's Eye, but confiderest not the Beam that is in' thine own Eye? Thou Hypocrité, first cast out the Beam out of thine own Eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the Mote out of thy Brother's Eye.

I Thou art inexcufable, O Man, whosoever thou art that judgest, when thou that judgest dost the fame Things; for wherein thou judgest ano. ther, thou condeinneft thyself. And thinkelt thou this, O Man, that julgelt them which do fuch' Things, and dost the same, that thou thalt. escape the Judgment of God?

m He that is without Sin among you, let him first cast a Stone at his Neighbour. In Speaking Speak Evil of no Man.



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Speak not Evil one of another, Brethren ; for he that speakerh evil of his Brother, and judgeth his Brother, speaketh Evil of the Law, and judgeth the Law.

p Thou shalt not raise a false Report.

9 He that covereth a Tranfgreflion, seeketh Love; but he that repeateth a Matter, separateth

very Friends.

< He that uttereth a Slander is a Fool.

• The Lips of the Righteous know what is acceptable; but the Mouth of the Wicked speaketh Frowardness.

Lord, who shall abide in thy Tabernacle? He that backbiteth not with his Tongue, nor taketh up a Reproach against his Neighbour.

u All that watch for Iniquity Mall be cut off; and they that make a Man an Offender for a Word.

w Whoso privily flandereth his Neighbour, he shall be cut off. And Revilers shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.

* The Wicked shall be ashamed, and put to Silence, which speak grievous Things proudly and contemptuously against the Righteouş.

Truth and SINCERITY.

Lie not one to another ; feeing ye have put off the old Man with his Deeds. But fpeak the Truth in Love.

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y Put away Lying, and speak every Man Truth with his Neighbour; for we are Members one of another.

i Lay aside all Guile and Hypocrisies. Keep thy Tongue from Evil, and thy Lips from speaking Guile.

· As God is true, let not your Word toward one another be Yea and Nay.

• Of whom haft thou been afraid, that thou haft lied, and haft not remembered me, (saith the Lord) nor laid it to thy Heart?

c He that hateth, dissembleth with his Lips, and layeth up Deceit within him: He ble feth with his Mouth, but curseth inwardly; speakiog Lies in Hypocrisy.

• As a Madman who casteth Firebrands, Ar. Tows, and Death ; so is the Man that deceiveth his Neighbour, and faith, Am I not in Sport?

• A lying Tongrie hateth those that are afficted by it, and a flattering Mouth worketh Ruin.

FA Man that flattereth his Neighbour, spreadeth a Net for his Feet.

& A wicked Doer giveth heed to false Lips; and a Liar giveth Ear to a naughty Tongue.

A double-minded Man is unftable in all his Ways.

i 'He that faith unto the Wicked, Thou art righteous, him fhall the People curse; Nations shall abhor hiin.

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