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Hymn for a Day of Humiliation. WHEN o'er our guilty nation, LORD, Thy righteous judgments threat'ning low'r, And wait to execute thy word, Thy plagues impatient to devour. Where shall the helpless seek relief, Direct their cries, and pour their tears? To whom the trembling tell their grief, To whom, with hope of aid, their fears? Father of mercy, at thy feet, Thy humbled children suppliant bow; Join to confess thy judgments meet, And pay, the penitential vow. Thus o'er devoted Sodom stood, The patriarch trembling at the rod, And thus, with humble sorrow, su'd For mercy with an incens'd God. « Will God, the righteous and the vile, « Together at a stroke destroy ? “ Can the just Judge of earth do ill, « Or spoil his children's hallow'd joy?" Faith wing'd the pray'r, and mercy heard ; Ten righteous souls, and Sodom stood; And more than just the Judge appear'd, A God in anger still is good. And could a patriarch's fervent pray'r, So gracious audience then obtain ? And not thy church united bear A nation on their faith in vain ? Are not thy children and their LORD, In every land and age the same ? Equal thy ways, and sure thy word, And prevalent the Saviour's name? Gathered within our threat'ned land, Thy hidden ones in sackcloth drest, This day before thine altar stand, And plead to stay thy dread behest. Hear then in Heav'n thy dwelling place, Forgive, and let thine anger cease ; Reform and save, O God of grace, Turn us to thee, and give us peace,

Great are our sins, but greater far
The grace and truth of Abraham's God;
In Abraham's promise let us share,
Spare for ten's sake, and drop the rod !
So shall thy name thro' all our coast,
With honor and with praise resound;
The God of Abraham be our boast,
For He a pard’ning God is found.

The Christian Warrior,



HAPPY the man of ample mind,
Where all the social virtues reign;
While faith and hope and love divine,
Inspire and animate the train.
Thrice happy if his Master's cause,
With ardent zeal his breast inflame,
And all his vigorous pow'rs combine
To exalt the great Emmanuel's name.
Heaven with propitious smiles surveys
His brightest image here below,
Angelic hosts surround his tent,
To guard him from each dangerous foc.
In vain the sons of Beliał rage,
And wing their numerous venom'd darts,
And hell alarm'd in vain new stores
Of malice, fraud and pow'r imparts.
Uphela by an Almighty arm,
Firm as a rock unmov'd he stands,
And in JEHOVAH's name defies,
Earth, sin, and hell's confederate bands:
His faith (impenetrable shield)
Each instrument of wrath repels;
His sword (the oracles of truth,)
Among his foes confusion deals.
Celestial legions bent around,
Their champion's triumph to behold,
Now rise and shout victorious grace!
And tune their songs to harps of gold.
Their glorious chief shall bind the crown
Immortal round the victor's brows;
And prostrate heav'n adore the God
Who conquest and reward bestows.



Dmann and Enenaer by Toner Read from an original Portrait, in the possession of J.W. Edmande. E

Rev. JONATHAN EDWARDS, President of Nassau-Hall (College.


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for talents or virtues, we find and good men, we learn to preinstruction communicated in the pare ourselves, and assist other's most impressive and alluring in preparing for that future manner. We see how their state which is to be the everminds were formed from occur- lasting portion of all, the imrences which reach back almost portance of which can by no to their birth. The mind has means becompared to the trifling often been compared to a sheet concerns of states and empires, of clean paper, on which any or even of the whole world. characters may be written, at The Rev. Jonathan Edwards, the will of the preceptor. In President of the College at Princethe study of biography then we ton in New-Jersey, of whose life a are not merely amusing our short sketch will be attempted, selves, or gratifying a curiosity was endowed with powers of mind to know the particular events in that are rarely exceeded; but his the lives of men, but we are learn- greatest praise was, that he eming how and by what means were ployed these talents to the noformed and cultivated those who blest purpose, that of doing good. have been distinguished by unu- He was born at East-Windsor sual attainments, who have been in Connecticut, on the 5th day of eminently great, useful and good. October, 1703. His father was The history of great men teach- the Rev. Timothy Edwards, es to acquire those qualities pastor of the congregational which command the respect church in that town; his mother, and admiration of the world, Mrs. Esther Edwards, was VOL. I NO. 5.


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